Best Ways to Reset Locked iPad Without Password

Best Ways to Reset Locked iPad Without Password

Ways to Reset Locked iPad Without Password: Our lives have become so dependent on passwords. We are always trying to update and change the password to maintain better security standard. So it is not uncommon for iPad or other idevice users to forget their password. It can lead to a panic situation for anyone as our lives are dependent on the devices we use. There are several methods to get you out of this situation. To help you out, we have gathered the best strategies.

How To Reset Locked iPad Without Password

Reset Locked iPad

Things you can try to protect or remember your password

  1. Keep password simple yet difficult to guess
  2. Use upper and lower case interchangeably while altering passwords
  3. If you decide to write down the password make sure you keep it absolutely safe
  4. Set password as something that is very dear to you

Why you should use the Password?

Setting a password is an easy way to keep the device secured. Though many users ignore the importance of setting up a password, but by doing so you can protect your information better. Even if your device gets lost or stolen, then also no one will have access to your iPad. Your personal data will stay protected.

It takes only a few minutes to have your device protected. iPad is an expensive device and the amount of information that it can store is amazing. Leaving all that accessible to anyone who might get hold of the device might not be a very good idea. It is always a great decision to keep the device protected with the help of a password. The iPhone lock can be triggered by inputting wrong password multiple number of times

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To set the password take the following steps:

  1. To unlock, swipe the iPad screen
  2. Go to the Settings tab
  3. Locate the Passcode
  4. Choose a suitable Passcode
  5. You will need to confirm it again
  6. To lock your iPad, click on the lock button

When you want to switch it on or wake the iPad from sleep mode, you will be prompted to provide the password.

If you remember it, then key it in. In case you have forgotten, try the following methods to unlock your iPad.

Out of the methods that we are going to present you, choose the one that is most convenient for you. All of the below-mentioned methods will work without fail.

  1. Reset without password with the help of a tool
  2. How to restore with the help of iCloud
  3. How to reset iPad without password for iTunes
  4. Recovery Mode reset

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The methods are one by one discussed in detail.

  1. Reset without password with the help of a tool – In case you have forgotten the Apple password, take the following steps.

  • Visit your Apple ID page
  • Look for the Forgot Apple Id or Password and click itForgot Apple Id or Password
  • You might be prompted to confirm your phone number
  • Complete the two-step authentication
  • Key in your Apple ID
  • Choose Reset password option

However, if you have bought a used Apple phone then try these steps to reset a locked phone. You might not be able to contact the previous owner to help you out. For this method you will not need the password. You will need the help of a tool called iMyFoneLock Wiper. There are some other tools available but make sure to stay away from fake, free tools which never work. By using them you can lose you may suffer from further data loss. It can bypass password, passcode, Face ID as well as Touch ID. Some of its key features include the following

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  • You can reset your locked iPad or iPhone in a few easy steps
  • Even a damaged screen problem can be overcome with this tool
  • Touch ID, Face ID, Four or Six digit Passcode can be bypassed with this tool
  • You can unlock on any device of Apple
  • It supports all of the latest version and models

Here are the steps that you need to follow

  • You will need to start with downloading Lock Wiper then install and run the tool
  • Now select Start
  • Connect your device with the computer (preferably use original Apple cable)
  • Once the connection is done, you need to select Next
  • You will be asked for your device information ( be prepared with all relevant information ready at hand)
  • Next you will have to download the Firmware
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for the Firmware to be downloaded
  • You will be notified once the Firmware has been uploaded
  • In the same page you will have the option to Start To Extract, select that
  • The process will only take a few minutes
  • Then the next screen you see will have the message Removing Screen Lock

While buying the tool to remove the password, make sure that you buy a genuine product. There are plenty of coupons available online. Try them to get a discount. Tools other than Lock Wiper might be a scam. To ensure you are getting the right product, you can use a trial version.

A disabled phone can be a huge problem as most of your communications are done through your phone. If the above version, which is the most effective way is not suitable for you, then try the following methods.

All the methods are discussed here are highly effective. While choosing the method best suited for you, make sure you fulfill the requirements to carry out the process.

Resetting a locked phone with a tool is not a free option but certainly an inexpensive one. Let us discuss the other methods that can also help you.

  1. How to restore with the help of iCloud – this method will only be suitable under a few conditions. So before you begin the process, make sure,

  • You are signed in to iCloud
    icloud with apple ID
  • On your device Find My iPhone is enabledfind my iPhone enable

With these two preconditions you can reset your enabled iPad with the help of iCloud. You will need a computer to complete this process.

