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Google Maps Not Working on iPhone? Here’s How to Fix it [ALL Solutions]

Google Maps Not Working: Gone are the days where you had to ask for a location to people before going to a new place. This app may have made navigation super easy, going to a new location is no more trouble.

Google maps are the most compatible navigation app, no matter what device you searching for location is very convenient with this app. 

Complete Guide to Fix Google Maps Not Working 

If we talk about iPhones, Google maps were used as default navigation app by Apple till 2012. After that iMap was launched for Apple users but even them Many people choose google maps even for their Apple devices because of its compatibility.

maps not working

Though it’s the best navigation map so far it can still stop to work due to an issue. If you are facing any kind of issue with your Google Maps Not Working like audio problems, audio delays, GPS problems, or the app could just be crashing we have showcased some troubleshooting solutions for you.

Wondering what is causing your Google Maps Not Working? It could be anything firstly maybe the app itself such as change made int he setting or the network is not strong enough to support google map.

Your app can also suffer software bugs. In order to resolve any such problem keep trying troubleshooting methods mentioned below. Let’s Get started

Allow Location Access for Google Map

Before you start using a Google Maps application on your iPhone make sure you have granted the location access to the app. Your app may be not responding because you have not given it location access or you have change settings that are altering GPS on your mobile phone.

Allow location

Every app asks for relevant permission like accessing your location or calls. They will not gain access automatically until you press the apply button. So when you download google map on your mobile phone you have to allow it to use your phone’s location and also turn your phone’s GPS on.

To allow location services go through the following steps

Step1: Go to the Settings app
Step2: Scroll down to privacy
Step3: Go to ‘Location Services’
Step4: Toggle on ‘Location Services’, 

This will show you all the apps which are using your phone’s location, also you see the apps saying ‘While using’ or ‘Always’. The indication means that the location is used while the App is used or it is always used even when the app is not open.

Google maps should be on the list if you have granted the access. After you have granted the location app Go back to the app and see if the GPS functioning correctly or not.

Restart your Device

Restarting is the simplest way to troubleshoot any mobile or app issue on your phone. Restarting phone gives your phone a fresh start. There are many ways to Turn on your iPhone on of then is the below one:

Restart your device

Step1: Go to your phone’s “Settings”
Step2: Choose “General”
Step3: Scroll Down
Step4: Tap the “Shut Down” Option

Toggle Airplane Mode and WI-FI on & off

Google maps works when your GPS is on and if GPS is not responding google map will also stop working. Altering some setting would help to troubleshoot this solution. Turn on and your wi-fi and airplane mode to start back the GPS and Google Map.

toggle airplane mode

To turn WI-FI on and off

Step1: Go to Settings or swipe up on the home screen to bring up the control panel.

Step2: Tap on the WI-FI button

Step3: Toggle it on then off

To toggle Airplane Mode off and on

Step1: From the Settings app, scroll down to Airplane Mode, or swipe up on the home screen to bring up the control panel.

Step2: Then, toggle it on and off

After you tried altering these settings open your google map again and check if it’s working or not.

Update the Operating System on your iPhone

Updating your device can resolve many bugs in your phone alone, from small to big. If the reason behind Google’s not responding is the software bug, There’s a chance that Apple has resolved it in their new update. So if there is a new update make sure you update your iPhone.

Update iOS

Here is how you can update your iPhone or iPad

Step1: Head to settings
Step2: Navigate to general and then click “software update“
Step3: Now go ahead and hit “Download and install” and it will install

You would be having a GPS problem often if you are using a much older version of iOS. That’s why you need an update and before you begin with the update make sure you first backup your device apple device.

After your system is updated keep your wifi on and GPS on and start the google map and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Update Google Maps

If the bug is the Google map itself, it can be resolved by an app update. Updates are mainly added to clear off bugs or for the addition of new features. If Google map is causing you trouble, try updating it with the latest version. Open the app store and check if there is a new update available. 

update google maps

Go through the following steps to update Google Maps 

Step1: Go to the App Store
Step2: Tap on the Update button at the bottom
Step3: Locate Google Maps then tap on update on the right of it

Once the app updates, go back to it and see if the app is running smoothly again. Your GPS should be working properly once you’ve completed the steps above.

Reset Network Settings

If the problem is with your network, resetting network setting can help you. Resetting network settings will clear all your network data such as wifi password. So make sure you note down your password if  you don’t remember it

reset network setting

Here is how you can reset your network settings

Step1: Go to Settings
Step2: General
Step3: Scroll down and tap Reset
Step4: And tap Reset Network Settings

Clear the Cache Of App

Another reason for your app to not work can be corrupted cache file. Cache data is installed on your phone so that your phone doesn’t need to load the same data every time the app is open. In some rare cases, a corrupted cache file can also enter to your phone sometimes so to remove such issue uninstall the app and install it back again.

This can be done by uninstalling the app. If there is a bug lurking within Google Maps, clearing the cache may clear up the bug, allowing your GPS to work. Uninstall the app and install it back again and give your application a boost restart.

Step1: To uninstall Google map. Tap and hold the app until it starts to wiggle. X symbol will appear on the top corner of the app, tap on it and confirm your deletion.

Step2: Go to the app store and install google map again, launch the application back and check if it is working.

After deleting the application, you can go back to the App Store and install the app again. Doing this will refresh the app and clear up any bugs within the app that’s stopping your GPS from working correctly. Doing this should definitely fix your issues.


We hope these methods were useful to you when you found google map not working on your iPhone. Also, let us know which method you tried and worked for you. If you have any queries related to this pitch us in the comment section below. 

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