15 Top Golf Apps for Apple Watch & iPhone

Golf Apps for Apple Watch & iPhone

If you are a golfing pro or budding golfer, no enthusiast can deny the need for awesome Golf apps. Apple Watch and iPhone users have plenty of choices to choose from.

Here is List of 15 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch & iPhone options

1) Golf GPS
golf gps app

This a free app that comes with the iPhone and Apple watch. It does have in-app purchases. This Swing By Swing app works on every golfing surface and is undoubtedly a great app for any golfer with Apple phone or watch.

2) Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App (Free)

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App (Free)

This app is suitable for both iPhone and Apple Watch. This free App can help you track over 40,000 courses. It also helps keep track of your and the golfing partners’ score. You can also track your last shot.

3)  Golfshot: Best Golf App for Apple watch

golfshot app

Golf GPS + Scorecard (Free, in-app purchases) Golfshot is perfect for both iPhone and Apple Watch. There are satellite images that you can zoom in on and get an in-depth feeling of your shot and analyze it as well. You can upgrade it by paying for the subscription and get access to more features.

4)  GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

(Free, in-app purchases)- This app is suitable not just for iPhone but also for Apple Watch. The 3D images are the biggest attraction along with the access to Golf Digest lessons and video archives.

5) Golf Pad:

Free golf GPS (Free, in-app purchases) – It does not matter whether you are an iPhone user or Apple Watch user, this app is suitable for both. There are many helpful features such as shot tracker and rangefinder. For Apple watch a subscription maybe required.


6) Golf Coach:

Golf Coach App

You will have to purchase this App at a nominal price. As it covers 38 coaching lessons from none other than Dr. Noel Rousseau, a PGA professional, it will certainly worth your investment.

7) Golf Channel Academy (Free, in-app purchases):

Golf Channel Academy

Though a free app for premier lessons you will have to pay a fee. Michael Breed, Marin Hall, and Dana Rader will be your instructors once you purchase this app. It is an amazing learning experience for the golf novice or moderate experts.

8) Hudl Technique Golf (Free, in-app purchases):

Hudl Technique Golf

Another amazing app, it has a slow-motion tracker which helps you analyze your strokes better. There are coaches available should you need more help. Take part in the community discussion and be benefitted from the shared experiences.

9) Coach’s Eye ($4.99, in-app purchases)

Coach’s Eye app

If you want to use this app, you can use it over an iPhone or your Apple watch. It is known to be the best app to oversee how an athlete is performing. The metrics will help you improve your performance each time. Comparing video option is a great facility that you can use from this App.

10) Zepp Golf (Free, in-app purchases)

If you want to use this app you will either need to have an iPhone or an Apple Watch. You can access Smart coaching tips for training from LPGA Pro Michelle Wie.

11) USGA Rules: The Official Rules of Golf (Free, in-app purchase)

USGA Rules App

It is one of the most handy guides that every golfer, no matter the stage of their career they are at, should keep it handy. It is easy to navigate and can be used as quick reference or even a detailed guide.

12) Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores (Free, in-app purchase)

Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores (Free, in-app purchase)

As the name suggests, it helps you best in tracking your mistakes. However, it does not include USGA handicap index for the tournaments.

13) PGA Tour Mobile (Free)

Some of its best features include real-time leaderboards, prolife of the players and players features. you can also activate push messages for latest in golfing news.

14) LPGA Now (Free)

LPGA Now (Free) App

To stay in touch with all golfing related news and activities, get this app. You will get live scores, updates on next matches, players and much more.

15) Golf Digest Magazine

Golf Digest Magazine

This one comes with in-app purchases. You can either chose a monthly or yearly subscription plan. You will stay in the golfing news zone and have access to reading special columns, reviews for equipment and many other similar services.

There are many other great golf apps that you can use in conjunction with the above apps, for a seamless golfing experience. Take your pick and enjoy your golf time even more.

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