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How to transfer android photos to pc or back them up in cloud?

Transfer android photos to pc: One of the most revolutionary features which took smart Phones to another level was the camera. Phone cameras have evolved along with mobile phones; cameras are now more advanced than ever capable of capturing amazing shots with a great megapixel count. Here’s how to transfer photos from an Android phone to a PC.

Transfer Android photos to PC or backup in the cloud

Just one click of your phone, you can shoot awe photos, a photo of nature, or your loved one or just a candid picture. There is plenty of photo in a library that has a story to cherish. So all these photos should not be on your phone but also need a secure space where there is no accidental loss and can be accessed easily.

Computer devices and cloud storage are the best options to store media files. You get sufficient storage space, and it’s easy to transfer and access. transfer photos to PC is a reliable option;

you can save all your media content in categorizing them in as many folders as you want. Accessing photos here is very easy.

When you choose Cloud storage for saving photos, it provides the ultimate storage solution. You can keep tons of photos there and saving a lot of space on your device. The best part of using cloud storage is that it can be accessed on any device from anywhere.

All you need is an internet connection and remember your id and password. Free versions of cloud storage platforms are enough for storing gigabytes of photo content, but for storing extensive data, you can subscribe to the premium version.

Google Photos


For all your Android users having a Google account is a must. Google account comes with bundles of amazing apps, and one of them is Google Photos. Though the primary function of Google photos is to store & transfer photos and videos, it does a lot more than storing photos.

You can edit your photos here, keep them hidden, share the best photos to your friends or upload it on social media sites.

Google Photos provides unlimited storage for 16MB photos and Videos of 1080p, so you might have to lower the quality of your photos or videos. In case you don’t want to change photos and video quality, then your media content count in the storage 15 GB storage limit of Google Drive.

Even 15 GB of storage space is a valuable deal compared to other cloud storage platforms. For Google Pixel, there is nothing to bother as they don’t have any restrictions. You can store unlimited photos and videos in whichever format and resolution you wish.

Google Photos makes managing photos simple, and it allows you to set folders with which you can keep track of all the photos very easily.

With Google Photos, you can sync all your phone’s photos automatically; you can even set conditions for automatic backups such as back up video and photos over a wifi connection. Google photo is not a default app, so you have to download it from Google Play.

For automatic photos and video backups using Google photos, follow the steps below:

Step1: Launch Google Photos and sign in with your Google account. Allow this app to access your device media so it can save photos and videos.

Google Photos

Step2: The Backup and Sync option in Google Photo is turned on by default; you can turn off toggle button anytime when you don’t want it to save your photos.

Step3: To sync your photos in high-quality, select the ‘high-quality ‘ option. Select sync with the Wifi option, so your cellular data is not wasted. If you want to use your cellular network for backup, then click on the use of the cellular network for backup.

last stages

Step4: To save your photo in your original content, click on the Original option.

Select the Change Setting option to alter these settings. Once done, click on the back arrow and tap done.

Prime Photos from Amazon

Prime Photos from Amazon

Amazon Prime Subscription not only includes streaming service and eCommerce benefits but also provides storage solutions to users.

If you weren’t aware of this fact that this is good news for all Amazon Prime subscribers, Prime Photos allows you to back up unlimited photos and videos, and the best part is you can share Prime photos with five family members. Unlimited photo storage for five people all these are included in Amazon Prime subscription, nothing extra.

Each of five family members gets their personal access to the prime library on a shared Family vault. Prime Photos automatically backups photo for you so you don’t have to save the media content every time manually.

If you have Amazon’s smart speakers at your Home, you can ask Alexa to show Photos from prime on your TV screen. If you are Amazed by the features of Prime Photo, download it from Google Play and get started.

For automatic photos and video backups using Prime photos, follow the steps below

Step1: Download and launch Prime Photos on your mobile phone, click on get started.

Step2: If you have Amazon’s shopping application on your phone, the Prime Photo app will fetch all your account information from there. You just have to click on the continue button. If you don’t have an Amazon shopping app, you will have to fill in your account information manually.

amazon prime

Step3: Once done, click on the OK button to turn on AutoSave. Allow the app to access your phone’s media and photos and tap more.

