Best iPad File Management Apps

iPad File Management Apps

 A most sudden aspect regarding the iPhone is that there was no document manager present for it until 2017. In iOS 11, they discharged the authority document manager called Files App, a sort of locater application that alone offers access to iCloud Drive and a couple of other outsider cloud administrations, for example, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and so forth. Here we will discuss about best iPad File Management Apps in details.

Be that as it may, tragically, this record manager of iPhone in iOS 12 can just oversee information, for example, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and a few archives from a couple PDF trough applications. Despite the fact that it can store media files like recordings, it has incredible restrictions since it just can be accessed by few media document players. 

It isn’t like Explorer applications on the Android cell phones, which finds and deals with all record kinds of the whole gadget; and it is anything but a download organizer for all files downloaded on iPhone as the Android one. In any case, we can generally utilize outsider arrangements that will be of incredible assistance in these assignments without jailbreaking your iPhone.

You most likely gather many files on your iPhone, and after some time, it can get very precarious to oversee. Yet, a few applications can act as the hero and keep things sorted out. They gloat changed highlights, for example, taking care of various organizations, making delicate envelopes, and duplicating and moving things starting with one area then onto the next. This truly makes life simpler and permits you to rapidly discover something at whatever point you  need it. Stay aware of your document with the best File manager apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Top File Management Apps For iPad 

With Apple’s iOS, it has consistently felt like Apple has been attempting to control the client experience. A document manager felt pointless and unnecessary for the normal iPhone client. Before iOS 11 went along lastly and gave iOS gadgets a default document manager, you either needed to scan for the record or utilize an application to spend significant time in that specific document type. 

The ascent in prominence of outsider distributed storage appears to have required this change, yet before this, there were third-party designers making record and board applications for the iPhone and iPad client who requested somewhat more control. How about we take a gander at probably the best file manager for iPhones and iPads:

1) Browser & Document Manager

browser & document manager app for ipad

Download Link:

Description: The browser and documents manager is an app that is solely committed to making the task of downloading and browsing files on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad like it was being done on your computer! It makes sure that you do not feel the need of a computer at least to download and view files. The reason why this app has been given at the top of the list is the exclusively organized user interface. 

The well-crafted download manager makes it easier to handle files and navigates you easily towards the file you’re looking for. Also, it lets you autocorrect file names, safe pause and resume downloads. However, the app is yet to introduce the feature of audiovisual downloads. It mandates the content to be in pdf, docs, and other equivalent formats only.

Efforts have been made to make the browser of the app as convenient as the safari—features like multiple tabs, custom search engine, favorites grid and user-agent. The app brings along a file manager that also does its job just as gracefully.

From extracting zip files to working with 100+ formats besides – docs, pdfs, etc. are just a glimpse of its utility. For all these good reasons, the app has earned itself a 4.7 rating out of five on the app store. It can be operated in many languages that are spoken across the globe, like Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. 

Best Features of Browser & Document Manager :

  • A standardised interface for smooth and efficient use. 
  • iCloud and iTunes file sharing support. 
  • Supports 100+ formats of files.
User Review: The app has been designed, keeping in mind all the aspects a person might come across while managing his/her files. Everything from the broad format support to an inbuilt browser and file manager has been taken care of, which is incredible!

2) Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle app

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description: The crown of the app that decorates the app is that it is App Store Editors’ Choice in 70+ countries. And why not? The app that is meant for keeping your files only lets you read, see, listen to everything you like! Yes, you read it right. You can listen to music, watch movies, and see your photos at the comfort of just one touch. Moreover, limiting the ability of the app to this would be wrong. 

The app is designed in such a way that it renders maximum services to iPhone users. Not only are files and media easy to import, but the plethora of sharing platforms associated with apple make it even easier to export your files. Talking about the sharing features in detail,  it allows you to synchronize your docs with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and other files so that you don’t have to worry about the storage these files have been occupying on your device. 

In case you’re not a person who has much patience with turning the pages, you can use the feature of searching inside the pdf by putting in the keywords of the texts you are trying to find. Equally, excellent work has been done with making the managing of apps more convenient and efficient. 

Files can be imported and saved via the web, and email attachments can be stored for future reference. $49.99 per year shall be chargeable if you choose to purchase the professional PDF editor, which enhances your work significantly.  The amount will be charged to your iTunes account. The app store has rated this app at 4.6 and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.

Best Features  Of Documents by Readdle :

  • Playing media using import via computer or online sources. 
  • Allows you to synchronize with all iCloud services.
  • Efficient and smart managing of files
User Review:  It would not be wrong to say that Documents by Readdle is an incredible all-rounder app. It is made exclusively for iPhone and iPad users and caters to almost all the needs of today’s fast and smart world.

3) Total Files

total files app

Price:  $4.99 USD/month 

Download Link: 

Description: The total file is the best rescue when the majority of your work is handling PDF. The feature that makes the app stand out from the crowd of its category is the extremely powerful PDF reader. That doesn’t leave space for any mistakes in the first place, and its annotation capabilities automatically recognize common shapes and gestures to make your work one of its kind! Like its other counterparts in the race, the app also offers support to cloud services like one drive, iCloud services etc. for an efficient storage backup. 

