Voicemail Not Working on iPhone? Best Method to Fix

Earlier, there was a time when people used to use voicemail a lot but now it seems to have lost its popularity. Though it is still the most useful feature as it allows you to receive voice messages when you are not available for a phone call. In case your voicemail not working on iPhone, just check on these ways that will help you fix the problem instantly.

Ways to Fix iPhone Voicemail not Working Issue

There are possible chances of voicemail not working for certain reasons, but don’t worry as there are various solutions to make it work.

1. Verification of the Voicemail Set Up on Your iPhone

Before proceeding to fix the voicemail issue, first, check whether it is set up in your phone or not. There are probable chances of certain iOS updates changing or resetting the configuration settings on your device. 

These interruptions might cause new problems with the voicemail set up on your device. So, before moving forward with the fixed issue, unlock your phone and check the voicemail tab to be sure whether the voicemail has been set up or not. 

change voicemail password

Apart from this, you can also tap on your phone’s settings and see if the change voicemail password option is visible to you or not.

2. Make a Direct Call to Voicemail

call to voicemail

This one is quite very simple as first you need to unlock your device then open the keypad of your phone and long press any number for a few seconds. If the call gets connected to your c then you can check your voicemails right there.

3.Force Stop and Then Try to Reopen Your Phone Application

First, you need to force stop or close your phone and then swipe up till you see all your apps in the task menu. Now swipe up for the second time on the phone if you are an iPhone X user then you will have to relaunch the app. 

This might fix your issue completely. Now for iPhone 8, you will have to double press the home button and then swipe up on the phone. Here, you will notice all your app cards opened. Now just relaunch the app as usual and your voicemail will start functioning again. 

4.Check by Disabling Your Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

Disabling Your Wifi on Your iPhone

Another successful way of fixing your voicemail issue is by temporarily disabling your Wi-Fi on your phone. Give it a shot! In order to turn off your Wi-Fi, you first need to go to the control center on your device and then tap on the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off. Now you can try using your voicemail to check if it’s fixed or not. In most cases, the issue doesn’t persist. 

Another alternative is by moving forth to your phone settings and then to the WIFI option to turn it off. Now you will be good to go.

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5.Try Resetting the Date and Time on Your iPhone

Resetting the Date and Time on Your iPhone

This method works for most of the users and is also highly recommended among all other alternatives. You need to let your device automatically set up the time to ensure that your time zone and similar settings are correct. 

If you haven’t set the date and time to automatic then do it right away without any further delay. In order to do that, you need to go to Settings on your device and tap on the general option to discover the date and time option. 

After tapping on that option you need to set it to automatic right from there and then try using your voicemail. 

6.Try Turning Your Mobile Data On and Off

Probably the easiest way to fix the voicemail issue would be this one. You just need to turn on your cellular service from settings or the control panel on your device. In order to do the same, you need to go to settings then tap on the cellular data option and turn it off. 

Mobile Data On and Off

Other than this method, you can also directly go to the control panel and then turn the mobile data off. Wait for 30 seconds after that, turn it on again and get your voicemail fixed instantly. 

7.Ensure that Call Forwarding is Closed for  how to Fix voicemail

Many users have the call forwarding option already set up on their phones and this might cause the voicemail to malfunction at times. 

A simple way to conquer this problem is by checking if the call forwarding is on or not. If it’s on then you should turn it off right away. In order to turn it off, you need to move to Settings then tap on the phone option. As soon as you tap on it you will discover a call forwarding option available, you just need to turn it off.

You just need to disable that option to avoid the malfunctioning of voicemail on your device. 

8.You Can Also Try Resetting Your Network Settings to Fix this Issue

If none of the above options helps you fix your problem then this will surely get your issue fixed completely. If nothing can help then it’s better to reset your entire network settings. Don’t worry, it won’t delete any of your valuable or stored data but will surely fix the issue. 


In order to reset your network settings, you need to go to settings then general and then tap on the Reset option. Now tap on reset network settings and a pop-up window will ask for your password. 

Enter your password to reset your entire network settings. This will surely fix your voicemail issue.

9.Check Carrier Settings Update if Any and Then Install It

The carrier settings update might also be the reason behind voicemail not working on your device. If you haven’t updated your device with the latest iOS version update then it is sure to work in a disrupted way. 

Update latest iOS versions

To fix this, open your Settings then go to general and then about. If you notice any new updates just update them right away. As soon as the device gets updated, the voicemail issue occurring will get fixed automatically. 

10. Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off 

airplane mode on

Switching Airplane mode on and then off might also fix your issue because it refreshes your network completely. There are two ways to toggle Airplane mode: one is by directly doing it from the control center and the second one is by doing it from the settings. 

For the control center, you just need to tap on the Airplane mode icon to turn it off and then wait for a minimum of thirty seconds to turn it on. This is likely to fix the issue of your voicemail not working at all. 

For the settings, you need to go to settings and then Airplane mode. Now turn it off and then turn it on after thirty seconds. And there you go. It’s fixed! Now you can use your voicemail.

11. Try Restarting Your Device to Fix This Problem

No, it’s not a big deal at all because you just need to turn off your iphone and then turn it on after some time. You must be wondering if it is for any good or is it just a mere joke. It actually works and that too in a very good way when it comes to fixing any issue on your device. 

When it comes to voicemail issues, it’s highly recommended to restart your iPhone to fix the issue very smoothly.


All the above methods are likely to fix your problem very conveniently. Just in case, all these methods don’t work then you should directly fix an appointment at the nearest Apple store. You can also contact Apple support as your last option if all the above options don’t yield any positive results. You can contact the Apple store both online or by fixing appointments, the choice is yours. 

The above methods were certain solutions to fix your voicemail not working on your iPhone. But there might be chances that it stopped working due to valid reasons or some problem with your device. 

In that case, the only alternative that is left out is to contact your nearest Apple store in order to get it fixed.

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