19 Best iPhone X Wallet Cases

The wallet cases are an extremely popular choice for iPhone users as they protect your handset and you can hold your driving license, debit or credit cards if you do not use Apple Pay and cash in the event all other payment methods are unavailable. So, there are best wallet cases for the iPhone X where you can put these all together.

All these wallet cases are designed on the basis of everyone’s budget and design preference that includes thinner, minimal plastic wallet cases and larger, more premium leather cases. Whenever someone buys a new iPhone, they must buy the wallet case that should have durable built-up, keep off scratch and carry all of the valuables such as cards and cash.

Here are the 19 best iPhone X Wallet Cases in 2021 :

best iPhone X Wallet Cases

  1. Clayco Argos Series Wallet Case:


    Clayco Argos Series Wallet Case

    • Clayco Argos Series Wallet Case for iPhone X is a slim and compact phone case that provides drop. And then scratch protection to your iPhone X and it is convenient to carry your cards as well as cash.
    • There is a discreet sliding drawer at the bottom of the case that fits two standard-size cards. And some bills and this wallet case has a soft bumper lined with Thermoplastic Polyurethane that secures your device from damage caused by falls or bumps.
    • The tough Polycarbonate backing keeps away from your phone from scratches, dents, and damage.
    • It also has raised bezels to protect the surfaces of your screen and camera lens and the volume buttons and cutouts are large, well-defined, and responsive to ensure that your iPhone X functions and all features can be accessed easily.
    • Moreover, the back cover of the case has a smooth, geometric pattern.
  1. Silk Vault Wallet Case: Best iPhone X Wallet Cases

    Silk Vault Wallet Case

    • The Silk Vault is one of the best wallet cases because it is simple and has minimal design and low price tags. 
    • There is a rear card slot in the iPhone X model that fits up to 3 cards and cash, high-grip textured sides, protective air pocket corners, and it even comes with a free screen protector.
    • The Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is a durable and well-constructed case for your iPhone X that doubles as a wallet as it has a space in the back that fits three standard-size cards and some cash.
    • Silk Vault Wallet Case is ultra-light at only 1.44 ounces and has a thin design that adds very minimal bulk to your phone. And its tactile buttons actually click when you press them and provides a much-improved user experience.
    • It also has corner air-pockets that are like having airbags for your iPhone to keep your device from getting damaged.
    • Its has High Grip Textured Sides to help you keep your phone in your hand better. It also includes a free screen protector film to protect your phone’s screen from getting scratched and damaged from everyday use.
    • It is available in many colors and patterns to reflect your personal style.
  1. iPulse Vintage Book Series:
    iPulse Vintage Book Series

    • iPulse is also one of the best iPhone X wallet case as it has an aesthetic design. 
    • The iPulse Vintage Book Series is crafted out of Italian full-grain leather.
    • It has a retro-book-style look with the handcrafted design and neat built-up.
    • There are two credit card slots and a cash pocket in the iPulse Vintage Book Series.
    • This leather wallet case is very durable because of TPU. This vintage wallet case comes with a lifetime warranty.
  1. LUPA iPhone X Wallet Case:LUPA iPhone X Wallet Case

    • The LUPA Wallet Case for iPhone X is a quality phone case with a built-in wallet that enables you to hold 3-4 cards and up to 4 bills. 
    • It is made out of Polyurethane Leather and has a flip cover to protect your phone’s screen from getting scratched or damaged.
    • The flip cover has a cutout for your phone’s speaker to let you speak on the phone even if the cover is closed.
    • It also has an ultra-strong magnetic closure to keep you at ease even when your phone is in your bag.
    • The LUPA Wallet Case protects all four corners of your iPhone X with its snug and exact fit.
    • The edges of the bumper are raised that provides an additional layer of protection against scratches.
    • It has a classic design with its faux leather exteriors and different colors that suit your style. It also comes with a 100% Product Guarantee. 

  SHIELDON is also a great wallet case for iPhone X.