An advanced search option is always present at your service in case you need assistance to search between contents in the app. But the aspect where the cleverness of the app comes into play is that a PIN system is provided to keep your work and other files and folders secure. Not only this! The spotlight indexing feature helps you find the file you are searching just within a matter of minutes without even opening the app by scanning all local contents. 

Also, files that arrive from different and/or unknown sources can be grouped together with the help of virtual folders. The app features a full version upgrade at $4.99 which sounds quite reasonable for the work that the app provides you with, or you can choose to continue using the free version of the app.

Best Features of Total Files:

  • Strong PDF reader to rectify any errors and provide useful information at the earliest.
  • Files can be kept secured by using the PIN utility.
  • Files can be synchronized with cloud storages like Dropbox, one drive and others.
User Review: A mentor in itself, and a wonderful craft that helps you take care of pretty much everything related to the work.

4) Offline Files & Web Browser

Offline Files & Web Browser

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description: This app has been rated 4.7/5 stars in the apple play store. This app Offline files and web browser is one of a kind file manager and storage app. It is free of cost and has no limits to the storage of your any files. It is protected from any outside as it is automatically a private user app. In other words, by default, it is an individual browsing app. 

It has a mobile site screen version and laptop site screen version both which can help the user to navigate smoothly by choosing either option. Along with this, the app also has a complete download manager which is fully featured and includes everything from Error reports, progress details, unique auto- rename feature, queues, and resumable background downloads too.

The battery is optimised for any version of Apple product such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and latest iOS too. Not only this much, but this app also has a file manager which can help preview N number of files, and with this, it also does sorting of files, smart and quick search of files, it also keeps zip archives. 

It also has a customised search engine, which can help you to get through fast to your choice of files. Lastly, it is a version of 1.4, and it is compatible with iOS 9.0. It is also available in languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese.  The size of the app is 51.5 MB, and it also works in offline mode, that is if you decide to switch off your internet then also you can listen to songs.

Best Features of Offline Files & Web Browser App:

  • No limits to the storage of data
  • Improved Battery performance 
  • It protects the files with a password.
User reviews: The user reviews for this app are very great. Users are happy and satisfied with this app. They have mentioned that it is a perfect app for import-export of files, and it also shows very few ads.

5) DManager

dmanager app for ipad

Price:  free

Download Link: 

Description: This app has been rated 4.7/5 stars in the apple play store. This app Dmanager is a very fast and free app to browse and manage all your documents. You can save and organize your files and documents in many ways such as name or size or date or kind of file. It has a safari kind of browser and not only this much, but it also has a locking system, it means you can lock the Dmanager, and it can only open with the help of your touch identity that is fingerprint or face recognition. 

This app allows downloading the files in a resumable manner too. And the new and updated version of this app is more flexible and easier to use. It has undergone many new improvements and simplification so as to provide smooth service to its users.

The new version includes all the functions from above and many new functions as well. It has a history option to show to you. This is also has a default search engine in the settings. It provides smooth reload of the page as it has reworked the navigation part and it allows tabs only on request with popup blocker. 

This app has a size of 58 MB with a version of 1.5, and it requires iOS 10.0 version or later version to be compatible. This app is available in the following languages English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. 

Best Features Of DManager :

  • This app offers private browsing.
  • It has smooth page downloading.
  • Allow smooth movement of files.
User Review: This app is very useful and easy to navigate through. It is easy to transfer files from device to cloud storage also. Users have mentioned that this app does everything which has been mentioned and that too in style, and that means it provides its service to its users in a quick manner. The only problem the users are facing is that there are many advertisements which are shown on a continuous basis. 

6) MyMedia

my media app

Download Link:  

Description: This app has been rated 4.6/5 stars in the apple play store. This Mymedia app is a very multitasking app which has many features to import the files, manage them and export to your computer. 

Along with this it also has features of Passcode lock in which it locks the app so that no other person without an already set password can access it, in its file manager section it can support document in any format such as Microsoft PowerPoint, excel, word, RTF, pdf, txt, HTML, or any other formats and it can also extract ZIP and RAR files, in its photo viewer section. 

It supports all formats of images or photos, for the video player section it allows three formats only such as .m4v, .mp4 and .mov. Lastly, in the audio player section, it has features to play the music even if the mobile is locked. It allows users to reshuffle and repeat the songs to play, it also shows the albums and information relating to any song, and for music control iPods can be used.

The version of this app Mymedia is 4.9.21, and its size is 59 MB. It is compatible with the devices of iOS 11.0 and later devices, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod also. There is no storage limit to this app, and the downloads of songs are the same as any android device, which is the same as par excellence. It allows background downloads also and is supportive of Wifi transfer too.

Best Features Of MyMedia:

  • It has a locking system to avoid any unwanted changes.
  •  It supports all the image formats.
  • There is no limit to the storage of songs.
User Review: The app is smooth in functioning and apt for any music lovers. The users are very much satisfied with this app and are suggesting only a few problems to get resolved, such as updates in the app for downloading and maintaining the files right.