This process will involve the following steps:

  • On your PC, visit the
  • You will be asked to enter both your Apple ID as well as Password
  • Correctly enter the details
  • Locate the Find iPhone and click it
  • On the top of your screen, you will see All Devices
  • From the drop-down menu, choose your device
  • After you select the iPad, press Erase iPad option
  • This will lead to resetting your iPhone along with the password
  • Now the iPad will be erased with all previous information. This process can also be done remotely as you do need to connect your device with the computer.
  • This process will take a few minutes
  • Your device will be ready with factory settings and you will be able to reset as you please

This process can be done remotely as you do not need to connect the device with the computer. You can take help of a friend if the steps are confusing to you. Now after completion of the setup, you can select the option of Restore From iCloud Backup, select the latest version of your backup. Needless to say, this process is irrelevant if you do not regularly backup your device with the hep of iCloud.

Thus, regular backup on iCloud is good practice and you must try to follow it as often as you can. By backing up on a regular basis you can be certain that your data is not stored in the device alone. The data stays protected in the cloud and you can have access to all of it even if your device gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

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It is a security measure that everyone should take to back up on a regular basis.

Make sure that the device is connected to a high-speed internet or Wi-Fi it will help in the process of speedy recovery. With a slow internet you will be stuck for hours in the recovery process. Before initiating recovery, connect to the internet and also check the speed of the internet.

  1. How to reset iPad without password for iTunes – This method will only work under certain pre conditions. Such as:

  • You had synched your iPad with your iTunes.
  • Now you can use iTunes account to reset your locked iPad

This method will not work if you had not done the synch earlier. But for if any reason you can not access the iTunes account then this method will not work. Before starting the process ensure you have the iTunes details ad access ready for use. You will need computer to work on this process.

To complete the process take the following steps.

  • Start by launching the iTunes on the computer where you had synched previously your iPad with iTunes
  • Connect the computer with the iPad. You can use a standard cable or a one that is most compatible with Apple products
  • It should be set at default to synch it.
  • If the process does not start automatically then try clicking on Synch button (You will find it at the bottom of the page)
  • In case you are asked for the password, then this method might not work as you could have synched on another computer. So try afresh on the computer where you had synched
  • Once the synch process is completed you can click on Restore iPad
  • After the reset, you will see the setup menu
  • Click on Restore From iTunes Backup
  • From the iTunes tab, click on the iPad’s name (device name or the name given by you)
  • After a few minutes the process will be completed
  • Followed by restored data

The process completion means that the passcode is already removed. You can reset as you want.

  1. Recovery Mode reset

    This option is deemed to be one of the best options for many users. However, many users do not prefer this method over the other methods as this is one of the most time-consuming method. It also involves several steps which can be confusing. Though the most reliable, effective and easy option is unlocking with the tool. This method is ideal if you are not one who regularly synch with iTunes or had forgotten to keep the Find My iPhone option enabled on your device.

To use the option of unlocking in recovery mode, you have to do the following steps.

Recovery Mode reset

  • Start with connecting your device with the computer
  • At the time of connection, force a autostart
  • You can do it by long-pressing the home button
  • Or long-pressing the Sleep/Wake button
  • You will then notice that you have been connected to iTunes
  • You will have a screen asking you to choose Restore or Update
  • Select Restore
  • The new ios download process will start
  • The process of downloading might take several minutes (more than 15 minutes minimum)
  • The downloading will complete at its own pace (make sure you have a stable connection)
  • After it is completed, you will be able to use the iPad like new

Keep your password out of reach from everyone else. It is your private information that should not be shared wit anyone. Do not message or email the password to anyone. Also avoid sharing the password over conversation. If anyone asks for your password, be alert and report to the corresponding authority. A locked iPad can be distressing for anyone.

There are three methods as discussed above to unlock the locked iPad that Apple has provided with. However, if you are in a hurry and want an easy solution involving a few steps then a tool is your best bet. Lock wiper is one of the best tools. If you buy other tools make sure the pricing is affordable. Read some of the reviews and choose an option that you are sure would work best for you.

Forgetting passwords to your iPad is more common than what you might think. With the above-mentioned methods, resetting a locked iPad becomes easy. However, do keep in mind to reset the password as soon as you can and stay protected.

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