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Samsung smart switch : Wirelessly Migrate Data Between Samsung Devices

Switching to a new Samsung Galaxy device? Samsung’s smart switch is what you should have. It makes sharing data super easy from one phone to another galaxy phone. Read this article as to why to install Samsung’s smart switch app on your phone and how to use it.

What is Samsung Smart Switch?

What is Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung has made a smart switch app for Galaxy users. Smart switch is not only a mobile app but it can also be used on Windows PC and Mac devices. With this software Galaxy, users can manage many things at one place such as Data backup, restoration, synchronization, software updates and more.

It is a time-saving application you don’t have to juggle between different tabs in your setting menu.

What can you do with Smart Switch App?

Samsung Smart Switch

There’s a lot of things you can do using this application or Software. Read the following to know them all.

Use smart switch app to install software update for your phone

Have a corporate job? You can use it’s email syncing feature with Microsoft outlook.

This app allows you to move contacts, photos and even messages from any device to a galaxy phone.

Smart Switch will give you suggestions of favorite apps or suggest similar ones on Google Play. 

You can send your data (contacts, schedules, messages, and memos), multimedia data, and other types of data (alarms, Wi-Fi settings, recent history, etc.).

The most super feature is known for data backup and restores.

Backup and restoration with Smart Switch

The smart switch backup and restoration features will backup all the data on your computer. Also, you restore your data whenever you wish without any complex settings.

The new backup and restoration functions also help you move your data (contacts, schedules, memos, messages, and call history), photos, videos, alarms, bookmarks, and miscellaneous preferences simply.

Data synchronization with Smart switch

You can synchronize your contacts and your schedule between your devices with Windows Outlook or Mac Address Book and iCal.

With this smart function, you can easily manage your schedule any time, anywhere.

Device software update with Smart switch

Using Smart Switch’s computer version, update your device with the latest software.

Your device will be more stable, and it will perform better.

How to use Samsung Smart?

You can use Samsung’s smart switch on both mobile devices and computer devices. Either share data using a computer device like windows and mac or through mobile apps. You can operate different functions as mentioned above in the smart switch in four different ways.

Samsung smart switch mobile

Samsung smart switch mobile

Using a smart switch app on the mobile app makes your task super easy. Smart switch mobile app allows you to move data from your old device to your new Galaxy device quickly and easily. It Can move the data either from Android or iOS device to a Samsung galaxy device with few clicks.

ways you can use your smart switch mobile app

1: Android to Galaxy with wifi direct

2: iOS to Galaxy through iCloud

3: Android  to Galaxy using the USB connector

4: iOS to Galaxy using the USB connector

Android to Galaxy/ iOS to Galaxy through iCloud or wifi direct

To transfer data from any Android device to your galaxy phone follow the below steps.

1: Download the smart switch app on both your Android devices, if you have not installed yet. You can install this application from google play store, app store or Samsung galaxy app store.

2: connect both the devices to the same wifi network.

3: Open apps on both phones and agree to the terms and conditions.

4: Choose your device select Android if you are using android or chose iOS when you’re using iPhone for data transfer and press the start button.

5: Tap the send button on your old device.

6: The new device will start to check the data list from your old device. The old device will now display all your phone content. You can select the data you wish to import to your new galaxy phone.

7: Select your preferred content or else ‘Select all’ once you select data tap on the import button.

8: A pop-up message will appear on your galaxy device, tap on the receive button.

9: Your new phone will start downloading all your selected content. Transferring time will depend upon the volume of your data and it might take a while if you have lots of phone content to transfer.

After all your old phone content is downloaded into your new device, you will be able to view all the data and will also able to check it’s volume.

Android/iOS to Galaxy USB connector

To download this app you will android 4.3 or higher. You can also use iOS devices like an old app.

1: Download the Samsung smart switch app on both devices. If you are installing data on Galaxy S7 or above.

2: Launch the application in your device and press the ‘Agree’ button.

3: Two options will appear on your screen wifi or USB connector, and make sure you have to select USB.

4: You will now need a USB wire and USB connector. Connect both of your devices with the help of these tools.

5: After the USB connection is done list of apps will appear on your receiving phone. Select the smart switch app from that list.

6: Smart switch will open, select the start button and later agree.

7:  Select your device Androids, iOS, or windows whatever your old device is. Select allow send on your old device and allow receive on your new device.

8: Select content you wish to send in your old device, you can send all kinds of phone data even stuff like app history. You can press select all button if you want to transfer all data.

9: Your new phone will start downloading all your selected content. Transferring time will depend upon the volume of your data and it might take a while if you have lots of phone content to transfer.

Samsung smart switch PC

Samsung smart switch PC

Like mobile apps, you can use Samsung smart switch software on your PC. Whether you use Windows or Mac Smart Switch is compatible with all the devices. You can save all your data on your computer with the backup and restore feature of the smart switch as we mentioned earlier.

Also, you can carry a lot of features with smart switch software, all you have to do is download this software on your computer and connect your phone with the USB cable.

Here is how you can install Samsung Smart Switch on your computer

We’ll show you the process for installation on Windows, but it’s a pretty standard installation process on Mac as well.

1: Open the Samsung Smart Switch support website.

2: Click on the Wirelessly migrate data between Samsung devices — whichever system you’re using. For this how-to, we’re using Windows.

3: Click to launch the downloaded .exe file (.dmg on Mac).

4: If you see an error that says The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect…, download and install this Microsoft Visual C++ package.

5: Click the two check-boxes to verify that you accept the terms of the license agreement.

6: after that click Finish once the installation process is complete. Smart Switch will then launch by default.

Now that we’ve installed Samsung Smart Switch, let’s set it up to connect to your Samsung Galaxy phone.


That’s it, folks, we hope you found this article useful. This was all about the smart switch app, connect with us through the comment section if you have any queries related to this topic.

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