15 Best YouTube Video Downloader App for Android Free 2024

YouTube Video Downloader App

YouTube Video Downloader App: YouTube is one of the most popular online streaming apps available for smartphones and computers. It is not only the best but also incomparable media app that covers mostly everything. It is like a Google for music lovers. With over 1.5+ billion downloads on Android devices, YouTube is also in a remarkable position when it comes to iOS.

Best YouTube Downloader Apps for Android

Being a great source of knowledge and worldwide information, YouTube also provides entertaining, Sci-Fi, food, and many other useful videos, It is also suitable for music lovers since it offers countless options and latest music tracks. Besides this, YouTube has introduced the most awaited feature of all time, that is an offline feature. This feature lets users download videos on their application. By using this feature, you can easily save some popular videos locally on your app.

As per the core policy of YouTube, the organization doesn’t permit to download YouTube videos through Google to the local Gallery. In addition to that, you cannot find any application which promotes YouTube video download on Google Play store considering the violation of the YouTube Policy. Therefore, you need to start looking for a third-party video downloading the best android music player Apps.

But, what if you want to download videos from YouTube? You are at the right place. In the following section, we will be mentioning you about the most preferred apps of 2024 which will help you download videos from YouTube. Since these all are third-party applications, so you may not find them on Google Play Store. These apps will make sure that you can download video and MP3 from YouTube to your android mobile device.

Moreover, these third-party applications are the best- known utility apps which are regarded as YouTube downloader which help the user save and download videos on Android devices. Additionally, such utility apps also enable downloading of any videos with different resolution. There is no doubt in the fact that Many android users have been looking for such applications since it is evident that these apps have powerful capabilities.

I have been looking for such an app as soon as I received a few queries regarding the same. I have managed to search 15 best YouTube downloader apps which you can install on your android device. In the following section, you will be guided about the 15 best YouTube Downloader Apps for Android.

Top YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android

  1. OGYouTube

Have you ever come across with an app that provides Direct Download link, dark mode, screen minimization option, option to play videos in the background, and more importantly, No ads.? It is great to have such apps, isn’t it? An interesting fact is that this YouTube downloader app has the same User interface and User experience as the default YouTube app. With the core functions remain the same, this app also provides you the option of direct download, background play buttons and a lot more.

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Moreover, this app doesn’t require any root access which is being commendable usefulness of this app. This Mod YouTube not only provides usual benefits but also comes with very exceptional in-built settings. in which you can set the speed limit and download limit. You can also choose the path for downloading. You need to download the Mod app application on your device. Once you are done with the installation, launch it. Then it will lead you directly to the download the microG apk, here, you need to download the app and you have successfully installed the Mod YouTube App.


Following are the features of OGYouTube Downloader App.

  • Functions as YouTube: The basic functionality and user interface are the same as the original YouTube app.
  • Video Downloading: Enables you to download videos directly from the Mod app.
  • No Root Required: You don’t need any root access in order to use this app.
  • Background Play: You have access to playing YouTube videos in the background of the app. All you need to click one button provided within the app.
  • No Ad: You won’t find any disturbance while using this app since this app doesn’t any kind of advertisements.
  • Multitasking: You can adjust the video size on your device so you can easily do other important stuff.
  • Dark Mode: You can utilize YouTube dark mode on your mobile device whenever you want.
  • Stability and support: this app is very much stable and also supports Android 4.4+ and later versions.

Download link:

 2. InsTube

InsTube is one of the most acknowledged video downloader apps which allows you to download videos and music online from over 100 websites. With this app, users can easily save and download videos and audios files on their respective device with the option to select the resolution and the format of the file.


The inclusion of an advance downloader engine does the downloading process at great speed. Even if you are downloading more than one file at a time, this application doesn’t get affected in terms of pace. This app includes many customizable settings and very simple user interface, making all functionality fast and accurate.