Step4: Go to settings and click on AutoSave.

Step5: You can select Only when charging option, to back up & transfer photos only when the device is connected to power, saving your phone’s battery.

last tages

Step6: You can manage a Folder of photos easily here. Just click on the Manage Folder option. Choose the folder you want to back up the blue checkmark beside the folders shows that it’s selected.

last 1

Other cloud storage services

Google photo and Primarily Photos are the app that primarily focuses on Photos and video storage. There are plenty of other cloud storage apps available on Google play that you can use for storing photos & transfer photos and videos alongside other phone contents.

If you are using Google Photos, you are also using Google Drive as it Google Photos by default upload all your photos to the drive.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Apple’s iCloud and Box are some popular cloud storage services right now; you can download these apps on your mobile phone as well as use the desktop version on your computer.

Using these cloud storage services brings ultimate storage solutions gone are the days when you had to store terabytes of data in your External harddisk, save all your data to Cloud and access it from anywhere from any device.

Every cloud storage might slightly differ to upload and backup, but there is no big difference. Here you find steps to upload your whole photo library to any cloud service through cloud-enabled file explorer.

Back up photos to a cloud storage service using Solid explorer manually.

Step1: Launch Solid Explorer and allow it to access your device’s photos and videos.

Step2: Click on the + sign the floating action button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step3: Click on the new cloud connection and tap on your cloud service.

solid 1

Step4: continue the process by clicking on the Next button.

Step5: If you want, you can also name a connection and click on the Next button.

Step6: click on Login

solid 2

Step7: You have to allow Solid Explorer to manage files in Google Drive, to let it upload files.

Step8: Again, click on the Login tab; make sure that you are logged in and click on the Next button.

Step9: Don’t forget to review your information and Next.

Back up photos

Step10: Click connect and tap on Finish

Step11: Open the menu by swiping to the left of your screen, click on Internal memory.

Step12: Click and hold on DCIM

Back up photo

Step13: Click on a copy that is showcased as two document icon.

Step14: Open menu by swiping on the left side of your screen.

Step15: Click on the cloud service in the storage menu.

solid 5

Step16: On the bottom right corner of your screen, click on the Paste floating action button.

Step17: If you have stored photos on your SD card or any other photo directories, repeat the same process from step 11 to step 27 for backup.

solid 6

Backup photos to your PC

If you are someone who likes sharing photos on devices rather than Cloud, it’s fine, go old school and store your photos on your PC. Storing Photos on PC is better than keeping tons of photos on your mobile phone; not only does it waste phone memory but also slowdowns your phone.

You can backup your device content on PC only through USB cable. You have to do this manually as there is an automatic feature for that. It might get boring over time as every time you phone loads with pictures, you have to connect to your laptops or computers for backup.

Transfer your Photos on your Computer Using a USB Cable

Step1: Establish a connection between your computer and phone through a USB cable.

Step2: Bring your notification bar by swiping down from the top of your screen or vice versa.

Step3: Click on the USB charging option and other USB options notification.

Step4: Click on Transfer images

no. 1

Step5: Open My computer on your computer, you will see your connected phone device click on it.

Step6: If you have stored your photos to SD cards, then double click on it.

no. 2

Step6: Go to the DCIM folder right click on the camera folder.

Step7: Copy the folders or images you want to backup or select all.

no. 3

Step8: On the left side of Windows explorer click on the navigation panel, here choose a folder to which you would like to store all your images.

Step9: Open that Folder and right-click on the black space and click Paste to save all those images here.

Step10: For any photos, directories, repeat the same steps mentioned above.

no. 4


That’s it, folks! This was all about backing up media files from your phones or transferring them to your computer. No matter which method you choose here, all your photos would be safe. Backing photos is one of the essential things you should consider.

You carry your phone almost everywhere if, in an unfortunate scenario, you damage your phones by any means, then at least you will have your data safe if you already have backed up your content.

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