Fortnite for Android: Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite game, which was initially made only for iOS users, is now available for Android users as well. This game for Royale is action fulfilled games popular among millions of users across the globe.

It has recorded more than 125 million app downloads, which makes it clear that millions of players love this game. If you haven’t played these games yet or don’t know how to play it on your Android devices, then you have to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Fornite Android game app.

What is the Fortnite Game?

Fortnite_Save_The_World (1)

The Action full-filled games Fortnite game is a survival game played online with multiplayer. It is an online game where hundreds of players participate in. Players play against each other, and the ultimate goal is to survive in the battle.

The one who lasts till the end of the game wins. Fortnite is a fast-paced game somewhat similar to other popular games like PUBG and Minecraft.

There is Player versus Player (PVP) combat where hundreds of players fight with each other. If you think it’s just like other survival games, then it’s true it is quite different. Unlike other survival games, you can not survive Fornite just by hiding because all the game action happens in the electrical storm.

The game starts with being on a large island like it happens its other games. In Fornite, you get the Picaxe weapon since the beginning. You can use an axe for constructing building walls, shelters and also use an as deadly weapon.

To win the game, strategizing is very important; this game features crafting and constructing. Starting with the map island and axe weapon, you have to scavenge armors, build bases, defend, and survive attacks.

How does Fortnite Game Works or Navigate?


Let’s start from the beginning! Fortnite game is free to download; it has its downloader, not available on Google’s or any other play store. You just need to create an account with Epic Games.

Creating an account on Epic games is not difficult; you can use your Google account or Facebook account for login. If not, then you can even create a new account.

At Fornite, you will be given a random Avatar every time you play this game. Players can choose from different modes like solo if you are playing individually, duo mode for two players.

The last is squad mode, where you can request your friends to join your team, and you can play together.

How does the Fortnite Game Start?

The game starts with skydiving in a battle bus and landing into an island equipped with an axe by default. The axe is the crafting element that every player gets this weapon. You can break down trees and use them for building structures that can defend you.

Make a defensive wall, stairs for climbing buildings. Climb to the watchtower and snipe your competitors by looking on the map. There are different substances in the game that you can use as a resource for construction.

These substances will depict strength; for example, wood is the least strong, brick is the middle one, and steel is strongest of all.

Once you are on that island, you have to look for weapons and ammo items nearby on land as well as buildings. While scavenging these items, you should also take care of other electrical storms and other players attacking you.

While you play, you should also be looking into your map as a storm can approach the battlefield anytime and can kill you. In this game, you are not restricted to carry two guns; the guns are color-coded, which depicts the rarity of weapons.

The most common weapons are shown in grey colors, while rare guns are in orange colors. Rare guns are the deadlier ones.

As mentioned, this game is played by hundreds of players online. While all the players on the field you have a huge field to play when players get eliminated, the gaming field gets smaller, and players are closer to each other. You will update about how players eliminate like who killed whom and with which armor.

Fortnite releases regular updates within a few months

regular updates

every new update shows a new season with new content and features. Every new update adds a new theme to the game, Fortnite is full of surprises, especially in terms of graphics and gaming zones.

Fortnite has brought ten seasons of contents that feature spooky locations, battle pass, achievements, shadow stones, and much more.

What Makes Fortnite a Popular Android Game?

Fortnite has become a popular game among kids and teenagers. So what makes this game Children’s favorite? Let’s see some Gaming features of Fortnite, which have made it children, as well as adults.

Fortnite is a competitive game

Fortnite is a survival game that means it’s competitive. It is played with hundred of players, and there could be only one winner, to win you have to defend yourself and defeat the rest of the players.

Available in squad mode

When you choose to play this game is squad mode, you can talk to all your friends by putting on the headphones and guide each other through the game.

These Elements Attract Players to Stick to the Game

Gamers also need to save themselves from the storm; these elements attract players to stick to the game. If you are playing this game in squad mode, you can talk to instruct them and more.

With each updating season, there is something new added to the game, which makes it more fun to play. In the recent seasons of Fortnite are season 9 and season x and the Season 11 is not far away.

Most Appealing Feature of the Game

The most appealing feature of the game is the graphics and the theme of the games. Fortnite features fascinating islands; the location and themes are futuristic, which makes the game more fun. All the different location in fortnite has its own rules. For example, in Gotham City, you have access to use your parachute anytime.

Explore Locations

When you explore locations, you will come across a dormant volcano that turns into the power plant. There is an ancient city inside the dense jungle, and more many platforms are floating in the air. Fortnite theme is an explosion of imaginations and ideas; there are ten seasons of Fornite. Each season update, the Fortnite island grows dense, layered the precise virtual reality.

About New Season

One of the areas in Fortnite is transformed into the alien world of Pandora, showcasing a new art. If you have played earlier season, you must be knowing about Wild West of Tilted city. This city is now turned to Gotham City at the time of the 80th Batman anniversary.

As mentioned before, all these zones have there own set of rules. In Gotham City, you get Batman cowl the ability to redeploy while in Pandora, your shield is automatically generated in the zone.

Elements of The Earlier Versions

Fortnite has not lost gaming elements of the earlier version. Few fun elements of the earlier versions can still be found at different locations like the player can disguise themselves and turn themselves into props into objects like chairs and garbage bags etc. There is a hotel on a small island that floats across the map.