7) DropBox


Download Link: 

Description: DropBox is a popular iOS app for data backup, sharing, and synchronization with 4.7 user ratings from 5. It allows users to take back up their multimedia files, access any file stored on any computer and mobile devices from anywhere, and super easy file (of any size) sharing features. This app is considered one of the best apps for file management for iPad because it provides so many advanced services. In its free version, DropBox gives 2000 GB of data storage space, which can be extended up to 3TB of space via professional subscription.

The latest version of this app sync files/data automatically to the cloud when file/data is left stall. Features like automatic back up of photos and videos in the gallery, offline file access, simple copy paste file transfer option with a non-DropBox account, scanning documents with the camera, turn notes, documents, receipts into PDF files; are the highlighted features of the DropBox.

In the latest and improved version of DropBox, users can protect their work with watermark, rewind the account up to 180 days, and have control over shared links. DropBox Rewind feature allows users to get back any deleted file, folder, or even whole account up to 30 days. Advanced features like image search, easy viewing of shared files is provided in the business, and professional subscription DropBox plans. 

This 291.2MB app is probably the most loved and used app for file management of iOS devices. DropBox supports multiple languages so that any speaking language person can use this great app. Moreover, DropBox works perfectly fine with the latest iOS version and its later versions, and also it is compatible with the iPad Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Best Features Of DropBox:

  • Automatic back up of data and files.
  • Document scan with camera.
  • 2000 GB storage space.
User Review: Dropbox offers an effortless and seamless file management service for iOS devices. It’s an incredibly simple process to share files and store data through DropBox. It is the best digital toolbox for every iOS user.

8) My File Organizer

my file organizer app for ipad

Download Link

Description : My File Organizer is an app that every iOS user wishes to have in their device. This awesome file management app for iOS offers a few specific features that most of the other similar apps don’t. It allows users to manage their local and cloud files through a single application. This unique feature helps users to arrange their files according to their wish OR list effortlessly. 

With an inbuilt file viewer, the user can access any document format files seamlessly. Users can also transfer files from one cloud drive to another cloud drive very easily through this file management app. Another specific reason behind why “My File Organizer” is one of the best iOS file management apps out there is its ability to load documents, presentations, memos, voice files, multimedia files, and others very quickly. 

This app allows simple and quick fetch of online content through mobile devices along with managing files on cloud drives. My File Organizer is well integrated with many cloud storage services like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box Drive, and other web-based cloud drives. 

Some other noteworthy features of this application are- it provides facility to move files to folders, and easy viewing of documents with the help of inbuilt document viewer. In this way, My File Organizer delivers a simple and secure file management service to its users.

Best Features Of My File Organizer:

  • Facility to arrange local and cloud files by this single app.
  • Integrated with different cloud services
  • Flexibility to organize files in the desired manner
User Review: My File Organizer is the best app for file management because it offers a seamless and effortless process of arranging files and documents.

9) File Manager & Browser

File Manager & Browser

Price : Free

Download Link: 

Description: File Manager & Browser is another great app for file management and is compatible with iPad Touch, iPad, and iPhone. This 85.2MB iOS file manager application is free of cost and comes with a virtual USB drive for iPad and iPhone. It supports easy viewing of images, audio, videos, different formats of documents, ZIP files, and much more. 

When it comes to supporting different workspace than this app probably comes at the top because it supports Microsoft Excel, Office, PowerPoint, and Apple iWork. The integrated PDF reader and Music player in this app make the work process easy and enjoyable at the same time. Moreover, the in-built search feature and sorting of files by “name”, “size”, “date”, and “kind”- are the key features that every user loves about this file management application.

The file-sharing and transfer process of the File Manager & Browser app is somewhat unique because it allows users to share files by email, Bluetooth, and on Facebook also. And, while using Wi-Fi, users can transfer files from PC/Mac. Furthermore, this app also offers multiple cloud storage services as it is integrated with different cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, and others. 

All the data and files are well secured in this app since it provides a feature of password-protect files. In this app, users can copy, move, or zip multiple files at the same time. Some other significant features like supporting iTunes USB file sharing, built-in search option, “open in” option allows to open files in different applications, create and extract ZIP files, and many more features make this app very productive.

Best Features of File Manager & Browser:

  • Virtual USB drive
  • File protection with password
  • Create and extract ZIP files
User Review: File Manager & Browser is the best app for easy sharing & transfer options with integrated PDF reader and music player. If you are in search of a fertile and enjoying file management app, then this app is a must-try for you.

10) FileMaster 

FileMaster app

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description: FileMaster is an app developed by Shenzhen youmi information technology C.Ltd. On 04 June 2017, it was launched. Rank no.1 overall in 30 countries. Is your phone has become a big bag full of stuff, and it is just next to impossible finding files or folders that you need? Then, File master is the app for you. 

This app is developed to organize your phone well. App offers a downloader, file manager, document viewer, text editor, WiFi driver and audio/video player. A user-friendly app that can perform tasks quickly and easily. It comes with a sleek modern user interface. And it delivers a large number and variety of tasks/ functions. It is a straightforward app to transfer files using WiFi quickly. 