    • The genuine leather structure of SHIELDON has been ideally boosted by the handcrafted design. 
    • The leather case has a TPU frame and also protects the device from scrape.
    • It’s interior features anti-slip and heat dissipation design. It has three card slots and a money pocket for carrying cash.
    • It has a stand function that enables you to use the device hands-free.
    • You can choose this quality case in six colors such as black, blue, brown, purple, red and coffee brown.
  1. Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Cases:

    Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Case

    • The Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Case for iPhone X protects your phone and your cards and cash as well. 
    • It has a built-in RFID theft protection in all three pockets.
    • It’s also premium hand-crafted from high-quality faux leather with beautiful stitching. And a Thermoplastic Polyurethane that is virtually impossible to break.
    • It is also very versatile and has a magnetically-removable flip case design that provides you complete protection, the convenience of a wallet-folio so as to have a slim and compact design.
    • It’s also one of the world’s most functional wallet cases with its easy-open clasp, a smart kickstand that works horizontally and vertically and hands-free calling support.
    • It also has three cardholder slots that can allow you to hold 3 to 6 credit cards and 5 to 10 cash bills easily and comfortably.
  1. Zover Detachable Leather Case:

Zover Detachable Leather Case

The Zover detachable leather case for iPhone X is a versatile product.

    • It is an ultra-thin phone case that protects your phone from any form of damage. 
    • It comes with a detachable magnet that once attached will enable you to easily convert the phone case into a stylish wallet case which is made of specially tanned and finished European leather.
    • The European Leather material provides a soft texture to the outside of the wallet case that develops its own character over time because of the natural patina that comes from use.
    • The magnet also enables you to wirelessly charge your phone and attach it to magnetic car mounts.
    • The iPhone X wallet case design has three card slots where you can store your cards, IDs, and cash easily. It also folds out into a kickstand. 
  1. Mujjo Full Leather Silhouette:

    Mujjo Full Leather Silhouette app

    • This minimal, all-in-one cover easily split onto your iPhone X and has a built-in card slot on the back that can hold up to 3 cards, cash. 
    • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  1. Dockem Luxe Wallet Case

Dockem Luxe Wallet Case

    • The Dockem Luxe wallet case for iPhone X has a unique and beautiful canvas-style synthetic leather back cover. 
    • The back cover of this wallet case is designed with UltraGrip twill style texture to improve the feel of your phone in your hand and keep it from slipping.
    • There are two card slots contain into the back cover which allows you to hold your credit or debit card and an ID with you.
    • Your phone with the case installed will only be around 14mm thick even with cards inserted. It has a flexible Dura flex inner shell that provides shock resistance and keeps every side and corner of your phone safe from scratches or dents caused by drops.
    • The cutouts and buttons of this wallet case are precise that allows you to operate your iPhone X easily.
  1. ZVE Wallet Case

    ZVE Wallet Case

    • The ZVE wallet case for iPhone X has the biggest capacity among all the iPhone X wallet cases.
    • It has a zippered compartment attached to the back with two elastic cardholders that can fit up to 10 cards, up to 15 cash bills and even your keys.
    • It also has a detachable wrist strap to keep your valuables safely in your hands even when you are on the go.
    • This wallet case has a protective design that fits snugly over all your device’s sides and corners. It also has reinforced buttons that help retain the responsiveness of your iPhone X, protect it from damage caused by everyday use and improves the user experience.
    • This wallet case comes with an 18-month warranty.
  1. Vena iPhone X Wallet Cases:

Vena iPhone X Wallet Cases

    • The Vena wallet case for iPhone X combines function and protection with its unique patented design that allows you to discreetly keep up to three cards in the hidden back case to ensure the safety of your phone.
    • It possesses military-grade drop protection with CornerGuard Technology that ensures all four corners of the case that will absorb and disperse the force from drops.
    • It has two layers made up of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane that is designed to help your device survive drops.
    • The multi-angle magnetic lock stand on the back cover keeps your cards carefully concealed.
    • It also doubles as an adjustable kickstand that allows you to watch videos and video call at your desired angle.
    • It is also compatible with magnetic car mounts because of the magnet within this wallet case’s flap.
  1. Pasonomi iPhone X Wallet Cases:

