Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2024

There are two most known operating systems for mobile phones, and without a doubt, we can say Android smartphones are most used. And Why not! It’s open-source software that is super affordable price range to suit anyone’s budget.

Smartphones have become an essential thing for everyone now, where antivirus apps also needed.

The use of Android smartphones is no more limited to calling or texting, but there is so much we can do with it. The usage phone has become more private, as it contains a lot of our personal information. There are several important files and personal pictures that we store on your phone.

Which is the Best Antivirus Apps for Android?

So it’s maintaining phones’ privacy is a must thing to do. In order to protect your mobile phone data leaks, you can install Antivirus on your Android phone for data protection. We have listed some best antivirus apps this year, free to install and easy to operate. So let’s get started!

Avast Mobile SecurityAvast Mobile Security

Avast is a big name among antivirus apps. There are two versions of this app, you can either use the free version or buy a premium plan for extra benefits. With the free version, you will be able to block calls and spam messages that are bothersome.

With the anti-theft feature, lets you lock your phone when it gets missing, you can do so by logging into your Avast account from any device. 

The premium version of the Avast app features VPN that hides all your online activity. You can even lock some apps with a PIN.

Also, save all your passwords and credentials in one place with a Password manager that only opens with a pin or password. You can shield all private phone contents like messages, photos, and videos. 

Price: Premium version will cost you $24.

Bitdefender Antivirus FreeBitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus is lightweight so it will not load up your phone’s memory. It protects your Android devices for several kinds of threats such as Malware attacks and alerts you about vicious websites with integrated VPN when you browse it.

Bitdefender has super-fast scanning ability thanks to in-the-cloud scanning technology.

It saves your phone’s battery with power management features and avoids slowing down of phone. You can also connect Bitdefender to your Android smartwatches and have reminders to collect your phone, this way you will avoid losing your phone.

To use high-end features of the app such as account privacy, Anti-theft, App locking, web security, you have to go for the upgraded version.

Price: you can buy its premium version for $15

Norton Security & Antivirus appsNorton Security & Antivirus apps

The free version of Norton Security will surely impress you; It has Wi-fi scanning that alerts you for an insecure connection. Now you don’t have to think twice while connecting to public wifi.

It will fully scan your mobile phone and help you get rid of applications containing the virus. It guarantees 100% malware detection.

The search engine of this app is connected with Symantec’s world threat’s database, so when you search for any sites that are a threat for your device, you will be alerted.

Now for the premium version, you get lots of amazing features that will intake your security. App Advisor scans the mobile application and provides you with all details like chances of risk, battery, and data it will consume.

Alerts you about toxic wifi connection, it looks out if a Wi-Fi network is scanning your online activity which is stated with the term ‘man-in-the-middle attack.’

Norton app stops active ransomware attacks if it prevails in your device. If you lost your phone anywhere, you could delete all your phone’s content by signing into this app from another device so at least your data remains secure.

If you aren’t sure about buying the premium version you can use thirty days free trial and then make your judgment. 

Price: You can purchase this application for $15.

Kaspersky Internet Security for AndroidKaspersky Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky automatically cleans up viruses on your phone. Whatever you are doing on your phone, this app will keep a check on viruses and malware, keeping you interrupted.

This app is capable of locating your phone if it gets hidden among your stuff. You can delete all your phone private data if in case it gets lost. Also lock certain apps with pin or password, filter calls, and text messages. 

You can cover your personal messages through a password, so your nobody gets to look at your chats even your friends. When you browse the internet, unwanted links and sites would be filtered.

Online shopping being the new trend there are lots of banking apps you use for payments, securing this app is a must. With Kaspersky, you don’t have to bother about that as it keeps all your financial information protected whenever you make online payments.  

Price: Premium version available for $12 at Google Play

McAfee Mobile SecurityMcAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is loaded with security features to keep your phone from all the phishing activities. This is an award-winning app it provides Wi-fi security keeps you from unsecured public wifi.

It has battery optimizer features that keep a check on phone battery and where it is most utilized and alerts you of malware which if it’s eating the battery of your device.

You can also clear out unwanted stuff using this application making your phone cleaner and faster.

