12 Best Buffer Alternatives for 2024

Buffer Alternatives

Social media management has gained much importance over the period. It helps a business to gain exposure among the audience. Digital marketing experts always take the support of different tools to track the social media activities of a business-related profile. Buffer is one of the leading social media management tools used by social media managers. 

Buffer Alternatives

However, it has a few drawbacks as the users have to give hefty charges for the three Buffer apps that execute monitoring, publishing, and reporting for a social media profile. Moreover, users face problems as the Buffer tool lacks many features that can ease the work for social media managers. 

Here are the leading alternative tools of Buffer. You can go through the advantages and a few drawbacks of the alternative tools of Buffer. 

1. MeetEdger


MeetEdger is a prominent alternative tool to Buffer as it allows the users to enjoy some unique features. It can auto-schedule social media posts once the user has set the categories properly. This is possible as MeetEdger comes with its content-calendar with self-scheduling ability.

If you have a small in-house team that can share a password or username while managing social media profiles, MeetEdger can be the best tool. Some drawbacks of the MeetEdger tool are the absence of analytics tools and the inability to support more than 25 social media profiles. 

MeetEdger charges around $49 monthly. It is affordable and ideal for freelancers. 

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The primary benefit a user can enjoy using CoSchedule is getting access to its exciting features. Although a user has to pay charges ranging from $80 to $1400 according to the packages of CoSchedule, social media management and marketing gets easier for the user to handle. 

Apart from integrating with several social networks, it can work with different email marketing platforms. Moreover, you can track the reach of blogs and check the market essentials with the help of Co-Schedule. 

The only thing you have to check is the hidden charge that is levied by CoSchedule for its academy. Otherwise, it can be a convenient alternative for Buffer and is suitable for small and medium-sized marketing teams.


Fanbooster tool

Fanbooster’s tool for social media management is quite famous as many business organisations execute marketing tasks with its support. Several features make Fanbooster the most preferred social media management tool. 

Like many other tools, Fanbooster comes with the feature of smart-scheduling. Moreover, you can execute the tasks related to analytics and trace the brand mentions easily. You can get a chance to check the private messages and reviews of the social media place on one specific page. 

Furthermore, Fanbooster comes with Canva integration. It helps the marketing experts to create content for a social media page. The in-depth reports that Fanbooster gives the users help a business or person decide the strategies for business and further audience exposure in the future. 

Monthly packages of Fanbooster ranges between $49 to $200. The initial tenure of 14 days is considered the trial period by the company. Both big and small marketing teams of agencies and businesses can use the Fanbooster tool.

4. Oktopost


Oktopost can be another suitable social media management tool for small businesses as it comprises all the necessary features. Apart from the automated scheduling ability, it can track and report multiple social networking platforms.

A unique feature of Oktopost is the presence of sweepstakes that helps the proprietor to organise giveaways from social media sites. 

However, you have to contact the Oktopost for the charges as it is not mentioned on their official site. You can directly call the concerned person from the company to know the charges. 

5. HootSuite


Many internet marketing experts prefer Hootsuite as an efficient alternative for Buffer. The main reason being the presence of several features. 

Apart from the standard features like analytics and scheduling tools, HootSuite is compatible with 35 leading social media platforms. So, as an expert using Hootsuite, you have higher chances to get projects from the clients and enhance your income. 

However, it lacks the reporting feature. On the other hand, cheap package rates allow freelancers, small marketing teams, and businesses to use HootSuite. The introductory price of the Hootsuite tool is $29, and the advanced one at $599 monthly. 

The best you can do is use HootSuite for the whole trial period of 14 days and go for a change if the futures are not satisfactory. 

6. SpecialOomph


If you are a social media marketing executive looking for a suitable tool for a project where the client is more active on Twitter, SpecialOomph can be your best pick. The SpecialOomph tool can help you convert emails to tweets and help you to purge DMs and delete tweets whenever needed. 

Although the SpecialoOmph tool works best with Twitter, it comes with limited features for other social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook. The best attribute of SpecialOomph is its package price. A user has to only spare $6.97 to $17.9 monthly to get the SpecialOomph packages. 

7. Sprinklr


You can choose Sprinklr as the alternative to Buffer as it can act as a complete support system for social media marketing. Apart from the necessary packages, Sprinklr comes with unique features like content marketing, social advertising, and customer support. 

Sprinklr can be the best for enterprises having experienced marketing teams. Several digital marketing experts can work on Sprinklr; however, to get the packages, you will need to contact the team directly. 

There is no information about the packages and charges on their official website, but you can find their email ID and other contact details. 

8. Loomly


If you have just started a business and desire to get the audience attention on a tight budget, Loomly is a convenient tool you can rely on as a Buffer alternative. Besides all primary features, Loomly can give the internet marketing experts a chance to access features like an idea generator, post customisation, calendar creator for content. 

The downside of Loomly is its inability to work with Google My Business. It also lacks a search tool. However, you can overlook the drawbacks as it offers cheap packages that start from just $10 per month and range up to $300.

The entry-level business organisations and freelancers can use the Looomly app. To get the subscription, you can visit their official website. 

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a sleek social media management and marketing tool made in an enterprise-friendly way. The best thing about the Sprout Social tool is that it can collaborate with different platforms. 

Experts can easily extract the reports from the Sprout Social tool as it efficiently monitors the social media activities of a business-related page.

As per the package costs, small companies can hardly afford the price as it starts from $99 monthly. However, large enterprises are more likely to use the Sprout Social tool. The highest costing package from Sprout Social can cost around $249. 

10. Every Post 

Every Post 

If a business is more active on Facebook and Twitter, it can more likely use the Every Post tool for social media management. If you are an expert, consider Every Post as a user-friendly and supportive tool that can allow you to execute several jobs with ease. 

It has all features of a social media management tool apart from the reporting and analytics abilities. The package prices of Every Post are remarkably low that starts from just $9 monthly charges. 

Technological conveniences like the app and browser extensions make Every Post a freelancer-friendly tool.

11. Agorapulse 


If you are planning to take the Agorapulse Package replacing the Buffer tool, remember that the charges of Agorapulse are high. However, you can enjoy some more features in the Agorapulse package. 

The base plan of Agorapulse comes in the rate of $49, and the top package costs $299. There is a 14-day trial period present with each package. The leading agencies work with the Agorapulse tool for social media marketing tasks. 

12. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

The business organisation that has a large team can afford the Zoho Social packages for social media marketing and management. It is best known for its collaborative features. Large internet marketing teams can talk among themselves to sort out different tasks with the help of the Zoho Social tool. 

However, the tool can only work with Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. As an expert, you cannot get a chance to upload anything on Google My Business. 

The charges of the Zoho Special packages have minimum charges, and it is the primary reason you should give it a try. The basic package of Zoho special starts at $10 monthly. If you need better features, try to purchase the higher packages of $25, $200, or $300. 

Final Words

If you are currently looking for an alternative to the Buffer tool, this is the right time for you to choose from these options. Always try to visit the official websites and gather information about every tool before selecting the right one. 

Another fact that you must remember is to switch social media management tools within the trial period if you consider the budget to be high or the features unsatisfactory.

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