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Extract Zip Files on iPhone

The iPhone is a great smartphone that can do various things. But there are a few things which you cannot do on it and one of them is to open zip files. There is no app or feature that allows you to open/extract zip files. If you want to open the zip file on your iPhone or iPad, you need third-party apps. Apple introduced Shortcuts app with iOS 12.

This app is used to zip and unzip files on your iPhone and iPad. There are many free and paid apps in the App Store that assists you to extract zip files on your iPhone or iPad. Here are some of these:

How to Unzip a Zip File With Your iPhone or iPad’s App

  1. iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar Tool

    iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar Tool


iZip is the most secure and fast Zip utility for business and professional users. It is simple and easy to use. You can open the file from your phone, your browser, cloud. There are also numerous ways such as Airdrop, email, drive, and many more to share the file after you zip/unzip. You can unzip files that are password protected and AES encrypted with this app. This app can unzip many compressed files with different formats. It is one of the most advanced zip file management tools as it can open files directly from iCloud, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Box.

  1. WinZip

WinZip app’s paid versions are extraordinarily built to handle zip files. But the free version of the app is more than enough for most users. It automatically extracts the zip file and displays the contents when you open a zip file. There is no need to extract it manually. This app is ad-supported and has minor hiccups in the interface. But it is a good app to use. WinZip is simple and easy to use. You need to open with WinZip when you receive a Zip or RAR file as an email attachment or want to download and view the contents of a Zip and RAR file from the web. You can share with other iOS users in seconds with support for AirDrop.

  1. Zip & RAR File Extractor

    Zip & RAR File Extractor

Zip & RAR File Extractor is a great app but it does not open zip files automatically. If you open a zip file in this app, it only imports it. You need to click on the file within the app to extract the contents. It is also ad-supported and full-screen ads. The paid version does not show ads. It is a clean and powerful app that supports Media Player, Photo Viewer, PDF Reader, and Documents Viewer. It can also turn into a file management app by allowing other apps to save their files to it. For instance: an Email app can save attachments to this app. It also supports password and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) password.

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  1. Zip Browser

    Zip Browser

Zip Browser is a quick, minimalist zip extractor for the iPhone or iPad. The basic features of Zip Browser include fast extraction, good support for a variety of zip formats and a built-in document viewer. An in-app purchase for Pro upgrade unlocks many more features such as searching within a zip.

  1. Unzip tool (zip/rar/un7z)

    unzip tool

This app has over 5000,000 downloads. It is the perfect tool combines with ZIP/UnZip/UnRAR/Un7z, Cloud Storage, office file viewer, File Manager, and Media Player. It can fulfill all your needs. It also has a wifi-transfer function to allow you to send and download files to/from your PC or Mac.

  1. Zip Viewer

    zip viewer

Zip Viewer is a fast and efficient zip file viewer on iPhones and iPads which is also highly integrated native iOS apps. It supports VoiceOver and makes everything easier for you. Zip files automatically extract and store in the application documents directory.

  1. FastZip – ZIP, unZIP, and RAR

The FastZip – ZIP, unZIP, and RAR are just like the WinZip app. When you select the app to open a file, it extracts zip files directly. It has a very simple interface. You can share your files with other media or apps as well through this app.

fastzip app

The Files app adds in iOS 11 supports zip files. You can open these zip files, see their contents, and extract files without any third-party apps. You need an app from the App Store if you want to create zip files. While downloads a zip file in Safari, your iPhone or iPad offers to open it in the Files app.

  • You need to tap Open in Files to do so. You can save zip files to the Files app from other applications.
  • Then it prompts you to choose a location for the zip file. You need to save a copy of the zip file to this location.
  • Then select a location such as your iCloud Drive or a folder on your iPhone. Then tap Add.
  • Then tap the zip file in your Files app to open it.
  • Then tap Preview Content to see the contents of the zip file.
  • You can see the contents of the zip file here. If the zip file has multiple files, swipe left and right to switch between them.
  • You need to tap the Share button to extract a file from the zip archive. Then select Save to Files to save it to your files app or tap an app to immediately send it to that app.

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Here is a simple tip to open zip files using these apps:

  • You need to locate the zip file on your iPhone or iPad. Basically, attachments in the mail app may be zip files. You may also have zip files in your Dropbox/iCloud Drive folder.
  • Then tap on the zip file or just select it and then tap on the share icon.
  • Then tap on Open In from the options and select the appropriate app to open and extract the contents of the zip file.

You must install a zip extractor app on your mobile devices. It helps you to download groups of files more easily and keep them organized in a specific app. You can use any of the above-mentioned apps to extract zip files on iPhone or iPad.

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