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WhatsApp Call Not Working: Here are 18 Ways To Fix It

Whatsapp call not working: WhatsApp is the most used messaging app; it records 1.5 billion monthly users. Apart from messaging, people also enjoy the calling and video calling feature of this app. Whatsapp calling is so much simpler whether its call, video, or group call.

18 Ways to Fix Whatsapp call not working

whatsapp call not working

You can instantly connect with your friends using the app and mobile data. If you have functional Internet connectivity, you can use Whatsapp calls for a long time without wasting your cellular plan or Airtime. Although WhatsApp calls are fun and easy, sometimes it’s hard to connect. The calling feature on Whatsapp frequently disconnects.

If you too are annoyed by WhatsApp call failure, this blog will guide with some of the most effective fixes. There can be many reasons for WhatsApp’s call not to work.

The most common reasons for trouble in WhatsApp calls are due to App restriction on-calls or background data, network issues, and microphone issues. In this blog, we have covered many troubleshooting solutions and also some of the standard error fixes for you to fix the WhatsApp calling problem. Try all the fixes mentioned below. Go in order and check which one works for you

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1. Restart Devices

Restarting the Device

The primary and simple most fix for any mobile or app error is restarting the device. No matter which OS you use iOS or Android, a quick restart can clear minor bugs or glitches. If possible, restart your router as well. Press the power button to shut down and press again after twenty to thirty seconds.

2. Check your Internet connectivity

check network

Whatsapp works with the internet. Though messaging on WhatsApp may not require a stable internet, calling on WhatsApp will require good Internet connectivity. So, before you make a WhatsApp call, check if your internet speed is at least 3G, if not then try restarting your router or toggling on-off the WiFi or mobile data button.

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3. Switch to another network

If your internet connectivity is troubling you for long, your network is probably the culprit. To check, go for another network and see if it works for WhatsApp calls. You can switch wifi to cellular data or vice versa or even borrow someone else’s internet just for a few minutes to check whether or not your app is working with another network.

If possible, connect your phone to a dual-band router with the 5GHz band of your router.

4. Change low Data usage setting

WhatsApp allows limiting app usage to lower data. Enable and disable and check if it solves the problem. 

To change the data usage setting, go to WhatsApp settings, and choose the Data and storage option. Find a low data switch and turn it off.

5. Switch on Background Data usage

use cellular data

WhatsApp might have internet connectivity issues because of background data usage restriction. Allowing WhatsApp to use the background data can be helpful in bringing back connectivity. Here is what you need to do:

Step1: Open Settings 

Step2: Click on Tap usage or Mobile Data or Wifi 

Step3: Toggle on Background Data switch

6. Grant required App permission

One of the common reasons for Whatsapp call not working is required permission not granted. Out of many permission, WhatsApp asks for, some of them are required for WhatsApp calls. The app needs permission to use the microphone, access user’s contact and make phone calls. If you don’t grant WhatsApp these permissions, it will not allow you to use the call feature. 

To accept these permissions follow the steps given below:


Step1: Head to Settings menu on your phone

Step2: Scroll to Apps or Apps and Notification.

Step3: Look for the Whatsapp app in the list and tap.

Step4: Click on the permission options, and grant permission to microphone and camera. Just tap on the permission switch you want to activate.

iPhoneMicrophone toggle switch to onStep1: Open Settings

Step2: Scroll to Privacy

Step3: Click on the Microphone toggle switch to on. If it’s on, turn off the switch and turn it on again.

Note: Also go through WhatsApp settings and check if the microphone switch is on.

7. Turn Off Data Saver Mode

Data saver mode is used for less data consumption but by doing so it also blocks some of the app features. And that may be a reason for your Whatsapp call not working. Disable Data Save mode on your phone and check if you can now use WhatsApp for calling.

Step1: To disable data saver mode on your phone head to Settings.

Step2: Now scroll to the Data saver mode option or type Data saver mode on Settings search bar. 

Step3: Toggle of Data Saver mode switch

Toggle of Data Saver mode switch

8. Conflicting Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps in your phone can also be the reason for Whatsapp call not working. Third-party apps like VPN or antivirus apps can interfere with the permission setting. If you have these apps in your phone, deactivate it for a while and check if it fixes Whatsapp call not working.

