Best Expense Tracker iPhone Apps

Expense Tracker iPhone Apps

Budget planning is important if you need to get your expenses under control. Every business regardless of its size and type needs capital to run operations. The money is not only required for long-term operations but also for the business’ day-to-day requirements. There are many apps that can help you keep tabs on the expenses incurred by your business. However, there are few exceptional expense tracker apps for your iPhone that helps you track and manage your expenses. Many of them are very easy to use. They assist you to plan ahead, avoid costs and complications of missed payments, and identify where you spend money.

These apps include many features such as the automatic generation of invoices from receipts.

Here are the best expense tracker iPhone apps:

  1. XpenseTracker

    spending tracker

  • The XpenseTracker App enables you to manage your expenses for personal or business use efficiently.
  • It has customizable categories, sub-categories and payment modes to ease your job.
  • You can sort what you like depending on your need according to payment type, category, client or expenses by date.
  • XpenseTracker is best at tracking your expenses as it also tracks your mileage as well.
  • The app also records the last payment type for all categories and it also supports all major currencies.
  1. Spendee

  • Spendee is another application that shows a detailed interface which is also easy to understand.
  • This app displays your income and expenses in different colors depending on your type.
  • It sets objectives to save the amount.
  • It includes social and location functions to add even more information to the records of your movements.
  • Spendee app provides the superior support of multiple currencies, PIN protection, account syncing, listing of receipts and even a custom wallet for special events to tracking all your expenses.
  1. Pocket Expense Lite

  • This is the best expense tracker app to organize personal finances for free.
  • This app design makes it one of the most compelling applications for Apple users.
  • It enables you to organize your expenses by categories and sends daily, weekly, monthly or annual summaries providing a quick interpretation of the expenses.
  • You can protect your account with a password. You can set customized reminders for tracking your bills and pay securely through the app.
  • It also supports multiple payments for a single bill. 
  1. Live Expenses

    live expenses

  • Live Expenses assists to optimize control of overall expenses that generates every day.
  • The primary feature of Live Expenses is to use both personally and professionally.
  • It enables you to attach images of your expenses that generate.
  • The application is very intuitive and enables you to register your expenses quickly by adding categories. These expenses display in graphics.
  • This app enables you to schedule periodic reports, make budgets and even save backup copies.
  • The app also supports the use of foreign currencies and exchange rates as well.
  1. Visual Budget

  • Visual Budget assists you handle your personal and business accounts using advanced analysis and consolidation features.
  • It can handle several accounts together and classify them into separate groups.
  • You can modify the category list as you need for each of your accounts which automatically creates based on a standard model.
  • There are two levels of categories/sub-categories to set your budget plan easily.
  • You can add all your expenses and income to track your daily spending.
  • This app provides you all the information on the expenditure of your finances with detailed data and graphics.
  1. Money Control


  • Money Control is the most impressive personal app for finance on the iPhone.
  • It has the option of synchronizing all your data with Dropbox that you can easily access on the go.
  • The system is simple and you can also adjust budgets as required.
  • It sends alerts at excessive spending, schedule transactions, add labels to expenses.
  1. HomeBudget with Sync

  • HomeBudget app offers a combined set of options to assist you to manage your cash flow and expenses.
  • You can set reminders for due dates and make the payment on bills either as a transfer or an expense and bill list.
  • This app is well-built and easy to use.
  • The categories can easily adapt to the requirements of users.
  • It also allows you to set a budget frame for each category and can attach images of receipts.
  • Multiple currencies and automatic exchange rate conversion support allow you to handle your foreign funds.
  1. Next for iPhone

  • It is one of the best budget apps for iOS.
  • It only records the expenses that generate in a month.
  • You can access your expenses and stats in multiple screens through a swipe.
  • Then you can Sync your data with iCloud for protection with this app.
  • You can easily access your data from other devices.
  • You can also export your data to an Excel sheet. 
  1. Expense Tracker 2.0

  • Expense Tracker 2.0 app has an inbuilt financial and budget assistant that helps you to handle your finances.
  • The app is secured through a passcode or Touch ID.
  • You will be informed of your financial report every month with scheduled expenses such as paying bills for the telephone or any other recurring expense, and many more.
  1. Clarity Money

  • Clarity Money is the financial app with both online and mobile interfaces available.
  • It’s easy to navigate design, a wide range of accounts support provides you highlights of your recent account activity including spending, savings, and subscriptions.
  • It tracks your spending overtime each month compared to your expected monthly income.
  • You can also quickly see what you spend with a few screen taps.
  • The app also includes features to track and cancel subscriptions and automatically add to savings through a Clarity Money account on a regular basis.
  1. Wally

  • This app is the integrated expense tracker app that offers insights into your spending habits using artificial intelligence and other trendy technologies.
  • Wally has a big focus on expenses and provides feedback and useful information on your spending.
  • Wally also has a social feature for shared expenses.
  1. Toshl

  • Toshl is the multi-platform expense tracking app that features online syncing.
  • The app allows you to enter even recurring expenses so you do not need to waste time to enter the data every time.
  • It can set budgets for the week or the month using the easy and versatile functions that help you track and manage your budget.
  • There is also a bills organizer as well as a reminder to keep you aware of bills that are due.
  • There is also a foreign currency converter along with a daily exchange rate chart.
  • The app allows you to visualize your financial data as graphs and also with the help of infographics.
  • You can download this app for free from the Apple App Store.

The above-mentioned apps are the best expense tracker apps for iPhone that enable you to put all your finances in order. You can easily choose the best one that suits you the most as well as quickly control all your personal expenses to keep your business accounts with these incredible applications. Some of them also provide the option to track your receipts.

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