iPhone Not Vibrating When You Receive an Incoming Call? Here is a Solution

iPhone not vibrating

Do you prefer to keep your phone in the silent mode but how do you get alerted when you receive an incoming call? Simple by vibration mode. So when there are times you have to keep the phone silent, like in a movie theatre or such other places, the vibration mode very conveniently alerts the user of the incoming call. You can also fix ‘No Sound’ during a call on iPhone So if you are an iPhone user, you may have experienced the vibration not working when you receive a call, even though you had switched the vibration mode on. In this article, We will discuss how to fix iPhone Not Vibrating When You Receive an Incoming Call.

How to Fix the iPhone Not vibrating When You Receive an Incoming Call

This is very common and yes, annoying problem that many iPhone users face. To resolve this problem there are certain fixes that you can use. All the below discussed fixes have worked for many iPhone users of various generations and are the most popular fixes that people commonly use.

iPhone Not vibrating

So if you have your phone in your bag or in your pocket the vibration mode will be the best way to notify you of any call, in case it does not work, you will miss your important call. If your iPhone is not vibrating then try these fixes and resolve the issue.

 Solution 1 – Vibrate on ring Or vibrate on silent option

You must know that your iPhone has the vibration option that can be turned o and off as per your wish. Start by checking if that option has bee correctly selected or not. It is very easy to do and with iPhones, you can choose the vibration on both ringer and silent options. Take the following steps to help solve the issue.

  • Launch the Settings app followed by selecting the Sounds option. 
  • Here you can see two options, vibrate on ring and vibrate on silent.

Vibrate on ring Or vibrate on silent option

Select both or either of the options and make sure the selection is made correctly. If you have chosen vibrate on silent, then the phone will vibrate even though the ringing sound will not come. For vibrate on ringer, the phone will ring as well as vibrate. 

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The first thing to do is when the vibration is not taking place, make sure the right option is selected. In case you have not chosen the vibration option on silent, then your phone will make no attempt to notify you of any incoming call. And if you wish the phone to just ring and not vibrate, then also you can choose the option.

Solution 2 – Resetting the phone

As with most problems related to the iPhone, resetting can resolve almost all common yet major problems. Start with these steps;

  • Tap to open the Settings tab.
  • Visit the General tab.
  • Scroll down, till you find the reset tab.
  • Select it and let the resetting process start.

Do not worry you will not lose your data or media files in the resetting process. Only the passcodes will be erased and you will have to reenter them and the settings will be altered or modified. After the resetting is done, switch on the vibration mode again, and call to check if this has reactivated the vibration or not. 

Solution 3 – You will have to restore the phone

If nothing works then you will have to do the dreaded restoration of the phone. It might not be something you would prefer but it might be required or the only possible solution. This is an annoying and laborious task but can effectively resolve the issue. So if having the vibration option work for you is very important then do give restoration a chance.

Here is how to do it:

Connect your phone to mac

  • Connect your phone with a USB to your MAC or PC device.
  • Make sure you back up as much as possible or maybe everything. Take the help of iTunes to complete the process. 
  • So after connecting the device, select iTunes.
  • Visit the summary page option. 
  • Now you will have to click on the Restore button.
  • You will receive a set of instructions that you must perfectly follow to complete the process. 
  • The restoration process takes a while after it is completed, you will be notified.4

Now call to check if the vibration mode is working or not. If it is still not working then there is a huge chance the problem is related to the hardware. In case of a hardware problem, the best way to resolve would be by visiting the Apple store. You can buy third party options which may be cheaper. But if your phone is still covered by a warranty period then make sure to visit the Apple store.

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In most likelihood, they will perform similar resolutions as discussed above and once they ascertain it is a hardware problem, they will replace your phone. But make sure that before you go to the Apple store, you take your warrantee card and receipts. Also, ensure that all your data has backup and is secured on any device of your choice. Backing up data can be done through your iCloud account as well. 

But before the visit to the Apple store or getting a third- party perform one final test to see if the problem is really hardware or not.

Notice when you are clicking on either Vibrate on ring or vibrate on silent mode, the phone in your hand, vibrates a little. If it fails to vibrate then for sure the vibration motor is broken and needs replacement. If the vibration happens, then you have a software problem. Try again the above-discussed solution, it should work. After trying any of the solutions, make sure you restart the phone once. 

The iPhone not vibrating can be the result of a hardware or software issue. But as you can see the problem can be easily fixed after you take the above-mentioned steps. If one fix does not work, try the others as the problem you are facing may be different. If you can identify the problem, you can directly use the most appropriate fix but in case you can not then try all the fixes and it will work for your device. 

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