One app has lots of tasks and functions. The list of what you can do with this app is longer than the list of what you can’t. The export and import of pictures and files are very easy and convenient with this app. You can use this app as an audio player too; even it supports background play too. You can make your playlist—all of these in one app. One of the key features of this app is you can use it as a downloader. 

You can download files, photos, movies, videos, audios from different websites. This app is also useful for professionals. The app can support word, ppt, pdf, HTML, etc. file master is also very safe to use as it features privacy protection. Yet it may be too advanced for some people to use. 

Best Features of FileMaster:

  • Hide File/folder
  • loop modes support
  • cloud storage support 
User Review: An amazing way to be organized and efficient. You can do a variety of tasks and functions within one app.

11) FE File Explorer

FE File Explorer app

Price: Free

Download Link : 

Description: FE File is developed by Skyjos Co., Ltd. Compatible with iOS 9.0 or later, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. EF File Explorer is the solution to your file management problems. Organizing files is a cakewalk with this app. You can sort the file by dates, types, and names, that too with just a drag and drop. 

You can stream movies and music to your phone too without downloading. The app is very fast and easy to use with powerful options. Multi-window feature with better encryption. One of the key functions of this app is that it can explore the root files on a rooted android phone. There is an inbuilt downloader that downloads files fast and easily. The app can sync with various cloud storage services.

 There is an option for the sender in this app to send folders and files between devices. You can use this app as Xender or Zapya. This app also backs up your photos. This app supports almost all music and photo formats. App access files on the time capsule, west digital, and QNAP NAS. Access network shares on Linux, via SMB/CIFS protocol. Every app has its pros and cons; this app also has the same. 

Nearby file transfer is a very powerful feature. Just you need two devices side by side, and you are ready to transfer files and photos. The downloader is a bit slow. The frequent and annoying ads are a major issue. This is a battery-draining app, acquires space in RAM and frequently opens in the background. Deceitful ads between files are present. 

Best Features of FE File Explorer:

  • Built-in FTP Server
  • Dark mode 
  • Access SD card and USB drive
User Review: EF File explorer comes with both pros and cons. Still, cons are more than pro; you are recommended to compare this app with other apps and then decide. 

12) iZip

iZip app

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description: iZip is an app developed by iBoot pt. Ltd and released on December 06, 2017. Using this app is the easiest way to manage your phone. Installation is quick and easy. This app is very useful for professional and business owners. This app compresses iTune music, photos, and video. You can compress all your files into a ZIP file. 

The files can be opened, extracted, and viewed. This app offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is very easy to use. The sharing level can also be set. This is a very good app if you are looking for the best zip program. You can compress your photos and videos too. These compressed files can be mailed easily. Files and folders can be imported from cloud devices like google drive, box, etc. 

This app is very useful for professionals as they can open and view word, excel, PowerPoint documents. Zip also provides security to your zip files. This is a very time-saving app as you can manage files on your mobile phone, including saving, deleting, and sorting. This app is awarded by three stars out of 5 stars on the google app store. 

Like every app, this app also has its pros and cons. Some of the negative things about this app are, this app is not very useful when it comes to sharing the files. The presence of advertisements can annoy you. Sometimes even it’s very easy to understand this app. The app can’t unzip the zipped files. Overall this app has more cons than pros.

Best Features of iZip:

  • Supports face id and touch id 
  • Convert files to a zip file 
  • Print documents.
User Review: This app has more cons than pros. Still, you can use this app if u want an app to just zip your files.

13) File Manager Pro

file manager pro app

Price: $4.99

Download Link: 

Description: File Manager Pro is an All-in-One pack for managing and sorting files. It keeps the files up-to-date with the cloud and also supports cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, etc. This application relates to the Finder on your MacBook. It is the best app to download and organize your files. On top of that, all the files are arranged in folders according to its format. 

Every file is arranged such that they are one touch away. This application has many salient features such as creating new folders, copy and move documents, renaming, zipping and unzipping of files, and many more. File Manager Pro has a powerful library to access files such as PDF and Microsoft Office documents like Excel word PowerPoint and so on. 

Furthermore, the app has decent in-built players to play MP3 and video files. And you don’t have to worry about privacy and security issues since all your data stays password protected and you can access it from multiple devices. This makes it a pretty safe option for a file managing app. With an excellent layout and easy to access the menu, you get each and every file right at your fingertips.

This application has earned a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Apple store, as the rating suggests it is one of the most chosen file manager apps on the store. This is a very useful app for people who like to stay organised and keep track of all their data. All the above features compiled with its salient functions make it worth the money paid.

Best Features of File Manager Pro:

  • Supports all formats of files.
  • Easily accessible from multiple devices
  • Synchronized cloud support
User Review:

This app allows you to have all your data at hand without taking up too much storage on your device. The File Manager Pro app is a very convenient app with powerful tools allowing you to manage all your data easily. It comes with a price of $4.99 on the store, but it is definitely worth your money. It is a must-have app.

