How to Type Accents on Mac? [The Easy Way]

Typically, many languages use different accents and diacritic to outline how different letters or vowels sound. In line with that, you may get it useful if I say you how Typing Accents on Mac Keyboard and different diacritical marks using a mac keyboard. Especially, this is useful for French, Spanish, Greek as well this is applicable for other Latin language and scripts.

The latest versions of Mac operating systems are exceptionally good to provide users a faster interface than before for typing letter accents and this is user-friendly at the same time.

Ways to Type Accents on a Mac Keyboard

Accents on a Mac Keyboard

For most of the Typing Accents on Mac Keyboard, you will get a sustained keypress or you will get different options like alt key and other modifier keys. Generally, you have to press and hold the letter for accent typing or do the same with the modifier keys.

Now release those keys and type the letters you want to be accepted. It may sound a bit confusing to you, but once you start doing it, it will be easier.

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Fast Way to Type Accented Characters on a Mac Keyboard

Fast Way to Type Accented Characters on a Mac Keyboard

On the latest Mac operating system and synced keyboards, you have to use a sustained keypress. Let’s start with an example. If you press the letter ‘e’, you will get a pop up after holding it for a few moments stating which accents are available on that letter or character.

Now press and hold a letter or the character you want to accent and keep it holding until the accent menu pops up.

Now select the character using your mouse or press the correspondent number mentioned below the accent.

You can exit the accent menu hitting the Escape key on the Macbook keyboard.

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This accent panel is similar to the Emoji typing ability available on Mac. It is accessible from anywhere, you can avail it for entering text on different pages, Microsoft Office, text editing software, browser or on different social media or anywhere else where you need to type.

If you do not get this submenu it indicates your system software is an old version or not updated or you have disabled the accent menu. You have to work here to get it back.

You Can Use Character Viewer

Use Character Viewer:

There is another Mac operating system feature that you can use for letter accents. It is the Character Viewer. You have multiple ways to use this feature.

Open it from the menu bar. The application you are working on, you will get Edit and Emojis & Symbols there. Select it.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts. Click on Control, Command, and Spacebar altogether.

It will open the character viewer. Now select Latin from the left side and go to the Accented Latin Characters scrolling down.

Now select the letter you want and hold and drag it to the place you want it.

You will find accented letter options along with the upper and lower case. Also, see related Characters at the right. You can add those if you think these belong to the Favorite section.

A Few Options For Typing Diacritical Marks and Accents

  • ó – Acute Hold the Option and then press ‘e’ and type the letter you want for your accent.
  • ò – Grave: Hold the Option and press “`”, now type the intended letter, like ù
  • ô – Circumflex: Hold the Option and press “i”, now type the intended letter, like ô
  • ñ – Hold the Option and press “n”, now type an intended letter, like ñ
  • ö – Trema: Hold the Option and press “u”, now type an intended letter, like ë
  • ç – Cedilla: Hold the option and press “c”, like ç or Ç
  • ø – Hold the option and press “o”, like ø or Ø
  • å Å – Hold the option and press s “a”, like å or Å
  • Æ – AE Ligature: Hold the option and press “‘” like æ Æ
  • œ – OE Ligature: Hold the option and press “q”, like œ or Œ
  • ¿ – Hold the Option and press “?” like ¿
  • ¡ – Hold the Option and press “1”, like ¡

Option Key Combination

Option Key Combination ON MAC

You can also Option key for Typing Accents on Mac Keyboard. You can hold the Option key down and then press your letter. It will enter different characters to the document you are typing. For example, you can type Option-P for symbol Pi, Option-R for the trademark logo, etc.

You will get the full list on your keyboard viewer. There are multiple ways to activate it. The most convenient way is using the Apple Logo in the available menu that opens from System Preferences. Choose the keyboard icon. In the keyboard tab, check the menu stating, ‘Show keyboard and emoji viewers in the menu bar.’

Now you will get a new menu bar mentioning the menu bar. Click on the icon next to Show Keyboard Viewer.

Now you will see the typical keyboard and this virtual one will react with your physical keyboard.

Hold the Option key, it will show all the symbols.

And it is done.


These are the simplest methods available for Typing Accents on Mac Keyboard. Make sure you are using the latest software versions before getting your hands on it. Now choose your favorite method.

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