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How to Email WhatsApp Chat From iPhone

Email WhatsApp Chat From iPhone

The fact that everyone knows almost everything about WhatsApp, there is hardly any need to add anything more. However, unfortunately, people who are still unaware of this fantastic social app, we would like to illustrate some well-known facts about it. WhatsApp is an all-in-one app. Text messaging, video calls, audio calls, and sharing of information are some of the many advantages of having WhatsApp on your device.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat From iPhone

WhatsApp is not limited to just friends and family. At first impression, you would think that WhatsApp is designed for chatting and sharing fun stuff. However, many people have started using WhatsApp to set up their business. WhatsApp has been increasingly used for sharing personal and business data. Hence, safety, privacy, and backup should not be worrying signs for any WhatsApp user.

email WhatsApp Chat from iPhone

WhatsApp provides top-notch performance when it comes to security and privacy. On top of that, it would be great if you know how to take a backup of WhatsApp chat history. This would always help you in the future whenever you need to recover your data. Emailing WhatsApp chat history is one way to back up all essential records.

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Email WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Follow the mentioned steps below to email WhatsApp chat from iPhone:

  • Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone
  • Step2:  Once you open WhatsApp, you need to tap on the Chats tab from the bottom menu
  • Step 3: Now, select the chat that you want to email, and slide right to left
  • (Once you slide, you will have options like More and Archive)
  • Step4: Next, tap on More option
  • Step 5: From the slide-up menu, choose the Export Chat option

Export Chat option on WhatsApp

  • Step 6: Next, from the second slide menu, you need to select whether you want to email only chats or chats with media files.
  • Step7: Now, you will be asked to select any app from the sharing menu by which you would email WhatsApp chat.  In this case, you need to select the Mail App.
  • Step 8: In the next window, you need to provide a specific email ID on which you want to send your WhatsApp chats.
  • Step 9: Press the Send button to email your WhatsApp chat.

email chat

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