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What Does iOS 12.4 Consists and How to Download it on your iPhone or iPad?

Apple’s long-awaited iOS 12.4 update gets released for all iOS devices that are compatible with iOS 12. This update is an important update that does a lot more than bug fixing, and it has newly added features that will lead to software improvements. Know everything about Apple’s new iOS 12.4 what it includes and how to download it on your device here. 

What are the iOS 12.4 features?

iOS 12.4 is an update with new features. It brings excellent News experience, a data migration tool, and some fixes on your iPhone and iPad devices. Here is what it consists:     

iPhone Migration

Until now, you had many options to transfer data on your new iPhone. You could restore from the iCloud backup or iTunes backup, move data from Android or not transfer data at all and start with a fresh installation.

But the release of iOS 12.4 brings a migration tool with which users can easily migrate all the content from your old iPhone. It is super handy while you set a new phone and less time-consuming


There is a full guideline at Apple’s official website about the migration tools. The article states that “you can transfer data from your previous device to your new one wirelessly or by the wired method through lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and Lightning to USB Cable”.

The Migration Tool of iOS 12.4 is kind of an extension of Quickstart functionality that comes with iOS 11 update. A quick start allows you to migrate all the settings from one iPhone to another. With the Migration Tool, you can not only migrate settings but all of your data too.

You might be thinking that why not to choose iCloud or iTunes backup for this. There are two main problems with iCloud data restore.

The first thing is not all use iCloud as it’s only for 5GB data. Secondly, you may not have the availability of a good internet connection to access the large iCloud backup data restore. Migration Tool peer-peer to connectivity helps you resolve these problems.

To know how to use these features scroll down to the last topic in this article.

Apple News

With this update, you easily access downloaded content from My Magazines online as well as offline. You can add all the publications in Apple News+.


It also includes newspaper. All this content gets added to the Catalog at the top of the News+ feed.

With iOS 12.4, you will be able to remove downloaded magazines.

  • Select History
  • Tap clear
  • Clear all

Other Fixes

Apple iOS 12.4 also fixes the Walkie-Talkie app for Apple Watch and also enables Walkie-Talkie functionality.

Installing iOS 12.4 with Software Update on your iPhone or iPad

The simplest way to download iOS 12.4 on your iOS device directly is through the air.  It is easy, less time consuming and efficient follow the steps below to install the iOS.


Step1: Make a recent backup in your iCloud if you haven’t done yet. 

Step2: Head to the Settings app from the Home screen.

Step3: Tap on General.

Step4: Tap on Software Update.

Step5: Tap on Download and Install.

Step6: Enter your Passcode, if prompted.

Step7: Tap Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step8: Tap Agree again to confirm.

The download will start automatically. It’s better to plug the device to power if in case the update consumes more. Also, make sure your internet works well; otherwise, the download speed will drop.

If the download doesn’t start quickly, you will receive a notice stating “Preparing to download.” wait for a few minutes, and the download will begin soon enough.

Installing iOS 12.4 using iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC

Are you worried about the storage space of your device while you download the software? You can skip downloading iOs on your iPhone instead of download it from iTunes. See the below steps:


Step1: Make a backup on iPhone if you have not done your backup for long. Make it encrypted, so all of your passwords and other private data is preserved.

Step2: On your personal, whether Mac or Windows, launch iTunes.

Step3: Plug your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in using your USB to Lightning or USB to 30-pin Dock cable.

Step4: Tap on the device icon at the top left to go to the device tab.

Step6: Tap on the Check for Update in the Summary pane.

Step7: Tap on the Download and Update

Step8: Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step9: Enter the Passcode on your iPhone or iPad, if prompted.

How to Use the Migration Tool Wirelessly on your iPhone?

Before you start with the migration procedure, you should know that this migration feature is only available for iPhone to iPhone data transfer and requires iOS 12.4 or higher. 

Step1: First, we will invoke a Quickstart, on your new iPhone. You will see the quick start menu, and on the existing iPhone, you will see a pop-up message to set up a new iPhone. Tap on the message to continue. Make sure both the devices are close enough.

Step2:  On your new iPhone Quickstart authentication pattern will appear. Scan the pattern from your existing iPhone’s camera to authenticate. You have to now type your old iPhone’s Passcode in your new iPhone after this wireless connection gets established between these devices.


Step3:  Now on the new iPhone it asks you to set face id you can do that or skip the process for later.

Now you will have The Transfer your Data screen; it will show you all the existing option for transferring data, see the following options:

  • Transfer from iPhone
  • Download from iCloud
  • Other Options

Step4: The first option you will see here is Transfer from iPhone, that’s the new data migration tool. Tap on it, agree to the terms and conditions go to all the additional options such as automatic updates, Siri, Apple Play, Location, etc. Now all your data will start to migrate from your old iPhone to the new one wirelessly through local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth peer to peer connection.

Step5: Keep both the devices as close as possible so that you get the best transferring speed and also, so it doesn’t take time out. If your phones are far, you will get an error message. Also, Apple’s suggestion to users is to keep their phones in power while the migration process goes on. Especially if the migration goes too long, and you don’t have enough battery, otherwise it’s fine. 

Step6: The amount of migration depends upon the length of your transferring data and the speed of your internet connection. Once the migration, you will receive a message on your old iPhone Transfer complete. Tap on the continue, and you get your home screen, you can now reset and delete all settings if you wish to sell this phone.

Step7: Your new iPhone will reboot automatically, once you unlock your phone all your app would start to download. You will need an internet connection on your new phone as it downloads and updates all the migrated apps from the Apps store.

How to Use iPhone Migration Tool with the Lightning USB Cable?

As we mentioned earlier, you can also use the migration data tool with Lightning To USB 3 Camera Adapter and a lightning USB cable. The adapter would charge you 39$. The wireless connection works very well so it’s not mandatory to use this one as you will not be performing the migration of data that often.


If you want a wired setup, then connect the lightning USB cable to the lightning camera adapter. Connect this cable with both the iPhone’s USB port. Now follow the same procedure we mentioned at the wireless migration method.

The wired migration method charges your iPhone while the data is transferring between the devices. It can be useful if you have a huge amount of data to be transferred.

The migration tool does the work of transferring data a lot easier, especially for those who don’t use iCloud that often.


That’s all folks, know you know what does iOS 12.4 consists and how to use. Do let us know your reviews about iOS 12.4 in the comment section below.

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