Top 7 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone 2024

Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

If you are listening to your favorite music then long trips or commuting on public transport does not seem boring at all. You are not able to stream music online because of the poor network. There is a proper network then each track would take a long time to buffer. In addition to this, if you stream music online, it will drain your iPhone’s battery, especially when you need to use your iPhone throughout the day. So here are the top 7 best offline music apps for iPhone:

Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

1) SPOTIFY: Best Offline Music Streaming App

Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps that allows you to experience music offline. It includes a wide range of libraries and allows you to search for any music track including artists. You can add more than 4000 songs to the ever-growing offline list on three different devices. iPhone users can download this free offline music app from the App Store. You can search for readymade playlists that span all musical genres and build your own music collection from personalized recommendations.



Pandora is the great offline music apps for iPhone that is available on the App Store and very popular among people due to its simplicity. App uses radio-style music playing that enables the playlist to be created by searching a song by its name or its artist and it creates a list or station of the music of that choice. Pandora offline music app also allows you to fine-tune the radio stations by providing thumbs up or down located adjacent to each song in the station. You can download the music to listen and enjoy offline as per your own convenience.



google play music app

Google Play Music for iOS enables you to download a wide range of songs and listen to them even without having internet connectivity. iPhone users with a standard account on Google Play Music can upload and listen to up to 50,000 songs from their personal library. You can also create playlists and enjoy ad-free YouTube with YouTube Red and also listen to music offline where you need to subscribe at no cost.

This app offers suggestions based on activity, preference, locality and much more. You will be able to access ad-free unlimited listening if you opt for paid service and enjoy YouTube music premium free of cost. Google also provides a family plan which you can share the Google Play Music up to six members.

4) TIDAL : Offline Music App

The tidal app is a premium app created exclusively for music lovers and provides high-quality sound and high definition videos by music journalists and artists to provide a superior experience. You can enjoy a noiseless audio experience with Tidal without internet connectivity.

Over 40 million songs available online and exclusive playlists that have been created by music artists and journalists that you can download and able to listen offline as per your requirements. This app is popular for its highest quality of audio and enables you to enjoy your music exactly the way that the music artist has intended.


5) iPhone MUSIC APP

iPhone’s default music app is most recommended for people who love to listen to music. You may need to pay if you want to enjoy its Apple Music. However, you can enjoy offline music for free if you download music to the iPhone from the computer. This app allows you to listen to your music library including offline music. Songs that you bought from the iTunes Store, and songs that you have downloaded from other services.


Musify free cloud music app is one of the amazing best offline music apps for the iPhone that enables you to enjoy your favorite music according to your needs and preferences. This app also enables you to easily search and enjoy a huge variety of music collections available online. This app also includes an integrated radio feature that allows you to access more than 20,000 radio channels. Moreover, you can pre-listen to specific music before downloading the track.


7) SOUNDCLOUD : Music App for iPhone

Soundcloud is a huge music database and a stylish interface. You can easily use this app to download songs and allows you to enjoy your favorite music. It also has various features such as airplay support, background playback as well as high-quality downloads. You can also record tracks and share them on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.


Freely enjoy songs offline even without internet connectivity with the help of the above best offline music apps for iPhone. iPhone would not consume mobile data and much battery if you make use of offline music playback as compared to online streaming.

Moreover, you can repeat a particular song several times. With the help of the above-mentioned offline music apps. You will be able to listen to clear as well as high definition music.

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