14) FileApp


Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description: The FileApp is a great app to manage your files and data. It has an easy to use interface, easily understandable by everyone. It also supports all formats of files like MP3 and video files. Not your usual file managing app as it comes installed with a power-packed image editor with really cool filters to apply on your images. 

The app also comes with a PDF editor so you can edit and manage all your documents on the go. It supports all file formats, including PDF and Microsoft Office documents. It has lots of compartments and folders for you to segregate all your files into. Its multiple device support policy ensures that no matter what device you are using it will run perfectly smooth on it.

The FileApp allows you to store and transfer files on the go using USB file transfer to Desktop using iTunes File Sharing. Other file-sharing options available are via wireless Wi-Fi file transfer or via third party app. Some of the robust key features include secure folder protection with a passcode that increases the security of this app; it comes with the system-wide Pasteboard that allows you to paste the copied images or text to this app to create a file automatically. 

Other salient features are, renaming, zipping, unzipping, undo-redo, copy-paste, and sharing the file via third-party apps. The password gives this app multiple security along with file encryption with iOS data protection. We can also set a password to wireless transfer if needed. The most important part is that all these above-mentioned features come free of cost.

Best Features Of FileApp :

  • The files are encrypted with iOS data protection.
  • Files are transferable via multiple platforms.
  • PDF and image editor comes with lots of features and filters which are in-built, and it also allows sharing and saving of the same.
User Review: It is a very good file managing app that is compatible with a number of media formats it works well within the iOS ‘Files’ program and is able to provide you with a unified filing environment. It is the best free app for File Managing for iOS.

15) OrganiDoc HD

OrganiDoc HD

Price : $4.99

Download Link: 

Description : Organic HD as the name suggests it organised our documents and files in a presentable and segregated manner. This application comes with many amazing file management features. You can easily navigate any folder or file on your device; its amazing interface ensures this. Organic also integrates synchronized cloud space such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can easily compile all your dispersed files and store them into this app. 

The app is developed in a very simple manner, and it allows to transfer documents, pictures, videos and any other files via iTunes file sharing. The best feature about this application is it allows you to keep two separate spaces that are public and private; both can be secured by password protection.

The backup option is very prominent in this application as it allows you to backup all your data and you can download them on-demand anytime, anywhere. Certain more essential key features include the opening of compressed files by extracting it in OrganiDoc HD and using the wireless technology of Wi-Fi to transfer files from the desktop to your device or vice versa. Other salient and prominent features of OrganiDoc HD are- that it is compatible and supports the air-print feature and TV-out feature which permits the device to print out files easily and can easily connect to TV or projectors. 

This application supports multiple file formats and easily open documents of MS office, PDF format files, text files, web files, compressed files, image files, video files, and many more. This application is rated 4.4 out of 5 on the apple store that indicates that it is one of the most trusted and chosen paid file management applications; this makes it worth your money.

Best Features of OrganiDoc HD:

  • This application manages all your files both in private and public mode and protects it by a passcode. 
  • It supports TV-out features and air print features, which makes the device easily accessible to the printers, TVs and projectors. 
  • The solid connectivity with cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, etc. keeps the data synchronised and up-to-date.  
User Review: This application manages all the files and data of your device and makes it accessible for you on the go. It keeps the files and data synchronised with the cloud that makes it possible for you to restore it anytime. 

16) Files

files app app for ipad

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description : Presented in iOS 11, the Files application replaces the iCloud Drive application, offering similar usefulness while limitlessly growing the application in different manners. Rather than simply renaming the Home for the content of your iCloud Drive, Files plans to be a progressively concentrated center point for your records from numerous administrations.

Documents from cloud administrations like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive will be accessible close by those from neighbourhood document providers, for example, PDF Expert and your iOS gadgets’ own nearby archives. 

There are a few more features that might be very helpful to iOS users. With Files app, you can generate shareable links so that people can directly access it even if it is stored in iCloud. You can connect an external SD card and drive in order to access the files. You have ‘tags’ as a feature, use it to organize your records stored in iClouds and different apps.

Documents will be accessible with the arrival of iOS 11 in the not so distant future, and in the event that you ever erase it from your gadget, you’ll have the option to discover it again on the App Store. The Files app also supports multiple languages such as English, Arabic, Catalan,  Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, and many more.

Best Features of Files :

  • A Quick access to file from anywhere
  • Supports external drive and SD cards
  • Pin folder to get quickly access files
  • Drag and Drop option
  • Connect to a file server using SMB
User Review: Files app lets you view and manage files from any iOS devices. No matter what device you are using, there will always be a straightforward way to find documents using the Files app.

17) GoodReader

GoodReader app for ipad

Price: $5.99

Download Link: 

Description :GoodReader is a PDF document reader app and record administrator that can easily read or play pretty much any kind of document, including PDFs, Word archives, books, pictures, recordings, and sound. The application offers a wide scope of instruments for increasing PDF reports, permitting you to draw on them, effectively feature areas, and even sign records.

GoodReader works absolutely best when it comes to performance with PDF files. You cannot praise enough when it comes to providing the reading experience.  GoodReader also can be a storage hub that saves the files which even cannot be opened in GoodReaders.

