Apple Watch Cellular vs GPS: What’s the Difference in Between?

Apple Watch Cellular vs GPS

Apple watch cellular enables you to send text messages or call to anyone through your Apple watch without any connection of your Apple phone. It also enables you to stream music directly from your watch. Sometimes your Apple Watch doesn’t show you notifications, that time you have to fix the errors. In this article, we will discuss the difference between Apple Watch Cellular vs GPS.  In GPS, you need to connect your Apple phone with your Apple watch to send the text messages or to play music.

Apple Watch GPS vs Cellular

The other difference between the GPS-only and GPS + Cellular models of Apple Watch is that there is a red ring around the Digital Crown on the Cellular model.

Apple Watch Cellular vs GPS

  • Cellular Connectivity: 

The main difference is the cellular connectivity.

    • You need to connect the Apple watch to the internet even if its companion iPhone is out of Bluetooth range.
    • It enables you to check emails and iMessages but not texts, answer calls and check Maps and the Weather app.
    • It also enables you to stream songs through Apple Music.
    • A built-in LTE and UMTS radio switches automatically to cellular when you are away from the companion iPhone.
    • You can also direct calls to your watch instead of your phone when appropriate. The phone number is the same on both devices.
  • Carrier restrictions

The GPS + Cellular Apple Watch comes with LTE connectivity that enables you to carry off your current carrier plan for an additional monthly fee, usually around $10.

    • You need to have the internet and phone connectivity even when your iPhone is far away.
    • Apple Watch LTE coverage allows you to do anything on the Apple Watch when connecting to your iPhone’s data.
    • This includes placing calls, receiving messages, navigating through maps, playing with third-party apps, and many more.
    • You cannot sign up for a separate Apple Watch cellular plan from your iPhone.
    • You need to have a separate assigned number for your Apple Watch but it is not your usable phone number. It is just the account assignment number.

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  • Apple Music and Podcasts Streaming Support: 

     The GPS Vs Cellular Apple Watch Podcasts app streaming and supports Apple Music.

    • If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can stream music without your iPhone or Wi-Fi.
    • The GPS-only model does not support Streaming Apple Music.
    • You can download tunes onto it for direct listening offline.
    • You are only limited by your storage capacity.
  • Storage size:

    • The Apple Watch Series 5 GPS and GPS + Cellular have 32GB of storage.
    • The Series 3 GPS + Cellular come with 16GB of storage.
    • The Series 3 GPS-only has 8GB of storage.
  • Case and Screen Material

    • The GPS-only Series 3 and 5 are limited to aluminum Sport and Nike+ cases.
    • The GPS + Cellular Watch have stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic options in addition to the aluminum Sport and Nike+ cases.
  • Battery Life : Apple watch GPS vs cellular

gps vs cellular apple watch

The GPS Vs Cellular Apple Watch use more battery than the GPS-only Apple Watch while you are using GPS + Cellular. The following uses of all-day battery life on the basis of 18 hours:

    • 90-time checks
    • 90 notifications
    • 45 minutes of app use
    • 60-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch through Bluetooth.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) usage includes connection to the iPhone through Bluetooth during the entire 18-hour test. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) usage includes a total of 4 hours of LTE connection and 14 hours of connection to the iPhone through Bluetooth over the course of 18 hours.

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  • Price : GPS Vs Cellular Apple watch

    • The GPS-only Series 3 starts at $199 for a 38mm aluminum case.
    • The GPS + Cellular Series 3 starts at $299.
    • The GPS-only Series 5 starts at $399 for a 40mm aluminum case.
    • The GPS + Cellular Series 4 with the same case start at $499.

Both the GPS only and the GPS + Cellular versions of the Apple Watch can make and receive calls, send and receive texts, get notifications. You can listen to music directly, and perform actions for various supported third-party apps.

I hope this article will help you to find the difference between GPS and cellular apple watch. The difference is that you need to connect your Apple Watch to the Cellular model.

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