Real Vs. Fake AirPods Pro: How to Spot Fake AirPods Pro

real airpods vs fake airpods

AirPods Pro, with its sleek and stylish design and brilliant sound quality, is selling like hotcakes in the market right now. The demand for AirPods Pro, like all Apple products, is skyrocketing and so is the supply of their fake counterparts. This has ultimately made the task of spotting fake AirPods Pro a tad bit difficult.

Real Vs. Fake AirPods Pro

As is the case with all expensive and in-demand products, AirPods Pro has also fallen in the grasp of the counterfeit industry. The level of piracy has reached such an extent that it has almost become impossible to distinguish between the original and fake AirPods Pro present in the market.

real vs fake airpods

But wait, there are still several ways by which you can differentiate a real AirPods Pro from the fake one. Although the differences are often minute and easily missed, we have formed a checklist for you to ensure that you know how to spot fake AirPods Pro.

Keep reading on to find out more.

Check the Price Tag 

The most basic and no-nonsense way of pin-pointing a fake AirPods Pro is by paying attention to the price you are paying for it. The difference between the price point of the two is immense and often an eyebrow-raiser to the authenticity of the AirPods available to you in the market.

While the original AirPods Pro costs anywhere around $249, its rip-off version can be bought at a mere price of $160. This may seem like a drastic price difference, but there have also been instances during the Black Friday Sale when one can easily buy a fake AirPods at barely $10-$40.

The Apple-Esque Packaging

Apple is known for curating top-of-the-class packaging for all of its products and AirPods Pro is nowhere different. The first giveaway to the legitimacy of an original AirPods Pro is the minimalistic, clean and intelligent packaging that it comes in.

The box carrying the AirPods Pro is always a snug fit, unlike the fake ones that are looser and in which the lid is easily removable from the bottom of the box. Beyond this, Apple is extremely particular about all the information it prints on its packaging, making misspelling an impossible feat.

We suggest you keep an eye on the spellings of the words printed on the box and look for any errors, in which case, go ahead and return the fake AirPods Pro you may have bought.

 Check the Contents and the Logo

Check the contents and the Logo in airpods pro

Another way of identifying fake AirPods Pro is by noticing the content manuals that come with its packaging. The real ones have an additional security sheet and warranty card, which would be quite definitely missing from the counterfeited ones.

Observing the logo printed on the box can also come in handy, as the Apple logo on the fake box and the manuals inside it is often printed in a hazier font. The color and the font style differ significantly from the original ones, as those are thicker and have a more distinguished font. 

Apple uses San Francisco as its current font style and we suggest you match the font printed on your box with the ones that Apple uses on all of its packaging.

Although small, these distinguishing changes present in the content and the logo should help you differentiate amid the fake and genuine AirPods Pro.

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Check the Serial Number on AirPods Pro

 Check the serial on airpods

As a way of warding out the fake AirPods Pro from the real ones, Apple very wisely places a unique serial number in its charging case, which can be verified by the user later on. It is a very trusted method of authenticating the genuineness of an AirPods Pro and can be done in a few simple steps.

Inside the charging case, you can find a code that is unique to every AirPods case. Once you have located your unique code, head over to, where you can enter this code and simply check if Apple can confirm the authenticity of the AirPods Pro for you.

Diffusers on the AirPods Pro

Some of the most minute and necessary checks to be made when trying to spot fake AirPods Pro is by checking the diffusers present on the AirPods themselves. You can start out by inspecting the exterior side’s diffusers first. On these particular diffusers, a grey metal lining can be visible in the case of fake ones and no such lining in the real ones. The real AirPods Pro has an all-black external diffuser.

Similarly, in the case of internal side diffusers, the color of the diffuser is black and a little bit shiny, whereas the fake AirPods Pro has dark grey colored diffusers on the inside, which also does not reflect any light.

An often missed but necessary way of identifying fake AirPods Pro is by checking the inscriptions on the Right and the Left AirPods. At times, the counterfeited AirPods miss out on labeling the AirPods, which is a must in all the legitimate ones.

The Charging Case

airpods pro Charging Case

Closely examining the charging case is also advisable. There are instances of the fake ones being noticeably distinct from the original ones. The first difference can be observed on the front of the case itself, that too in the form of the gap on the opening area of the charging case.

 The gap is smaller in the real ones whereas the fake AirPods Pro has a bigger opening. Although this particular difference is rather subtle but once looked in closely, you can hardly miss it.

On the rear side of the case, the text printed is smaller in size as well as the font color is also way lighter and easily wipeable at times. Apart from these changes, you can also have a look at the charging ports and see if there is a difference. The real AirPods Pro has thicker metal linings as compared to the fake AirPods Pro.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you in finding yourself a true Apple AirPods Pro and made yourself a happy purchase. Do ensure to check for the above-mentioned points to make an informed decision. 

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