The prime highlight of the Goodreader app has to be the security it provides to the users. Since the app is constantly being updated, you should expect next level data security that you hardly imagine. If you can afford to miss a cup of coffee, then with the same value of coffee, you can get military level data security with GoodReader.

GoodReader has tools for interfacing with cloud administrations and your own servers so you can get to reports that aren’t promptly accessible on your iPad. Like other documents the executives arrange, you can make organizers and move files among them, and you can likewise Zip your files to impart them to others.

Best Features of GoodReader:

  • Security of data, a military grade encryption
  • Split Screen  to read different files side by side
  • File reading supports documents like PDF, TXT, MS Office, HTML, Pictures, Music and Audio books
  • Quick access to Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive,, WbDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP servers
User Review: An outstanding app for reading and studying on iPad. With the latest version available on Play Store, users can easily sync multiple iOS devices via iCloud servers.

18) PDF Expert

PDF Expert app for ipad

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description: PDF Expert is a long-serving application in our own revolution for an excellent explanation: it’s extraordinary at what it does, and what it does is a considerable amount. While we, for the most part, use Files nowadays as a focal area for all of my.files, PDF Expert is the go-to for working with PDFs in practically any limit. However, while it’s the essential centre is that kind of record, you can utilise PDF Expert to oversee and see a few record types, including Google archives and photographs. 

There are many salient features that you might be interested in such as: you can quickly open PDF documents from email & web that supports “Open in”, Users will have access to full-text search, scroll, and zoom. There is a single page and continuous scroll mode to provide more ease to the users. For continuously working on documents, you have 2-way sync with the storages.

Apart from this, you can easily convert webpages, photos, and documents to PDF in a snap. The converting process happens locally so you do not have to overthink about the data security. To hide any sensitive data permanently, you can use the Reader feature. The problem of linking text or any images will be solved with PDF experts, it provides fast linking for any source provided.

There’s even an implicit media player, which permits you to play sound and video files that you have put away. Notwithstanding nearby files, you can likewise connect cloud administrations like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox to PDF Expert, and everything can be kept in a state of harmony between your gadgets with iCloud. 

You can get PDF Expert on the App Store for $9.99, while another $9.99 for the in-application buy will open the expert level PDF Expert, which lets you totally alter the content of PDFs like content, pictures, and connections.

Best Features of PDF Expert:

  • Add emotions with stickers
  • Fully customisable toolbar to get a quick access to your favourite toolbar
  • Password protection to the content
  • Fast linking to the website
  • Edit or modify existing text
  • E-signatures to sign contracts, assignments, and agreement online
User Review: This is a fantastic app, providing excellent user experience. Filling out online forms and making creative projects, study and experts periodical, and much more can be done with PDF Expert.

19) Evernote

evernote app

Price: Free

Download Link

Description: Evernote encourages you to keep your considerations and reports sorted out and in a state of harmony over your gadgets. Make new notes in a few manners, including text, sound, video, and drawing. Add PDFs to your assortment, even sweep in physical records with your gadget’s camera. Evernote offers amazing inquiry capacities, letting you find relevant content in any record, including your examinations written by hand things. 

It offers notes or assortments with others, and performs activities. With Evernote, you will have the option to sync your content with multiple devices. You can automatically link the content across PC, iPad, and iPhone. Evernote provides an unique tool to share, create and discuss ideas with the team. 

Moreover, the Evernote is suitable for the tasks that fall under academics. You can easily plan out content for educational purposes. With this app, you can set reminders and get each notification. Sync anywhere is what we can say about Evernote, with this app, you can automatically sync across any computer, tablets, or smartphones.

Evernote is very helpful even as a business tool too. With Evernote, you can easily make personal checklists, create agendas, write memos, and prepare amazing presentations for your client. This file management allows you to increase productivity by letting multiple people work on the same project without any data loss.

Evernote is allowed to download and match up between two gadgets; however, you’ll require a $3.99 every month Plus or $7.99 every month Premium membership to synchronise to a boundless number of devices, get more stockpiling, and access your disconnected notes.

Best Features of Evernote:

  • You will get 10 GB of new uploads every month
  • Supports unlimited number of device
  • Supports Email saving in Evernote
  • Offline access to notes and documents
  • Scan and digitize business cards
User Review: A life saver app for those who work remotely and for the school work also. With this app, the time consuming task has now become easy to perform. Where in the education sectors, this app has highly been demanded due to the time saving functionality.

20) LiquidText

LiquidText app logo

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description : LiquidText is the sort of application that you wish you approached back when you were in school. While it offers a focal area for your PDF records, including those pulled from administrations like Dropbox, the genuine intensity of LiquidText is in its markup capacities. 

This application was worked for research, offering one of a kind devices to assist you with making associations, both inside and between archives. LiquidText offers very distinctive visualization that enables you to create highlights and search results together to see the bigger picture.  

The best thing is that you can see the context of the content with just a pinch. Once you create your content such as writing, notes and excerpts, LiquidText can export them into PDF and Docx formats. This would help you to share files and communicate with others. As you read a report, drag an area of fascinating content out to the workspace next to it, or compose your own notes, associating it to a touch of text with a line. Tap the line to bounce to that bit of writing. 