9. Allow WhatsApp to use Cellular Data in iPhone

The iOS operating system allows users to restrict cellular data for WhatsApp. Check if you enabled this feature by mistake. To do so, go through the following steps:

Step1: Open Settings on your phone.

Step2: Go to the apps list and select WhatsApp

Step3: In WhatsApp setting toggle on mobile data switch.

10. Disable Noise Cancellation in iPhone

phone noise cancelation off

If you are facing audio issues of any kind then disabling noise cancellation on your iPhone can fix the issue of Whatsapp call not working. To do so, follow the steps given below: 

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Select General and choose accessibility from the list. 

Step3: Scroll to the Noise Cancellation option and toggle off the switch. 

11. Disable wifi assistant in iPhone

Wifi assistant feature keeps your iPhone connected to the internet, if wifi signals are weak it will switch to cellular data. However, Wifi assistants can sometimes cause a disturbance in internet connectivity. This feature is enabled by default so try to disable and see if it works and to do so follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1: Open Settings App

Step2: Scroll to mobile data, now scroll again to find Wi-Fi Assistant, and toggle it off.

12. Clear cache files in Android mobile

If you are using an Android device, cache file might be coming in between a smooth WhatsApp call. So clear Cache files and then check again. Note that removing cache files will not remove any personal data, just the temporary files. But, make sure you click on remove cache files and do not click on clear storage or clear data as this will remove your personal information and messages.

Clear cache files in Android mobile

To clear WhatsApp cache, follow steps given below:

Step1: Open Settings on your phone 

Step2: Select Apps or Apps & notifications. 

Step3: Scroll to WhatsApp and click 

Step4: Click on Storage followed by Clear cache.

13. Reset App preferences in Android phone

Resetting App preferences features on Android phones will clear out default app preferences, notification preferences, disabled app preferences, background restriction and more. Doing so will remove glitch causing the trouble. 

reset app preferences

Note that resetting app preference will not remove your data, just setting will be restored to original.

Follow steps given below;

Step1: Open Settings

Step2: Click on Reset option and select Reset app preferences.

14. Update WhatsApp app

Update WhatsApp app

If the above troubleshooting solution did not work, then it might be an app issue. Sometimes a bug in the app can interfere with app features. So, to resolve the issue, update your app to the latest version.

Step1: Open WhatsApp on Play Store or App Store.

Step2: Click on the update button. 

15. Reinstall WhatsApp

If updating WhatsApp doesn’t solve your problem, deleting the app and reinstalling it might work. Reinstalling will give your app a fresh start. But, before you install your app, backup your text messages and all the media.

First, delete your app, go to Playstore/App Store, and install WhatsApp again.

16. Reset Network Setting

Reset Network Setting

The network reset option is available in both iOS and Android operating systems. This will reset all the network settings to the original ones and hence can fix any network related issue causing trouble in WhatsApp calls.

Note that Network Reset will not cause any loss of your phone data, only the network setting will be restored to original ones.

Reset Network Setting On Android

Step1: Open Settings and go to System. 

Step2: Tap on Reset followed by Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. 

You can also use the search bar to find reset settings.

Reset Network Setting On iPhone

Step1: Open Settings 

Step2: Click on General

Step3: Reset and Reset network settings.

17. Replace Microphone

Sometimes changing the phone’s screen can result in microphone issues. So,  if you have changed your phone’s screen recently then go back to the repair shop once again and get your phone fixed.

18. WhatsCall Notification

WhatsappCall Notification

If there is an issue with WhatsApp call notification, go to app settings and enable it manually. Follow the steps given below:

To fix it on Android, 

Step1: Open Settings 

Step2: Click on Apps and select WhatsApp from the menu

Step3: Tap on Notifications. Enable notifications. You will also see Call notifications. Enable it. Tap on the notification types to further customize it.

To fix it on iPhone, 

Step1: Open Settings

Step2: Click WhatsApp 

Step3: Click on Notifications

Step4: Tap on the required notification type.


If you are still facing trouble on Whatsapp call not working, contact Whatsapp customer care; the problem might be from their side.

Also, WhatsApp calls are blocked in some countries and regions such as the UAE. So, if you are calling people of that region, there will be no connection.

That’s all folks! We hope our blog comes to your assistance, do let us know which one of these troubleshooting solutions were useful to you.

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