9 Best Free Offline Music Apps and Players for Android

best free offline apps for android

Music Apps and Players for Android: How often do you hear people inquiring about streaming music online? People nowadays have a few questions regarding streaming music, such as how one can stream or how one can stream from PC to phone. Even though live streaming suits today’s generation, but we cannot deny the fact that it consumes a considerable amount of mobile data.

It is evident that apparently, users have shifted to online streaming, in the process, we have been witnessing the emergence of online music streaming apps significantly. Currently, Pandora, Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and some more are those music streaming apps that provide an excellent service to users.

However, some of us still prefer to have a collection of music that we would want to hear again and again. For this purpose, we tend to store all those music tracks which would be our companion wherever we are traveling or relaxing. Since online streaming eats mobile data, it would be more convenient to save your favorite music tracks.

If you currently own one of the greatest collections of music and still you think that you need more, then here are some of the best offline music apps which can surely help you experience a great taste of music. Moreover, when you are concerned about your mobile data, you should look for offline music app which let you enjoy music without requiring internet data.

For your convenience, I have come with 9 best free offline music apps. Please note, there are few online streaming music apps like YouTube Music and Spotify also allow users to download music for offline. But, for this, you may need to subscribe to paid plans. Hence, we do not include such in this article.

1. BlackPlayer

Download:  Free

Link :

BlackPlayer is one of the most convenient and utilized free music players available for Android mobile device. Since I have used it for so long, I can surely tell that it has modern features and unmatched UI/UX that pleases your eyes. With easy navigation, this music player app includes 5-band equalizer, gapless, playback, scrobbling, sleep timer, widgets, ID3 tag editor. Another exciting highlight is that it contains commonly used music files, but the ads.


There are a few limitations when you use the free version of this music player. If you really want to have extra themes, fonts, more setting features for twist and pull, you need to opt for a premium version of its which is called BlackPlayer EX. Once you purchase a premium version of it, you can easily customize your song selections and music library with the help of those earlier mentioned features. The cost is $3 for availing the premium version of BlackPlayer Ex. 


Download: Free


At first, the simple interface designs and a decent material design interface will always create an impression of how simple and powerful this music player is! AIMP supports all kinds of music files containing FLAC, MP3, MP4 which makes it more powerful music player among the other. It is fairly simple and when you go through it; it leads you straight to the point without any interrupts.

This music player app includes 29- band equalizer, which is one of the rarest inclusions in any media players. Evidently, it supports all kinds of music files and can mix multiple channels to stereo.


I want to share my experience of using this music player app that it has amazing UI, which is simpler than any other media player apps. One thing that I love most about this app is that it has excellent equalizer, HTTP live streaming, and volume adjustment feature. If you are fine with the interface of this app, you probably should download this in order to have great music experience.

3. MediaMonkey

Download: Free/ $2.49


MediaMonkey is the kind of app which is hardly known by people but has the most outstanding features that are rarely available on music player app. From having a basic feature like an equalizer to including organizational features, this music apps offers audiobooks, podcasts, and the filters for searching for songs.


The main highlight of the MediaMonkey is that you can easily sync your computer’s music library to your phone and vice versa by using Wi-Fi. It is also available in the desktop version, that could be one of the reasons for choosing this app. It is simple yet solid in terms of performance.


Download: Free/ $1.99


Pulsar music player app provides a perfect combination of a decent appearance and accurate performance. If you are still using those older version of music players, we recommend you to switch your selection from those outdated to the premier version like Pulsar. Though there are a few modern apps available for the same, but Pulsar is quite a remarkable app which doesn’t lag.

Needless to say, Pulsar is surely one of the most popular apps oriented for listening to music offline. It includes very unique features like tag editing, gapless, smart playlist, Material design, a sleep timer, and last but not the least, an FM scrobbling. The major highlight of the app is that it also supports Chromecast, isn’t it an exciting thing?

Unfortunately, you need to get the paid version of this app in order to access all the features. But it is worthy. If you are looking for something like a lightweight and minimal approach, then this app will work correctly for you. Its upgraded version comes with the features like 5-band equalizer, bass booster, and reverb. For availing premium version, you need to upgrade to Pulsar Pro which costs only $3.

5.Musicolet Music Player

Download: Free


Musicolet Music Player app provides you lots of significant features that you have rarely seen. Firstly, it is a no-BS music app. Some of the features of this app are so distinctive that you hardly imagine the presence of them in the music app.

It has a lightweight UI along with small size of APK. File. Musicolet includes very unique and rarely seen features like an equalizer, a tag editor, widgets, folder browsing, and more. It also supports embedded lyrics.

Since it has a very lightweight UI, you will not be asked for any extra stuff. It is quite simple and completely free which allows people to listen to their favorite music without needing any extra efforts.

6.Neutron Player

Download: Free/ $ 5.99


If you are a person who loves high-fidelity sound reproduction, then Neutron Player would be a blessing for you. However, due to its old look, this app is not so popular as it should be. Neutron Player is one of the coolest music players oriented for Android devices. According to me, this music app has the best audio quality with apparent sound effects. A 32/64 -bit audio rendering engine helps music sound enormously better.

nutron player

It features some of the most interesting features which you would often find in the offline music player. This app also supports audio files such as FLAC, MPC. It has an in-built volume equalizer and other special features for Audiophile person. The paid version of this app is a little expensive, but people who use Neutron Player have the best experience of using it. In fact, the Neutron player is turning out to be the primary music player for them.


Download: Free/ Optional


Phonograph comes with the best UI/UX design. It has a simple design and lightweight UI design. Mainly, this music is popular for its appearance since it consists of in-built theme colors which tend to change as per the content reflecting on the screen. The fact that the user itself can change the theme makes it more convenient and preferred music player app. It has material UI design, which is classier and simpler.


It features some of the excellent options such as FM integration, a tag editor, playlist, widget and navigation. Since it is easy going app, you will not get a high intensity. But, people who simply love to listen to music, this music player will surely provide you one of the best music experiences.

8. PlayerPro Music Player

Download: Free/ $4.99


Similarly, PlayerPro Music Player includes all the standard and common features just like other music player app. So, what makes this app very unique? This app has the most satisfying and attractive interface design which you can rarely find in other music player app. It includes some of the most exclusive features, such as custom smart playlists, voice search, and Google integration, along with free plugins.

player pro

However, people are not so much aware of the PlayerPro Music player app; it constantly seeks more traffic for downloading. Having said that, it has a decent looking interface which makes everything run very smoothly. As mentioned earlier, it also includes features like 10-band equalizer, Android Auto, audio effects, widgets, and Chromecast support. It also includes one attractive feature in which you can shake your phone in order to change the music. You can get access to all the features by buying it paid version which costs $4.99.

9.Poweramp Music Player

Download: Free/ $3.99


Many Android users don’t get tired while praising this music player since it has been a go-to media player for them. Fast, effective, and powerful interface makes this music player app one of the smoothest running media apps.

There are a few quality themes available which you can download from the Google Play Store. Poweramp Music player features various playback features such as gapless playback and crossfade. You will also get to use the features like widget, tag editing, customization, and many more.

Poweramp Music Player

Besides having 10-band equalizer, Poweramp also includes fast library scan and dynamic queues. You can try its demo version which will last for 15 days, and if you want to get full access of this music player app, you need to buy a paid version which will cost you around $4.


We hope this article will help you download the most amazing offline music player apps. For any queries regarding Android and iOS, you can contact us by mentioning your specific question in the comment section below. We will make sure to provide you a precise solution for the same.

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