10 Best Discord Music Bots to Liven Up Your Server

Discord Music Bots: Using Discord as the main VoIP client brings tons of features; one of the best things about Discord is the bots. Discord servers are built around the functionality that API driven bots are capable of, from community moderation to stream integration they can help you in everything.

10 Useful Discord Music Bots

There are several bots out there that can add to your server. One of the most popular and fun experiencing bots are music bots. Discord supports text as well as voice channels and adding music bot to it will allow you to join voice channels and stream live music from various sources.

In this blog, we have mentioned the best music bots for discord that you add to your discord serve. Let’s dive in!

1) Groovy

Groovy Discord Music Bots

Groovy music bot offers great uptime; it has been out there for quite some time. After it was renamed and redesigned it has become one of the popular names in the music bot list. 

There are so many things that Groovy offers to its users like song queuing, shuffling, lyrics display, seeking, and most importantly, a premium system to restrict some users or certain roles. Also, there are premium options available for premium users like speed and pitch of songs, adjusting bass boost, sound filters like night core and improve, and more.

Spotify integration in Groovy makes it a unique music bot as many bots don’t have this feature. Also, it doesn’t have complicated settings and commands; instead, it keeps everything simple and offers ease of use.

Music source support: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and more

To add Groovy bot to your server, click here.

2) Rythm Bot

rythm bot

This music bot is solely dedicated to music; it not only plays music but will also find your lyrics. Similar to Groovy music bot the interference here is uncomplicated. Rhythm has a simple command selection so you can play high-quality music from several servers. 

Rythm is a fully stable music bot; it has served more than six million Discord server switches so far. With Rythm, you can listen to music from various sources, including Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. It doesn’t support Spotify for now; however, if you want, you can get a manual configuration that will require some hacking and is quite  time consuming as well.

Music source support: YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch and more.

To add Rythm to your server, click here.

3) FredBoat :  Best Music bot for discord

FredBoat Music Boat

Fedboat is another excellent music bot with tons of interesting features, which is good for many reasons except, it’s slightly more complex than the other music bots. However, it’s not a big problem considering all the features it offers. 

There are several sources you can stream music from, and the best part is you can use direct links too. It even supports playlists from popular streaming options like SoundCloud and Youtube. The unique thing about Fredboat here is that it also allows music search from these platforms which is not generally available in other music discord bots.

Now, coming to the main features of FredBoats, it includes songs repeating, shuffling, play history, exporting the current queue as a hastebin file. Alongside Hastebin, Wastebin that allows exporting and importing queues seamlessly.

The music bot has a permission system where access levels are defined into three ranks, i.e. Admin, DJ, and user. This ranking lets you allocate permission for normal users and server’s staff.

Music source support: YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Bandcamp more

To add FredBoat to your server, Click here.

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4) Vexera

Vexera music boat

If you are looking for a simple music bot but one that supports various sources then Vexera can be an excellent choice. 

One of the best features of Vexera that makes it unique from others is moderation features that allow you to mute or ban members in your server with ease. The next great feature of Vexera you should look forward to is fifteen languages support. It also displays song lyrics for you.

If these features don’t seem good enough, you can anytime opt for the premium versions that have additional features. It includes volume and bass control, autoplay, sound effects, and more.

Music source support: YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Mixer, Spotify. 

To add FredBoat to your server, Click here.

5) 24/7

24 by 7

If you haven’t figured out what the name of the music actually means, then here is the answer. It means that you can use this bot all day long and for a whole week on your server. You can make a specific song request here. You can experience uninterrupted music by playing your favorite radio station in your stream.

With a 24/7 bot free version, you can play Youtube Livestream. There are many premium features of this bot that you enjoy by subscribing to the premium plan. Features you get with paid version include high-quality audio playback, option to create custom commands, volume controls, and more.

Music source support: YouTube Music and Youtube live stream videos.

To get 24/7 bot to your server click here

6) MEE6 bot

MEE6 bot

Another excellent music bot on our list is MEE6 which lets you control music through Visual player. No need of using complicated commands for songs or playlists. With the super cool dashboard, you can search for songs directly, play, and rearrange the playlist very easily.

