How to Detect & Remove a Virus or Malware & Restore Your Phone

Remove a Virus or Malware

Can iPhones Get Viruses? How to Detect & Remove

How to Detect & Remove a Virus: Many people believe that there iPhone is protected against virus or malware. However, it is not the case. Though uncommon, even your iPhone can get affected by viruses and malware. It is in your best interest to protect the device from any such intrusion.

What is a virus or malware?

Though malware and virus are often interchangeably used, they are not the same thing. Virus is just one type of malware. And thus, malware can be an intrusion on your phone which is causing harm to the device. They can steal your information, damage your phone and make the phone dysfunctional.

Malware virus

In order to protect your iPhone, take the following steps.

  • Avoid jailbreaking

    If you take the risk of downloading an App not supported by the Apple ecosystem, you must understand that it comes with its share of the risk of bringing in virus and malware to your device. Sometimes it might be a pleasant experience to venture out of the Apple ecosystem but the danger is real. Always make sure before downloading the App in question. Read its reviews and look for clues on its authenticity. Apple is very strict with standard and a good, harmless App may also not be able to make it to there specific requirement.

  • Postponing updates

    We all love to procrastinate! But this might cost you a lot more. Keeping your iPhone updated will ensure the virus are at bay from your device. The updates are important as they incorporate the latest technology in your phone or device for its best performance. Delaying updates as you might doubt your comfort quotient with the new version is not a sensible thing to do.

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  • Purchase exclusively thorough Apple App store

    There might be many lucrative Apps that are not supported or available on the Apple App Store. Staying away from them might be the best decision for your iPhone. As Apple does not find them to be trustworthy they have not featured those Apps on the App store. Making any purchase not supported by the Apple App store is quite risky. You must trust to a great extent the App you are wishing to buy.

  • Do not open suspicious pop-ups

    It is a good idea to not open a pop-up that is suspicious and completely unnecessary.

    suspicious pop-ups


  • Do not respond to emails and robocalls

    Scammers make robocalls and send emails to extract data to tap your personal info. Do not answer to such calls or reply to them through emails.

How to understand if the iPhone has a virus?

There are few clear tale-tale signs that can indicate the presence of a virus on the phone. Let us go through the signs and symptoms.

  • Pop-ups – There is an option in the Settings section to block pop-ups. In case you have blocked them and still they keep making appearances then there is a chance that your iPhone has some kind of virus or malware.
  • Crashing apps – In case you are undergoing crashing of one or more Apps very frequently then there is a possibility that your phone has been infected with some kind of virus. You can uninstall and reinstall the App to now for certain that the problem is related to a virus.
  • Increased data usage – Even if you are not using your device that much and you notice a sudden surge in data activity then your device can have some virus present on it. It is a good indication of malware presence.

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To remove malware from the iPhone try the following options.

Reset your iPhone

  • To reset your iPhone from settings go to general and click on it.
  • Select Reset which can be found at the end of the page
  • Select the Erase all content and settings optionerase content and settings

This process can be done through iCloud. Following the reset, you must restore with the help of backup to make your phone functional again for you.

Restore with the help of iTunes backup

For this method, you will need a computer and a USB.

connect with itunes

  • Connect the USB with the computer

  • iTunes should automatically launch, in case it doesn’t, locate it on the screen and click on it

  • Now you will have the Restore iPhone option

The restoration does not take a long time but it might take several minutes. You must update your device after erasing all content. Make sure you have everything you need backed up properly.

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You will receive a set of instructions to complete the process. Select the most recent iTunes backup. Make sure you practice regular backup as it will help you the maximum in the restoration process. After the restoration is completed your phone will function as a new phone. While you are restoring make sure you restore from a date before the virus attacked your phone.

In order to successfully try t recollect when did you start noticing the malware or virus symptoms. Do not choose a backup from a later date after you had suspected the attack.

Take help from Apple

In case your phone is in the warranty period or you have an extended warranty, contact Apple support. Your phone will be repaired free of cost if you have not brought the damage on by causing jailbreak and the likes. Describe your problem in details and you should get the required help. The service can be charged depending on the circumstances that led to the malware attack. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before visiting Apple support.

Keep your data backed up in case there is an attack of a virus and you are required to reset the phone. The backup system is easy and convenient. It will keep your data safe and secure.

An Apple iPhone is well guarded against malware. But there are still ways as discussed above of creeping inside your phone. To keep your device safe, adopt the best practices. In case you suspect a presence, then check the symptoms. If malware is detected, follow the above guide to get rid of the malware from the iPhone.

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