Have two archives with fascinating covers? You can make associations between the two, so the entirety of your examination and are effectively available in only a few taps. LiquidText supports external devices like pen, mouse, trackpad, and multi monitors. You can download LiquidText for nothing, while there is a $9.99 to open LiquidText Pro, which incorporates access to the application’s ink includes that help the Apple Pencil.

Best Features of LiquidText:

  • Import content from webpage
  • Organises excerpts and notes into groups
  • Supports PDF files, Word documents and PowerPoint documents
  • Import from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, Email
  • Offers unlimited number of documents at once
User Review: This is a terrific app for reading. The ability to highlight excerpts and organise it in the broad area make it a fantastic file manager app. $30 for the Pro version might seem expensive, but this app has no equal.

21) iExplorer



Price: $4.99

Download Link: 


iExplorer checks the information of your gadget and shows the data to you in an exceedingly structured dashboard. You can without much of a stretch make text files, record sounds, and make envelopes to sort out the files and archives on your device. This application lets you trade information and make backups of explicit information or your whole iPhone and iPad.

iExplorer lets you effectively move music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC and iTunes. You can look for and see specific melodies at that point, and duplicate them to iTunes with the bit of a catch or with simplified. Hoping to move something beyond a couple of tracks? With a single tick, iExplorer lets you in a flash reconstruct whole playlists or utilize the Auto Transfer highlight and duplicate everything from your gadget to iTunes. 

iExplorer file manager enables users to manage and view remote servers like Windows sharing/FTP servers/WebDAV servers/Cloud servers. iExplorer can also be used as an eBook reader, media player, and Photo viewer. You can directly play music with this app, and also have the facility to view large size photos on your device.

The application will likewise permit you to share files from your iPhone to a Mac or PC with the help of WiFi and Bluetooth transfer. iExplorer has a magnificent PDF rendering motor that makes moving PDF files an enjoyment on the iPhone.

Best Features of iExplorer:

  • Transfer files and folders between iOS device and remote servers
  • Arrange files by Name/Size/Date/type
  • 4 themes 
  • Stream photos, videos, and music
  • Multitasking
  • Supports Windows Sharing Files/FTP Servers/WebDev Servers/Cloud Servers
User Review: Overall a great app to streamline file management tasks. This app offers best synchronization between multiple accounts. However, for $5 USD, this app does not offer that much features.

22) iFiles 2

iFiles 2 app for ipad

Price: $6.99

Download Link: 

Description: iFiles application could be considered as a decent substitute for many other file manager apps.  . It has an advanced visual and more natural UI that would get  you to perform numerous errands. You can import files from a PC with the help of Wi-Fi move, compose information, and can send them to a third-party application. 

Regardless of whether you are searching for only a PDF Viewer with comments, search, network to many document cloud administrations, sharing records between your PC, voice recorder, web downloader or content tool, iFiles 2 is the main record manager you will require. 

With iFiles 2, you will have fast file operations such as move, copy, upload, download, rename, delete, email, compress, share, export, open it, etc. The convenient add menu is very thoughtfully designed which includes a new folder, text file, voice recording, import, copy from, from photos, & camera from clipboard.

It additionally supports Online Cloud Services and Protocols including Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud,, OneDrive, SMB/CIFS, SugarSync, AFP (Mac), FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Flickr, Google Photos, Facebook, Rackspace CloudFiles, CloudApp, PogoPlug, WebDav, Amazon S3, ownCloud, 4Shared, likewise utilizing Amazon S3: DreamObjects and UltiCloud.

This application has an inbuilt voice recorder with the goal that you can make your voice notes. iFiles underpins many document setups like MS Office, PDF and online cloud administrations, for example, Dropbox

Best Features of iFiles 2:

  • Web downloader & Email
  • Voice recorder & Pop up menu
  • Clipboard Paste
  • PDF viewers, thumbnails, zip and extracts files
  • Password Protection
User Review: User would find this app very simple and very direct to use. It supports as many as file sources like NAS, S3, GDocs, Flickr, fb, Picasa and many more. At times, the app takes more time to load files. However, an excellent app to use!

23) Files United

Files United app

Price: $1.99

Download Link: 

Description: Files United is a definitive document manager app for your iPhone or iPad. Access your cloud administrations, make the most of your computerized content and deal with your files from one single application. Creative design and extremely smooth user interface will make Files United your day by day partner. 

Use all your advanced content from only one application. With this app, you will have the ultimate access of pictures, videos, music and recordings. There are two main features; The document viewer and File manager that supports well known formats including Microsoft Office archives, PDF reports, Images, Music, Video, Websites, Zip Files 

Files United is an incredible record/document/file director for iOS gadgets like iPhone and iPad. The application offers fantastic highlights, for example, the capacity to make envelopes for archive arranging, labelling files as top choices, replicating and moving files, secret word insurance, etc. The application will likewise permit you to share files from your iPhone to a Mac or PC through WiFi and Bluettoth transfers.

