Best iPhone Apps For Students

Modern education has only become interesting with the use of smartphones and computers. Forget its tendency to distract students. A smart student can maximize these devices.

Virtually every academic task has a mobile application built to solve them efficiently. Whether you need Mathematics, Geography, or Computer science assignment help, the Apple or Google play store is capable of assisting.

Best iPhone Apps For Students

Most students of any age are glued to their phones because of social media, games, or dating sites. Therefore, we are changing the norms by suggesting the best iPhone Apps for improving students’ academic and mental performances.

Best Apps For Students

1. The Homework App

The Homework App

This fantastic app is a scheduler and reminder at the same time. With this mobile app, students can avoid the regrets that come with missing an assignment deadline or any of its details.

The homework app will help you view, add, or complete homework. It can also include steps and subtasks- where you can add details and highlight the important ones in color code.

2. Quick Graph

Quick Graph app

According to, Quick Graph was named in the top ten best educational mobile applications in 100 countries and available for download on the Apple store in over 130 countries. When comparing apps, this kind of statistic has a voice of its own.

The quick graph uses your mobile multi-touch option to provide a two or three-dimensional image of a graphical, mathematical equation.

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3. iTunes U

iTunes U app

Arguably, this is one of the most important mobile applications for University students. The app contains hundreds of thousands of course materials, textbooks, and dissertations. Interestingly, most of these information catalogs are free.

You can search for course materials, synopsis, and aim from any university in the world.

With free access to leading universities’ course materials, catching up with any missed lecture or laboratory practical will not be a problem.

Even when students don’t miss any lecture, adding the information gotten from their searches on the app to what they were taught is not a bad idea.

4. Elevate – Brain Training App for Students

Elevate app

All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy. What happens if work feels like play?

Elevate is a mobile app that helps you undergo mental training in the easiest and fun way possible. The mental exercise you can participate in includes focus, mathematics, memory, processing speed, etc.

The fun part is the flexibility of the training schedule. You are capable of fixing your mental workout routine from the 40+ games present in the app at any time.

5. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Merriam Webster dictionary

It is rare for you to listen to the definition of words from colleagues or teachers without mentioning Merriam Webster as a source.

The dictionary emerged in the early 1800s. And ever since, it has been aging like fine wine. Apart from your phone’s memory, I believe any other reason is not valid if you do not have this beauty on your Apple phone.

6. Lark Up

Lark Up app

Managing sleep-time is the tallest hurdle for students in any part of the world. Reading or chatting into the deep nights and waking up late with a headache as if hung-over is a common statement in lecture halls.

Lark up is an application designed to manage sleep time. It gives details of your sleep(sound or not), the duration of your sleep, sets the alarm, reminds you to sleep at a specific time. Just think of anything related to sleep it is capable of doing that with precision.

A student who lays hold of this app can beef up his grade by a substantial percentage.

The right iPhone apps can change your life as a student. Download the apps we recommended above today! You would notice a difference in no time.

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