Best USB-C Type Hard Drives for Mac in 2024

USB-C hard drives for mac: Top Branded USB-C Type Hard Drive for Mac for devices are famous for their designs and OS integration, lighter weight. Mac devices have so many great features, and it brings new advanced technology to the users. It keeps you safe from malware and viruses and much more. The only thing is it can get low in storage quite times.

Why load up your device with so much content instead save your content in the hard disk. We bring you the best USB-C hard drives for your Mac devices. Having a USB-C hard drive is the best accessory you can get for your Mac.

The hard drive is the best tool where you can store massive about of data and too securely. You take all massive files from your computer which can or were making your computer slow. The hard drive also very hand if you want to backup iPhone data on its own way you restore your data in case of accidental data loss at any time.

List of USB-C Type Hard Drives for Mac 2024

We have a curated top USB-C hard drive for you to your content be it files, movies, videos and what and whatnot. This list contains drives that have great storage, speed and also efficiency. Keep reading and choose according to your preference:

1) SanDisk Extreme SSD

SanDisk Extreme SSD

If you are looking for a tough hardish for your Macbook, SanDisk Extreme  SSD can be the one. It is designed to be compatible with different weather and conditions. It is water and dust resistant and withstands up to two-meter drops. SanDisk is high performance as well as a portable hard disk. You can carry it around easily; you can also fit it into your pockets or handbags.

Storage space 250GB, 500GB. 1TB and 2TB
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2) Samsung X5 Portable SSD – Thunderbolt 3 

Samsung X5 Portable SSD - Thunderbolt 3 

Samsung X5 Portable SSD is the fastest USB-C Hardrive launched by Samsung. The 

Thunderbolt 3 ports will be loved by all tech-savvy out there who don’t want to compromise over resolution and speed. Thunderbolt delivers the lightning speed of the NVMe interface.

Speed is not the only, Samsung has also taken care of thermal Management. With this Hard Drive, you never have to worry about the heat again. The X5 DTG (Dynamic Thermal Guard) technology balance the optimal performance and temperature. The heat sinks maintain the surface temperature below 45°C.

Storage Space 1TB
To Purchase   This hard drive click here

3) G-Tech All-Terrain Drive 2024

G-Tech All-Terrain Drive

Whether we talk about apps or technology, google has never disappointed its users. The same is the case with G-Tech All-Terrain Drive. This device makes sure that all your data remains fully secured by providing extreme protection. 

I will not be wrong if I say you can take the hard drive anywhere. It is resistant to heat, rain, dust the most fantastic thing is that is can bear up to 1000 pounds of weight on it.

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Storage Space 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
To Purchase This hard drive click here

4) LaCie Rugged 2024

LaCie Rugged

LaCie Rugged makes a quick connection with Mac and Windows computers. It has a rubberized design which makes it drop and scratch-resistant. If you are still not sure about it, you can use the two-year warranty protection or other recovery options.

It helps you quickly transfer data between devices, and you can also rely on it for backups. Carry it wherever you want college or work it is portable.

Purchasing LaCie Rugged will get you one-month of  Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan. It beautifully converts raw footage to production.

Storage Space: 1TB, 4TB and 5TB
To Purchase This hard drive click here.

5) Seagate Fast SSD 2024

Seagate Fast SSD

As you can see Seagate has an elegant and sleek design, it is lightweight so you can carry easily in your handbags or even pockets. With this hard drive, you can work on any stuff directly from the fast SSD because of the sequential speed.

You can maximize drive performance through formatting tools. One of the coolest features here is folder synching it lets you mirror your files and projects. You can have a designated folder monitored so the Fast SSD will automatically save all the latest changes on your data.

Storage space 250GB storage variant, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
To Purchase This hard drive click here

6) Western Digital

Western Digital

Western Digital hard drive works a lot more than storing your data. With the WD automatic software, you don’t have to worry about backing your files as it does on its own, you will have to pick time and frequency.

Data privacy and security is one thing that we all look forward to nowadays. You can keep your data secure in this drive-through WD’s security software. In case your ‘My Passport’ gets lost, you can only as a ‘return if found’ message.

Talking about the look Wester digital comes in Seven different colors which include metallic as well as standard colors. The hard drive is super reliable as it comes with three years of manufacturer warranty.