When we talk about fun elements in the game, there is a food-themed area where the character dance for tacos. Gaming characters can perform several dance moves when you use the remote feature. Enjoy your move while you play or are in the Schoolyard.

With all these characteristics, the game is so popular among gamers. Along with the gaming elements, another factor for its stardom is social media influence. Fortnite comes on top lists of most viewed games in youtube history.

Fortnite is also much viewed in the game streaming platforms like Twitch. Popular Gamers and influencers put their played games on youtube to showcase their game skills. They also make tutorials for playing this game and using new updates and features.

How To Download The Game?

Download The Game fortnight

Fortnite is released by Epic Games, and for Android users, they have their own downloader. The game is not available on the Google Play store. To play Fortnite on your Android Phone, you will have to download the APK file from the Epic Games website.

If you own a Samsung mobile phones, there is a chance that Fortnite is available on the Galaxy store. Epic and Samsung have made a deal that makes Fortnite game available for many Samsung Galaxy devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note, S7, TAb S3 and S4, Galaxy S9, and S9+. You can download Fortnite game with a 4Mb installer in any of these Samsung mobile handsets.

For a non-Samsung phone, you will have to visit Epic’s website, where you have to sign in with your email address and password.

Are there any disadvantages to Playing Fortnite?

With all the fun-filled gaming experience, one thing to worry about is the addictiveness of the game. Fortnite game is undoubtedly a game that makes you stick to your mobile phone for a long time.

This addiction might not be seen in adults as they are bound to work, but it could problems for students and point of concern to parents.

Children might find it hard to let go of this game as it was immersive. If gamers won a match or achieve a high level, it becomes more sticking to the game. This game showcase 12+ age PEGI ratings; however, when creating an account, you will not be asked about mentioning your age.

Fortnite has Integrated with Google and Facebook

some people add other online gamers to social media platforms. Adding unknown gamers on social media is not a good idea, so it’s better to avoid that.

Fortnite Includes a Private Chat Feature

Private Chat Feature

the default setting lets other online gamers add you as a friend. It’s an online game, so players play it all across the world, and you have no idea about their real name or age. Everything is anonymous.

Gamers here are not bound to any language restriction, so some players use abusive language while playing or chatting. So to avoid risk, you should take extra care when talking to unknown gamers.

Few optional in-app purchases are in the app, which is not mandatory for play but can be an added advantage to your game. To make such purchase parent permission is required if you are a teenager for payment; otherwise, you would be out of the game.

Read all the terms and conditions of the game before you start the game.

Here is the Term and Condition Statement of Fortnite

Their terms and conditions state “When you provide payment information to Epic or its authorized processor, you represent that you are an authorized user of the payment card, PIN, key, account or other payment method specified by you, and you authorize Epic to charge such payment method for the full amount of the transaction.”

Point of Suggestion for Children and Parents

If you know that your child is playing Fortnite on Xbox One or Playstation 4, there is good news for you. You can use parental controls and restrict the time of the game playing of your child if you think he or she is gaming too much.

There are also other options of setting as well as play modes that can let safe gaming. Like you can choose to play Fortnite with your group of friends that you know already instead of teaming up with unknown gamers. Mute the audio of the game when your child is playing solo so he or she need not talk to other people through the whole game.

Privacy Settings

Epic Games do provide privacy settings for the gamer’s account. By default, Friends requests are Public, but you have the option to change it and make it Friends or Private.

Asking your child to leave the game in the middle can be a problem and lead tension; instead of doing that, it gives your child time managing responsibility.

One single game can last about 15 to 20 minutes on average, and if gamers are killed early game can even be completed within a minute or two. Ask your child how many games he would be playing and estimate gaming time. When the time duration stops, ask them to quit the game.

Fortnite can be Very Enduring and Consume lots of Your child’s Time


Such games like Fortnite can be very enduring and consume lots of your child’s time. In order to remove your child’s attention from the game and bring it to present, ask your child a few questions related to the games first.

You can ask what about this game or what he/she is doing and where are they in-game sort of questions. This can be a helpful step to bring out your child to the real world from virtual reality.

Talk to your teens about precautions to be taken care of while they talk to the unknown person online. Tell them that they should not mention any kind of personal information to strangers. They should also avoid talking on any social media platforms as they can showcase several kinds of personal information.

These are some basic things you should take care of when your child is playing any kind of online game. Make a fix time duration for your child so he or she doesn’t get lost in the virtual reality, as playing too many games can affect your child’s mental as well as physical health.

Privacy and Security

Fortnite is a platform where hundreds of unknown gamers play the game together; however, there is nothing to worry about as you can take your account privacy. You have the option of becoming friends with unknown gamers, but you also have the option to receive or delete friend requests by altering the setting.

When you come across with other gamers on Fortnite, you have three options. You can select Whisper for private messaging or else unfriend the person and even block if you find him/her creepy. Any player can report a player while they play the game.

To report, click on the player and select the report option. A feedback option will appear to you, fill or select the details, and press the send button. Any users who don’t follow the terms and conditions of the game are a blocker for the game.


That’s it, Folks! This was all about Fortnite game on Android phones you should know. You can play Fortnite game on many platforms, but the mobile addition and now the Android edition make the game more fun to play.

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