Best iPhone File Manager Apps

Apple does not provide a user-accessible file system. But you can use your iPhone as a file manager by using a third-party file manager app. The best file manager must provide the following three functions:

  • Import: You can easily import files and documents into the app.
  • Manage: A good file manager provides you full control over the organization of your data. You can easily create fixed folders, archive folders, tag and color-code files, and many more.
  • Export: It should export any file to a third-party app to see and edit it. It is better if the app also gives file conversion options.

Here are the Best iPhone File Manager Apps:

  1. Documents by Readdle:

    Documents app is one of the best apps to manage your files on the iPhone.

    Documents by Readdle

  • It includes a user interface with a very easy and instinctive design.
  • It also syncs your data with cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud and makes your work easier.
  • You can watch your videos and set video speed with Documents by Readdle.
  • It enables you to convert PDFs.
  • You can access your overall Apple Music and iCloud library.
  • It also enables you to read eBooks and share files between your PC and Mac.
  • It consists of a built-in FTP server that assists you to transfer files.
  1. Documents 5:

    This file manager app is a complete multitasking app that is more useful for consumers and enterprises.

    Documents 5

  • It enables you to edit your text files, read, and convert PDF files and find inside documents quickly.
  • It also allows you to save your favorite web pages to read them later according to the requirement.
  • You can protect any files or documents with the password.
  • It makes your task very easy by syncing your files with clouds like iCloud and Dropbox.
  • You can also keep your files well organized with Documents 5.Read more: Extract Zip Files on iPhone, iPad Unzip Apps for iOS
  1. File Master:

    File Master has a smooth and simple interface.

    File Master


  • You can manage and fix lost and forgotten passwords.
  • It plays and supports Avi, Flv, rm, MOV, mp4, mp3, WMA and m3u8 files as it has a powerful music player as well as background play.
  • You can display and plays snapshots of videos concurrently.
  • It provides strong privacy protection and enables you to protect your folders, documents, and other files with passwords.
  • It also includes cloud storage support so you can hide and show folders.
  • You can easily make folders, text files, import photos, and many more with the help of File Master.
  • It has an inbuilt web browser that allows you to easily download files on the iPhone.
  • It also allows you to set the password for Wi-Fi authentication to transfer files between different devices.
  1. Files Pro:

    It is a great file manager for the iPhone.

    Files Pro app


  • It is completely combined with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  • And it has an inbuilt browser that allows you to download anything efficiently.
  • It enables you to secure local data and remote access to your files through the password.
  • It also allows you to customize the file view with attractive slideshow.
  • Files Pro app supports all files like PDF, Text, HTML, MS Office file formats and many more.
  • You can easily edit files with this app and also copy, create, rename, move, and delete folders inside the app on your iPhone.
  1. File Manager :

    File Manager allows you to organize your files and documents.

    File Manager App for iPhone

  • It is also known as a virtual USB drive due to its quality efficiency and allows you to transfer files from Mac or PC to your iPhone.
  • It enables you to read any files and listen to music with an integrated PDF reader and music player.
  • You can manage your files properly with multiple cloud support such as Dropbox, OneDrive and many more.
  • This app has a built-in search feature that allows you to search for anything quickly.
  • It allows you to use or set a passcode to protect your files.
  • You can even manage your files by date, name, size or kind that keeps your files in an organized way.
  1. File Manager & Browser:

    It consists of impressive intuitive design and great features.

    File manager & Browser App

  • It provides support to manage your files and documents according to your preference on the iPhone.
  • You can transfer data from Mac to iPhone or vice-versa efficiently.
  • This app has an integrated PDF reader and music player that allows you to read any files and hear music.
  • File Manager & Browser provides support for the files of Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • You can divide all the files in the system by type so that you can locate it more quickly and directly.
  • You can also use data from cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  1. iExplorer:

    You can scan the contents of your device and displays the information in a well-designed dashboard.


    iExplorer app

  • It allows you to create text files, record audios, and create folders to organize the files and documents on your phone efficiently.
  • You can export data and creates backups of specific data or your entire iPhone.
  • You can also share files from your iPhone to a Mac or PC through WiFi transfer or Bluetooth transfer.
  • It allows you to watch movies and play music without copying them to your iPhone.
  • You can see large photos, edit spreadsheets on your Google Docs and save them as different formats.
  • Read More: Best Task Management Apps for Mac in 2019
  1. iFiles 2:
    ifiles 2

    iFiles app includes a more visual and simple user interface that assists you to conduct various tasks effectively.

  • It allows you to import files from a computer through Wi-Fi transfer, organize data, and share them with a third-party application.
  • You can create your voice notes as it has an inbuilt voice recorder.
  • This file manager app supports various file formats such as MS Office, PDF, and online cloud services like Dropbox.
  1. File App:


    You can share images to social media with File App.

  • You can protect all your data with the passcode.
  • It consists of a built-in image editor that allows you to create slide shows.
  • It allows you to play music videos from the app as it has background play.
  • You can send multiple attachments as an email with the File App.
  1. Files United:

    Files United is the best file manager for the iPhone.

    files United

  • It has great features like you can create folders for document organizing, tag files as favorites, copy, and move files, password protection and many more.
  • You can share files from your iPhone to a Mac or PC through WiFi transfer or Bluetooth transfer.
  • Files United contains an inbuilt web browser so you can view documents and web pages within the app.
  • It allows you to set the password for the apps to keep your personal data secure.
  • It has support for cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • You can possess your digital content and manage your files easily.
  1. Files n Folders :

    File n Folders is available free to some limited use.

    Files n folder

  • You can easily import files from a computer or a cloud server, and many more through WiFi transfer.
  • It allows you to effortlessly upload photos and videos from your iPhone to Mac or PC.
  • And it also enables you to manage or play all kinds of formats directly from the app to listen to music, watch videos, and many more.
  • It has support for the files like PDF, Zips, Text, HTML, MS Office and many more.
  1. File Hub Plus:

    Filehub plus

  • This file manager app allows you to play music and videos and offers slide show functionality for photos.
  • It also allows you to copy, cut, paste, rename and move your files.
  • You can find and drag the music through the timeline bar as the music player shows artist pictures.
  • It enables you to transfer files over Wi-Fi and even import files from iCloud.
  1. iStorage 2HD:

  • iStorage has the file synchronization with FTP servers, SFTP, WebDAV, SkyDrive, Box, and Dropbox, along with integration with iCloud, Wi-Fi server to share files.
  • It includes a double panel mode that results in two different accounts on-screen at the same time.
  • You can move files between iCloud and an FTP server with ease and drag the elements and drop them as per the requirement.
    iStorage 2 HD
  • It consists of PDF editor, supporting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and many more which includes line numbering.
  • It allows you to send files and entire folders by mail.
  • You can see a document and manage files in a well-organized way with iStorage 2HD.
  • It is also known as an excellent code editor.
  • Then it allows you to perform multiple file transfers and editing sessions at once.
  • It also allows you to open password-protected PDF, ZIP and Rar files.
  • You can access and save files from the web directly to your phone with its built-in browser.

Each above-mentioned app provides various features. All these apps are the best iPhone file manager apps. You can download any of the above file manager apps on your iPhone to make your tasks well organized.

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