Storage space 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB
To Purchase This hard drive click here

7) LaCie Porsche Design

LaCie Porsche Design

LaCie Porche Design has a simplistic look that has a high speed of 5GB/s, you can drag and drop huge files, and it will move within seconds. With LaCie backup would not bore you and will be done with less time. Connect to any existing computer using the included USB-C to USB adapter cable.

If you buy the 6TB LaCie hard drive, you get many added benefits such as Lexar’s 64GB UHS-i Card and two months trial of Adobe CC photography Application. This application lets edit, organize, store, photoshop basically it does it all. 

Storage space Mobile version has 2TB storage space. The desktop version 4TB and 6TB
To purchase This hard drive click here

8) CalDigit Tuff

CalDigit Tuff

As the name CallDigit Tuff, tells you this hard drive is super tough. This certified hard drive is tough enough to withstand U.S. Military standardized testing protocols. So multiple drops will not affect it.

You can connect CalDigit with many devices as it comes with type-A as well as Type-C cables. Caldigit is reliable on performance too, it delivers 10GB/s interface speed, and transfer speed is up to 130MB/s. For this Hard drive, you get four-color options to choose from that are green, blue, green and black.

Storage Space 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.
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9) G-Technology G-Drive 

G-Technology G-Drive 

G-Drive is perfect for saving substantial workload data thanks to the Enterprise-class 7200 RPM hard drive inside. G-drive provides High-Speed data transfer. Drive can move all kinds of content very quickly such as HD photos and 4K footage, videos without waiting for long. 

G-Drive features Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and USB 3.2 Gen1 port with which you can store massive data with speed of 250MB/s. The Aluminum body case not only makes the look stylish but also more durable.

One of the best things with G-Drives is Daisy chaining. You can easily apply the daisy chain up to four additional devices. With your single computer connection, you can be connected to multiple G-drives. 

Storage Space 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB.
To purchase This hard drive, click here.

10) Samsung T5 2024

Samsung T5

Samsung T5 is powered by V-Nand, and it is incredibly fast. It 4.9X more quickly than usual hard drives it delivers 540 MB/s transfer speed. The sturdy metal body makes it durable and easy to hold. It is just 3 inches in height, so you carry it around effortlessly with all your data.

The type-C and type-A chargers make it compatible with every device. Wheather  Mac, Windows or mobiles phones you can easily plug-in Samsung T5 to your device and access it whenever you wish 

With Samsung T5 you can keep your data password-protected and get the latest firmware updates. You can even download mobile apps for the best Android tablets and Android phones.

Storage Space 250GB, 500GB,  1TB, 2TB
To purchase This hard drive Click here

11) G-Technology R-Series

G-Technology R-Series

Rugged, Fast and portable are the three words which describe G-Tech R-series. Rugged because it IP67 water-and dust-resistant it can survive 3 meters drop and stand 500 kilograms of weight. It is fast because it delivers 560MS/s transfer rate that is you can save and edit files real quick. It will be a savior when you are in a hurry and want to quickly backup files into your drives.  

With the G-DRIVE mobile SSD R-series, you get exceptionally durable storage to handle your big picture. This drive is compatible with all the new mac and windows devices thanks to the reversible USB-C port that comes with USB 3.1 gen two interfaces and comes USB 3.0/2.0 cable adapter. 

Storage Space 500Gb, 1TB, 2TB
To purchase Click here

12) Glyph BlackBox Plus

Glyph BlackBox Plus

Glyph hard drive is designed sturdy outer surface to withstand rough climates — Blackbox plus feature optimized cooling. The glyph is integrated with health monitoring. The hard drive comes with preformatted HFS+ with Journaling and is Time Machine compatible out of the box.

A simple reformat is all it takes for the Blackbox Plus to work with Windows systems. This hard drive is reliable as it offers you 3 Years Hardware coverage, 2 Years Level 1 Data Recovery, 1 Year Advance Replacement.

Storage Space 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 5TB
To purchase This hard drive Click here


That’s it, Folks! These were the best hard drives you can get for your mac or window devices. We hope you found what you were looking for, do let us know which of this caught your eye. If you used any of these you can share your reviews with us through the comment section below.

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