    Pasonomi iPhone X Wallet Case

    • The Pasonomi wallet case for iPhone X is a 2-in-1 product as it includes a wallet and a detachable phone case for your iPhone X.
    • It protects your iPhone from dust, scratches, and wear-and-tear caused by everyday use. It also has precise cutouts for all ports such as charger, headset, mic, and speakers to maintain the smooth operation of your device.
    • Your phone attaches to the main wallet with a strong magnet that keeps it securely attached but also easy to separate if required.
    • This wallet case is made up of high-quality polyurethane leather that provides a stylish look and dependable durability.
    • It has 9 card slots where you can keep your credit and debit cards, IDs, and cash.
    • It also has a view window that enables you to place your favorite photo.
  1. Teelevo Wallet Case

    Teelevo Wallet Case

    • The Teelevo Wallet Case is a stylish and convenient way to protect your iPhone X. And it carry your valuable cards with you all in one.
    • It has a dual-layer design to keep your phone from getting damaged in case you drop.
    • It has a built-in kickstand that enables you to prop up your phone horizontally for comfortable watching or video calling.
    • The kickstand is hardly noticeable at first glance and opens to reveal a slot where you can keep and carry cards or IDs.
    • It has precise cutouts that enable you to easily access your iPhone’s ports, camera, and buttons.
    • It also features slightly raised edges, keeps your phone screen and camera lens from getting scratched even if you place your phone down on uneven or rough surfaces.
    • Its comes in four colors such as black, purple, mint green and rose gold.
  1. Ztoppo 2 in 1 Leather iPhone X Wallet Cases:

Ztoppo 2 in 1 Leather iPhone X Wallet Cases

    • The Ztoppo 2-in-1 Leather wallet cases for iPhone X are two separate pieces that can be used as one piece is a protective case that fits an iPhone X perfectly.
    • It covers all the sides and corners of your phone, ensures against scratches and damage caused by daily use.
    • It attaches to the leather wallet by means of strong magnets in the back cover of the phone case.
    • The magnets are effective to keep your device attached to the wallet but also easy to remove if required.
    • It is expertly crafted from premium leather, provides it an elegant and classic look.
    • It has a big capacity that includes 11 card slots, 3 cash pockets, a zippered compartment, and a photo window.
    • This Wallet Case also comes with a detachable wrist strap for your convenience. 
  1. Spigen
    Spigen case

    • Spigen is a dual-layered credit card holder case that is perfect for your iPhone X.
    • You can keep your iPhone in your pocket as the case has a slim design that does not add bulk to your device.
    • You can store two credit or debit cards in the case as well as some cash.
    • Mil-grade certified material with air cushion technology protects your device from all corners and sides.
  1. Samonpow

    • Samonpow has used two layers that have a hybrid armor hard PC cover and an impact resistant shockproof soft rubber bumper.samonpow wallet case
    • There is a convenient card slot to store two cards on the back.
    • You can easily slide the back case to push or pull your Apple Card.
    • It has precise cut-outs and design to access other features of your iPhone.
    • You can enjoy quick access to buttons, ports, and controls on your device.
  1. Bigphilo


    • Bigphilo is considered as a unique case because of its material and craftsmanship.
    • The combination of fabric and leather protects your iPhone against scratches.
    • This lightweight and slim case has raised a camera bump to protect the camera lens. And beveled edges to safeguard your phone against scratches.
    • This wallet case is available in three different color combinations.
  1. Smartish
    smartish case

    • Smartish provides enough space to store three credit or debit cards and cash in the wallet case.
    • The smartish wallet case has high-grip textured sides. Air pocket corners, and a free screen protector film for the protection of your device.
    • All these three hardware features can guard your iPhone from all corners and sides. It also has wireless charging compatibility.
  1. Litech Premium iPhone X Wallet Cases

    Litech Premium iPhone X Wallet Cases

    • The Litech is hand-crafted with high-quality faux suede leather that provides a luxurious look to the case.
    • The wallet part has four pockets that comfortably fit multiple cards, IDs, photos, and cash that can be held together by an easy-open clasp.
    • The protective phone case attaches to the wallet folio with a magnetic back panel.
    • It also secures your phone onto magnetic car mounts, selfie sticks.

Hence, the above mentioned iPhone X Wallet Cases are the best. Most of these offer you with space for plenty of credit cards. And cash and also gives you top protection for your iPhone X. Wallet cases have a screen cover, that keeps your iPhone X scratch-free.

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