Just drag and drop any song from the list and rearrange as you want. With play/pause and the skip button using the MEE6 bot is just like using a song player.

Some of the major features this music bot offers include volume boot, 24/7 playback, song searching, favorite songs voting, users can even skip a song if they don’t like it all thanks to the revolutionary-democratic system.

The bot offers you to earn some extra points, for that you have to challenge your friends with a music quiz. In the challenge, MEE6 will play a short sample which will include different songs.

To win points, your friends have to guess the song name and artist name. MEE6 is one of the excellent music bots, but the control interface doesn’t come for free, you will have to purchase its pro plan. 

Music source support: SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, and more.‘

To add MEE6 to your server click here

7) Tony Bamanaboni XD

Tony Bamanaboni XD

Tony Bananaboni XD is a pretty big name, and so are its features. The bot does everything you need from a music bot, i.e. play/pause songs, search music, put song tracks in the queue, create auto-playlists, and the best part is you can use it 24/7.

Apart from the usuals, the feature that separates it from others is audio filters for changing music output. This allows you to amplify low-high frequencies, change speed, pitch, bass boost and more. 

Music source support: YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and more

To add Tony Bamanaboni XD to your server click here

8) BMO

BMO is all in one discord bot that covers several parameters such as games, utilities, image manipulations, music and more. However, when it comes to music, it only offers some of the basic features of a music bot. Here you can play your song, search tracks and add them into the queue. 

It might not have advanced music features, but here you don’t have to compromise over quality. BMO plays songs in excellent quality, as well works pretty fast. The only problem with BMO is the commands which are quite hard. It takes some time to learn these commands.

Music source support:

To add BMO to your server click here

9) ErisBot 


This powerful music bot provides a highly configurable command. Another great feature that separates Eris bot from other music bot is that you can create and use a custom prefix for commands.

Erisbot is pretty good; however, it has one drawback, sometimes it is unable to parse youtube links and plays video instead of audio. Other than that it is a decent music bot to add to your server. 

Music source support: Youtube, SoundCloud

To get Eris Bot on your server click here.

 10) Zandercraft

zandercraft bot

Though Zandercraft is majorly known for its productivity and fun-filled features, it supports all music features like any other music bot. Here you can play songs, add songs in a queue, search for your favorite songs, create playlists, and more. Zandercraft allows users to play music in XHD- extra high definition. 

If you are a person who doesn’t compromise with the quality, then Zandercraft music is what you need.

Music source support: SoundCloud and Youtube

To add Zandercraft to your server click here.

How to Add Music Bot on your Server

Once you have decided which music bot you want for your servers, here is the step by step guide to add your preferred music bot to your Discord server.

Here we mentioned the all steps for How to Play Music in Discord.

Step1: First create a new server and to do so click on the plus icon (+) from the left toolbar.

create a new server

Step2: A pop dialogue box will appear on your screen in that click on the create server button.

create server button on discord

Step3: Add a name to your new server, select your region, and click on create tab to finish the process.

The new server will now be created and will be seen on the toolbar to the left of your screen. 

Step4: You can enter the server by clicking on the server initials. Next, add participants by clicking on the plus icon beside channel names.

Step5: After you add the server, move to the bot’s download page. Click on the Add to Discord tab. Do note that the Add to Discord button is sometimes labeled as Invite to Discord for a few bots. The process remains unchanged.

add to discord

Step6: You will be directed to the discord login page on your browser if you haven’t already. Type in your Discord ID and password and press enter.


After you log in successfully to your discord account, you will be navigated to another page where you can add bot to your server.

Step7: From the drop-down menu, select the server where you wish to add your bot. Later Tap on the Authorize button.

Step8: Tap on the Checkbox and finish the captcha, and that’s it, discord bot will be added to your server.


These are some of the best music bots we have looked up for you to use on your Discord servers. There are several bots out there in the market, some of which are multifunction bots that also allow music control. However, multi-function bots might not have as many features as music bots. So, for great results use bots that are solely used for music.

We hope this blog came to your assistance. Do let us know which music bot from the list was your favorite. If you are using another Discord music bots, you can recommend it too, in the comment section below. 

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