Following are the features of InsTube

  • It is compatible with. 4K and HD downloads
  • It has free music and video downloads
  • Inclusion of inbuilt video and music player
  • High Speed
  • Enhanced Technology
  • A browser cum Downloader
  • Light in weight
  • It requires less amount of data, battery and RAM
  • It has inbuilt Video Locker

Download link:

 3. TubeMate

TubeMate is one of the most commonly used Video downloader apps. Android users feel like they have been using this app for ages. The list of best YouTube video downloader would not be complete without TubeMate. This app has been working as a blessing for Android users.


Apart from having a distinctive feature of video downloading, this app has many noteworthy features like pause & resume downloads, multiple download option, multiple download option, in-built media player and a lot more. The main highlight of this app is that it not only helps users download videos from YouTube app only but also from other online streaming apps such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

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Following are the features of TubeMate

  • Select the location from your phone where you want to save the video
  • Maintain your media playlist along with playing the same using the in-built music player
  • You can easily download more than one videos at once.
  • Permission to pause, resume, cancel download is always there for you.
  • You can convert video file into MP3 format, and that is with a click.
  • Enhanced downloading technology
  • You can download videos in different formats such as MP4, FLV and AAC.

Download link:

Other converter

 4. NewPipe

NewPipe is a Freeware Open Source lightweight YouTube App that has a frontend YouTube interface.

The main highlight of the app is that you can easily run this app without requiring Google API or services. Essentially, the NewPipe App just gathers YT sites URL source and shows it as the App. Yet, this App can demonstrate to be incredible in the event that you have a low-end Android mobile device with constrained power.

NewPipe is an extraordinary YouTube customer that gives you a chance to download YouTube recordings whether it’s a video or audio with all out protection. Best of all, it gives you a chance to stream music out of sight and do basically anything you can do with the official customer.


Following are the features of NewPipe App

  • It doesn’t require Google Play Service or Google API
  • You are free to set and change the quality of the video
  • You can download video and audio with different resolutions
  • Multitasking is possible
  • You can play video in the background
  • It consumes less data and storage space

Download link:

  5. Videoder

Having easy navigation and smooth UI, Videoder is another famous and most preferred video downloading app for Android users. With this app, you can easily download videos from various websites and applications. This app also enables you to download videos from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The primary advantage of having this app on your android device is that it creates download links without actual opening the app itself. This way, your efforts to switch between the app are automatically reduced. However, this app contains ads, if you want to use ads-free application, then you need to buy a premium version of Videoder plugin from the play store.


The functionality is easy and simple. All you have to do is install this App on your device and navigate to your favorite video. Next, you need to click on the share button and then tap on Videoder icon which will generate the download link.

Download link:

  6. SnapTube


SnapTube is another popular Video Downloader app oriented for Android. With this app, users will have the access of downloading videos and MP3 from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and many more. Since this app supports downloading of embedded video from the website, it has been emerged as a remarkable solution for Android users.

The user interface is very simple and light, and more importantly, you can search videos by putting respective keywords in the Search bar. Similar to other application, SnapTube also allows users to download multiple downloads with different resolutions.

Following are the features of SnapTube

  • You can download videos with multiple resolution
  • It allows users to download Direct MP3 downloads
  • You can search your favourite video with the help of keywords.
  • It is safe and clean app
  • User can easily manage video download including size and resolution

7. VidMate

VidMate is considered as one of the best Video Downloading Apps which was basically developed by merging some features from SnapTube and TubeMate. All in all, it is a perfect combination of SnapTube and TubeMate. This app covers all most every feature which you would see in any video downloading apps. Smooth running UI and intuitive design make this app one of the most preferred video downloading apps. In this app, you can easily play and download video online and that also with various resolutions. This app also includes various unique features such as downloading Movie and TV shows with a single click.


Currently, VidMate covers many websites and applications. With this app, you will be able to download videos and MP3 songs from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, FunnyorDie, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, YouTube, Metacafe and many more.

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Following are the features of VidMate

  • You can easily download multiple videos simultaneously with the help of inbuilt browser
  • You can shortlist movies and songs by Genre, ratings and year in which the song or movie had been released.
  • The UI is simple and user friendly
  • Less advertisement
  • It includes numerous TV shows and movies

Download Link:

 8. YouTube Premium

iYTBP is the Forked Version of YouTube App which includes features like background Play, Dark Mode, Video Download and substantially more. Created by XDA designer, the App underpins both root and non-root devices. The App has all the essential highlights and structure as the ordinary YouTube App with some phenomenal addons.


