Mac Disconnecting From WiFi After Sleep-wake

Mac Disconnecting From WiFi

Quite often, you might have noticed that your Mac gets disconnected from Wi-Fi after sleep-wake. And, somehow it becomes an annoying subject for you to connect Mac with the Wi-Fi after every sleep-wake. Generally, this problem occurs when your Mac is connected to another Wi-Fi network previously.

The solution is easy; however, it seeks an unconventional way to fix the issue. Firstly, you need to have Wi-Fi details including password. If you have everything required for the process, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Fix mac Disconnecting from Wi-Fi After Sleep-Wake

Step 1: Launch Open Menu on your Mac
Step2: Next up, click on the System Preference.

click on the System Preference


Step 3: Thereafter, tap on Network.

Tap on Network

Step 4:  Next, you need to tap on the Wi-Fi option which is provided on the left side of the menu.
Step5: Click on the Advanced button.
Step 6: Inside the Preferred network panel, you should click on anything.
Step7: Next up, press Command + A to get all the option selected
Step 8: Thereafter, press the [-] option to delete all Wi-Fi networks from the list.
Step9: Press Okay

Wi-Fi networks


After that, you will be redirected to the Network panel. From here, you need to add your preferred Wi-Fi network.
Step 10: Tap on Location drop-down menu, and then tap on Edit Locations.
Step 11: Then, you need to press [+] symbol to put the network location in the list. Thereafter, provide the location name and hit Done.
Step 12: At last, hit Apply and then, you can log-out from the System Preference.

As soon as your Mac recognizes the Wi-Fi network, you will be prompt to provide your Wi-Fi password. Enter the Wi-Fi password, and you are all set to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

Keep note that when you perform the above-mentioned steps to fix the Wi-Fi issue, you will lose the older data which was linked with your older Wi-Fi network. Hence, whenever you create a new Wi-Fi network, that would only mean that you are resetting your Wi-Fi settings. We hope this method must have solved the Wi-fi issue on your Mac.

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