Files United is additionally accessible as a Mac App on the Mac App Store. As a Windows client you can get to your PC files through SMB. With the help of WiFi Connect you can deal with your files on your iPad or iPhone through the Windows Explorer on your PC.

The application has an inbuilt internet browser that lets you see archives and pages directly from inside the app. For protection, you can even set secret phrase security for the application, to shield individual information from being seen by others. Files United additionally supports following cloud administrations like Dropbox and Google Drive. SMB, FTP, SugarSync.

Best Features of Files United:

  • Access to the multiple file management tasks including printing, zip & unzip, and password protection
  • Drag and drop option from Mac to iOS device\
  • Wifi connect
User Review:  A well built and sturdy app to move files easily onto iPad even without not having an internet connection. Very simple user interface, and lack of fancy graphics offers a flawless work experience.

24) File n Folder

File n Folder app

Price: Free

Download Link: 

Description : File n Folders is an alternative for iOS that we can use on our iPhone or iPad totally free and with a considerable number of valuable functions/It lets clients to import files easily, regardless of whether from a PC or by means of WiFi transfer, or a cloud worker and so forth. 

Additionally, we can quickly transfer photographs and recordings from your iPhone to Mac or PC. Simultaneously we can manage or play a wide range of arrangements straightforwardly from the application to listen to music, watch recordings, and substantially more. 

PC Files offers an interesting feature for moving files between a PC and iOS gadget, yet with enough additional means that it’s difficult to legitimize leaving options like distributed storage or Bluetooth transfer behind. Considering the subsequent customer required on your work area and the constrained stockpiling interface on your iOS gadget, there are many arrangements that offer more adaptable techniques for sharing those files. 

In the wake of downloading PC Files, the initial step is to introduce the buddy application on your work area. From that point, you can set up both applications to move select files between gadgets. The procedure is genuinely direct and fills in as planned, yet the additional means included feel superfluous. Also, the spared files menu doesn’t permit you to make organizers or sort files by type or area and you can’t move files from your iPad except if they were recently spared utilizing PC Files.

This application bolsters files, for example, PDF, Zips, Text, HTML, MS Office and more. In any case, this application is only allowed to some restricted use; you should buy this at $1.99 to transfer more files. 

Best Features of File n Folder :

  • Upload multiple photos, files and videos from your iOS gadgets to your Mac and Windows.
  • Supports MS Office , PDF, Text, HTML, Zips and Videos
  • The Envelope features to save emails and attachment
  • One time & Life time purchase
User Review:  The user interface is not distinctively creative, however the app is as responsive as one can ask for. You will be satisfied with the accessibility and the flaw less user experience.

25) iStorage 2HD

iStorage 2HD app

Price: $4.99

Download Link: 

Description : By and large, iStorage offers equivalent to the past versions, document synchronization with FTP servers, SFTP, WebDAV, SkyDrive, Box and Dropbox, alongside joining with iCloud & Wi-Fi to share records. All we can say is that this is a must have app for power users. However, at first, to understand the interface could seem very difficult. But, since you would have many distinctive features, you are more likely to get used to the interface in no time.

There are some incredible features you get along with iStorage HD. An in-built web browser, photo editor. And bookmark browsers will become very handy for power users. Be that as it may, it has the benefit of a two-folder board mode, bringing about two distinct records on-screen simultaneously, permitting us to move documents like among iCloud and an FTP without breaking a sweat, since we can drag the content and basically drop them wherever you need. 

Files can be duplicated or moved through drag & drop utilizing the 2-screen display variants. Select the originally established drive on the one side and the distinctive drive on the opposite side. Tap on the record you need to duplicate or move, hold it and drag to the next showcase side. In the wake of dropping the document the choice for replicating or moving shows up. 

Another helpful highlight of iStorage 2 HD 2.4 is the alternative to move files with the help of bluetooth or WiFi to different iOS gadgets. iStorage 2 HD must be running on the iOS gadgets for moving the record. In any case, we think in an update this capacity will be subbed via AirDrop.

It has a PDF editorial manager, supporting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and so forth, which incorporates line numbering. Additionally, we can send documents and full envelopes via mail. In any case, one thing you should know is that this application has been quite refreshing since 2015, which implies it might have heaps of bugs with the most recent iOS performance.

Best Features of iStorage 2HD:

  • Drag and drop facilities for copying and transferring files for both iPhone and iPad.
  • iCloud and FTP server access
  • Easy customise options
  • Multiple transfers and editing sessions
User Review:  It is considered as a good alternative to file manager apps. The main highlight that users will appreciate mostly is the drag and drop option for copying and moving files. The app seems pricey, but it’s worth the money because of amazing features.

Tell Us, Your Favourite?

Now that you have the list of the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad, let us know your favourite pick in the comment section below. Ultimately , it depends on how much you are involved in managing different types of documents and which app perfectly matches your requirement for doing so. Let ‘s know your thoughts!

Conclusion on Best file manager for iPad

We hope that this article must have helped you in finding the best iPad File Management app. Now, the choice is yours! Moreover, if you have any queries regarding Android, iOS, Mac, and their accessories, feel free to reach out to us. Mention your issue in the comment section below so that we can guide you to the best solution for it. 

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