Though the app is a bit complicated to use, you get tutorials for every activity. It has an instinctive interface you can use this app along with other android wearables such as a smartwatch and fitness trackers.

The Anti-Theft feature doesn’t let anybody uninstall the application, but only you. One of the best features here is the intruder selfies. If an intruder accesses your mobile phone it gets captured through your phone’s camera and you will send the image

Price: Premium version available for $10 at Google Play


DFNDR application maintains your phone’s performance by checking for all malicious downloads and also all the activities happening in the background.

It also alerts you about apps or program that is causing battery drainage or overheating your device. You can make some space on your phone by quickly clearing out cache and junk files.

It alerts you about all the hacking activities happening and recognizes fraud activities, fake news, spams, and unwanted links in messages from text messages to Whatsapp it covers everything.

DFNDR was stated as the top antivirus apps by AV-TEST Institute. If you are OK with adds, the free version covers all the basic security features.

However, you can anytime purchase the premium version for extra protection like getting regular updates about using new features. You can lock apps by fingerprint protection so nobody can open your app’s application except you.

Price: Premium version available for $24 at Google Play.


Sophos antivirus application used a QR scanner for checking virus and malware links before connecting you to different data.

It’s a free application no premium version and the best part it comes without any advertisements. It separates messages with malware links and blocks spam calls automatically.

With this application, you get all the security features that are generally found in paid apps. You can lock apps with password, a security adviser that helps you maintain your phone’s security and suggest everyday actions to make your device more secure.

You have theft protection. It automatically blocks websites containing virus links and much more.

Price: Free app

Trend Micro Mobile Security and AntivirusTrend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus

Trend micro mobile security optimizes your phone completely and tells you which apps use most of your data and storage. With this help, you can also keep a watch on your child’s mobile phones through a parental control feature.

All the dangerous activities like phishing schemes, malware attacks, and more that is a threat to your Android phone is removed by trend micro with no time.  

Not only the phone’s content but also keeps checking for social media sites such as Facebook.

It alerts you in cases of sensitive information found on your profile page. The premium version also checks of malware before you install it in your phone and blocks it, so it doesn’t affect your phone content at all.

Price: Premium version available for $30 at Google Play

Security MasterSecurity Master

This multipurpose Antivirus app is highly rated on Google store and also has a significant number of downloads. Security Master is the newer version of the CM security App. These applications provide several security features, even in the free version.

Without paying a penny, you can get features of App locker, phone booster, notification cleaner, Cpu cooler, and Battery saver and also call blocker and more. 

You can also browse social media sites safely without worrying about any kind of malware. For premium features, you can try the paid version which includes Anti-theft alarm, extra security for messages, and notification so no one can peep into your phone.

One of the amazing features is the intruder selfie that alerts you about the intruder capturing it with the camera.

Price: Premium version available for $11per month in app purchase.

Avira Antivirus SecurityAvira Antivirus Security

Avira is known in the Antivirus software category, along with checking internal phone data; it also scans for viruses on external SD attach to your phone. This is a kind of rating to help you understand how much you rely on these apps or content.

The Identity Safeguard feature goes through the contact list to check if any of the email address in you save list are responsible for data breaches.

This app is easy to use, especially for those you use multiple Android devices as this Antivirus application is controlled through a web-based portal.

Price: Premium version available for $12 at Going App purchase

AVG antivirusAVG antivirus

A powerful antivirus app is the smaller version of Avast Antivirus software. Like the software it’s a trustworthy antivirus app that has all the basic security features including internet and wifi-security, it clears up the junk on your phone, boosts ram making your phone faster to operate and much more.

You can use the high influenced feature by a paid subscription and if you want to check what it includes go for the fourteen days free trial.

Apart from Antivirus App, there are several AVG apps available in Play which boosts Android performance. Here you get a photo vault for storing valuable photos; the dual engine Antivirus is what clears viruses and malicious contents. 

You can download apps like AVG Cleaner, AVG secure VPN, Alarm Clock Xtreme, and Gallery app available in the Play Store for free.

Price: upgraded version is only for $4.9

These were our picks for top Antivirus apps for Android devices; you can pick anyone or try free trials of different apps and see which works best for you. Do you share your app review with us in the comment section below?


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