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Don’t Let Robocalls Disturb You: 5 Tips To Stop Spam Calls


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Does it sound a good deal to listen to the scammy robocall waking you up halfway from a power nap?

Pity that we all have become used to it and let these robocalls harass us every day & all day long in our actual work.

However, that’s perfectly fine to feel throwing away your smartphone after cutting the line. But make sure you don’t regret it later because there are better options available to stop these unwanted robocalls and keep holding on to whatever incredible you were doing.

How to Stop Getting Annoyed By Robocalls:-

Getting Annoyed By Robocalls

Perhaps, our everyday call history would be loaded with at least one robocall, and we’d certainly have been annoyed by it once a day.

According to one report in the year 2018, there were a total of 26.3 billion calls stricken to us, and as per their increasing frequency, the numbers would be terrible in the upcoming years.

But to everyone who is sick and tired of this thing and craves to stop taking them on their smartphones, these points are just for you to prevent them as well as stop letting them disturb you ever again.

Block Numbers Individually:-

Block Numbers Individually

Once you get to know of a specific number spamming your phone frequently, you can block it from your phone history’s directory. Blocking numbers is like the process of making duck-soup both on Android and iPhone devices, going through a few tap options.

In an Android device, open the call app and go into the recent section and long-press the spam caller and block it directly by selecting the block/report option to not see it ever again in your phone.

For iPhones, you need to do the same by opening the phone app and pressing the globular information bar placed on the right side of the number. Tapping on it will lead you to another bar in which you’ll have to choose the option of blocking the caller.

However, blocking each new number you get individually might not make sense to its prevention as it works the best when you’re getting calls from only a couple of IDs. Otherwise, you’ll keep blocking each number, and they’ll keep coming up from different IDs.

Use Carrier Service Tools:-

T-Mobile,AT&T, Sprint, Verizon

Taking help from your career service is another good option to block unwanted calls and messages. The leading four carriers have occupied tools to identify and prevent spamming numbers from stopping reaching them to your network. Although most of the tools are paid, yet free versions can be used with limited features.


T-Mobile users can get through any of two ways to stop getting robocalls on their phones. Either use its Scam ID, which works to recognize spam numbers at the moment of ringing your phone automatically.

The second is Scam Block, which identifies spam numbers and robocalls and gives you an option to block them manually. Any of these free services can be activated by dialing #662# on a T-mobile phone. To deactivate the same, you can dial #632#.

Another T-Mobile tool is paid cited as “Name ID”, which costs around $4 a month to identify the callers and provide their name, organization, location, and other related information.


AT&T has incorporated an app called “AT&T Call Protect” for both Android and iOS smartphones. The free app has featured automatic scam call blocking and suspected spam alert through which you can manually block superfluous calls.

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Sprint users can register for the “Premium Caller ID” service to combat robocalls and other such spammy caller IDs. The paid service worth $3 a month supports your carrier network by providing a threat level indicator that alerts users about suspiciousness of robocalls.

However, the premium plan doesn’t automatically stop spam calls. But you can manually block or report them based on the threat level it indicates.

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Verizon has recently introduced a free service to stop spam calls, which used to be a premium one as “Caller Filter” for $2.99 per month. It claims to detect around 300 billion spam calls and scam IDs that would have been blocked by its free call-blocking tools.

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Third-Party Apps Identify Suspected Robocalls and Chain IDs:-

Third-Party Apps Identify Suspected Robocalls and Chain IDs

Using third-party apps is the best way to block robocalls and chains of similar numbers, hitting your smartphone every day. The apps available are getting updated continuously by developers who detect the caller IDs and stop spam and other such robocalls, both automatically and manually.



When you install the Truecaller app and register yourself into it, you’ll be able to find information regarding unknown numbers. You can copy the number and paste it into its search bar to know who is behind the call. Truecaller has made spam-list surveying over 250 million users by which you can reject scammy robocalls.

Also, you can stop spam calls as whenever a robocall strikes on your phone; it will alert with appearing in red theme to inform you that it’s a spam call. The app is available for both Android and iPhones and has a premium version that can be activated for $1.99 per month.



Nomorobo is another spam-blocking app available for iPhone and Android, which helps to combat robocalls and telemarketers. It detects an unknown caller when your phone rings and automatically blocks it if the number is in the app’s robocall list.

However, Nomorobo doesn’t provide this free of cost at all, but you can certainly use it on a 30-days trial base, and then with $1.99 per month, the plan can be continued. You can sign up for Nomorobo by providing basic information such as the type of phone (wireless or telephone) and carrier services.

Hiya – Caller ID & Block:


Hiya Caller ID & Block is another excellent app to detect and block suspected robocall users & text messages. The app is free for both Android and iPhone devices and works on no-ad interference, so it is convenient to use. It has features to let you block spam calls and blacklist numbers as well as text messages too.

Turn On Do Not Disturb On Your Phone:-

Turn On Do Not Disturb On Your Phone

Setting your phone on do not disturb will automatically reject calls that are not on your contact list. It’s the best option to stay away from robocalls, telemarketing calls, and stop spam calls. Do Not Disturb is an in-built feature found in both Android and iPhone gadgets.

Make sure with Do Not Disturb enabling, you’ll also miss out on some official calls, but at least they would be left with the option of a voice message. When too many robocalls are spamming your phone, holding on to the Do Not Disturb feature is such a great way to stop getting annoyed by unwanted calls.

On Android devices, the Do Not Disturb feature can be turned on from the navigation bar. You can go further to customize it from getting into the Sound option in Settings Menu of your phone.

Apple has provided Do Not Disturb in the control center, which appears in the icon of a half-moon. It can be customized to more by going into the phone Settings. Choose the relative customization from options, and your phone will block unwanted calls.

Register Your Phone in National Do Not Call Registry:-

Register Your Phone in National Do Not Call Registry

Applying for Do Not Call is the ultimate option to put stop spam calls and telemarketing calls.

Natives were excited when FTC (Federal Trade Commission) first introduced Do Not Call and ensured users to register their phones to stop receiving robocalls. According to the rules of Do Not Call registry, it’s illegal for telemarketers to call you if you’re enrolled.

However, rules have been ignored and also not followed all the time. But adding your phone into the registry can make you assured for a rare number of robocalls if still not the end at all. You can register for Do Not Call by going to and putting on your cell phone or telephone number.

The simple way to register your phone is through dialing 1-888-382-1222 with the number you want on the list. But your enrollment into the registry can’t just take you off from the lists of telemarketers immediately; it can take up to 31 days as per FTC’s feedback to every application.


The fairest thing you could do to stop getting annoyed by robocalls and telemarketing calls is to stop giving a shit about them. If an unknown number shows up on your phone’s screen, why would you care to answer it? If someone would be stuck around and need help from you or someone has got a crucial thing for you, let them leave you a voice message or text message.

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