YouTube Vanced is a Premium YT App with every one of the highlights offered by membership-based YouTube alongside same centre UI and App plan alongside amazing features like Video and Audio Downloader straightforwardly to your mobile device stockpiling with the inclusion of different resolution.

Following are the features of YouTube Premium

  • Completely video ad-blocking
  • Ability of Background play
  • You can set the quality of the video
  • Toggle on/off annotations.
  • Availability of white and black theme

Download link:  click here

It is the coolest app used by Android users in order to play and download audio music. Google Play store does not include this application due to the terms and conditions which are associated with the usefulness of this app. This app has some of the most remarkable and outstanding features including smartest UI which you seek in every video/audio downloader.


Following are the features of YMusic

  • Play music in the background
  • Download music on your mobile device
  • Save audio of different qualities
  • Smooth and easy user interface
  • You can listen to your favorite songs even if you have kept your device screen off.
  • You can create your own playlist.

Download link:

 10. YouTube Downloader

Dentex YouTube Downloader is an application that will give you a chance to download YouTube recordings, videos, and audio files in a simple, quick, and smooth way. Search YouTube’s database, select a video, and after that pick yield file format and quality. From the application’s interface, you can pick the format and nature of the video. YouTube Downloader App is a fantastic instrument to download motion pictures.


Download link:  click here

 11. YTD Downloader

YTD Downloader is well-known audio and video downloader app oriented mainly for Android devices. With this app, you will have the access of downloading videos and audios from numerous of online streaming websites. In this app, you can accurately create your playlist and manage your all-time great music collection.


The main highlight of the app is that it supports password protection, therefore, you can protect your content by setting up the password. This application is known to be a light-weight design; hence it does not consume huge amount of device resources. It is the best video downloader app recommended to users who use Android devices.

Download link:

 12. KeepVid

KeepVid is a straightforward application that permits downloading from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, GameVideo, Tumblr, LiveLeak and other mainstream video destinations with no confusions. You can store the video records into your neighborhood card so you can get to them whenever you want.


Simply need to open any site and look for the video/audio you wish to spare. You can likewise essentially paste the URL of the website and download the record in no time. You can download the videos in 1080, 720p, 480p or 320p relying upon accessibility.

Following are the features of KeepVid

  • You can download the videos in MP3 format
  • It supports HD Video downloading
  • You can download videos with subtitles
  • Batch download enable
  • Smooth and customizable UI
  • It supports various online streaming websites.

Download link:

 13. GetTube

GetTube is one of the most popular video downloader apps which enables users to download videos ranging from 144p to 4k from YouTube. It also supports multiple downloading of videos even with good mobile data speed. The GetTube has another feature which allows you to resume and pause downloads whenever you want.


It has in-built browser which helps users download videos directly from YouTube. All you need to do is to select desired format and the quality of the video. This application also allows users to download the audio track of the video without much effort.

Download link:

 14. arkTube

Being an independent app, arkTube permits you to download videos directly from YouTube app itself. All you need to do is share button and select arkTube. After that, you need to set the quality and resolution of the video and download the content. This video downloader supports resolutions from 1080p to 4K including 1440p, and audio download.


In this app, if you are performing the downloading of music, then it will automatically merge the tags and thumbnails as per the data. arkTube also supports the resuming function, with which you can resume video download which was kept on a pause.

Download link:

 15. TubeX

TubeX is also known as TubeGod since it includes all the possible features which you would look in video downloader app. With this app, you can easily download videos and if, in case, you want to download audio track of the particular video, you can do that also. The only concern with this app is that it allows pop-ups and free ads which would at times annoy you.

But, it you don’t have any issue managing those pop-ups and ads then you can be a contender for downloading this app since the app includes well organised download engine which help you save media to your android device quickly.


Download link:  click here

We hope this article will help you download 15 best video downloader app. If you have any queries regarding Android and iOS, please reach out to us by commenting in the section below. We will make sure to provide you the best possible solution for all your questions.

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