How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password?

How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

An iPhone is certainly a phone of dreams. After your purchase of a used iPhone, you may be faced with annoying problems such as the iCloud Activation lock. This can be a huge challenge if you are not aware of the methods to remove the lock. You are not alone who has been faced with such a problem. For new iPhone users who have bought a preloved model, we have gathered the best possible ways to overcome this challenge.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iCloud Activation Lock

As a new Apple user, you might be confused as to what is Activation Lock. Apple devised this method to prevent the use of your phone by a stranger in the event of loss or theft. The activation lock gets enabled as soon as you switch on the phone. This is a safety feature as your phone will be useless if a thief gets hands on it. However, you as the legitimate owner of this used phone can run into this similar problem!

Check if your device has Activation Lock turned On

If you are physically buying an iDevice, take the following steps to check if you are being scammed. Find out whether the device you are buying has an activation lock or not. Do the following steps.

  • Switch on the device that you are about to buy

  • If the device asks for Apple ID or any Passcode then this device is locked.

You can ask the seller to do the following things.

  • Unlock and erase all contents from the device

Once you are satisfied that the product is usable, then only pay the dealer or seller. There are many stolen iPhone devices available in the market. Avoid buying any of them. In case you buy a stolen device you can get into a lot of trouble. If the phone is being sold for an unbelievable price and the seller refuses to show you the product before you pay, then something might be fishy.

Even a used iPhone will not come very cheap. Going through the device before you make the final payment is always a great idea. After you are convinced it is a good product, make your purchase. For online purchases, you will not be able to inspect the physical phone. In such a case if you face a locked device, you can use the methods described here to unlock.

There are a few tried and tested method to remove the activation lock. The most popular ones are the following. Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Removing iCloud account without password

    remove iCloud account

  2. Remotely remove iCloud Activation Lock
  3. Using DNS, removing the Activation Lock
  4. Take Apple’s help for removing the Activation Lock
  5. Unlocking iCloud account through a paid service

Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Removing iCloud account without password

    – If you do not have the password and you want to use the iPhone. Then the best possible method is by taking the help of a tool like iMyFone Lock Wiper. Avoid the free tools available online as they are mostly fraudulent. The best thing about this particular tool is that it works with most Apple device and version, models. A paid tool will easily help you bypass the lack of password. It has a lot of benefits such as

  • An instant removal of iCloud account without the help of password.
  • Do it yourself. It only takes a few minutes.
  • Once the removal is done, the phone will be ready for your house.
  • The previous owner will have no access to your iPhone.
  • You can download or delete any application of your choice.
  • A very affordable choice.

Follow these steps to Start the process of removing the activation lock.

  • To start with you will have to download a tool called Lock Wiper. Install and run the program.
  • Go through the options and select the Unlock Apple ID option out of the list.
  • Now you will have to tap on the Start to unlock button
  • You will be prompted for the next steps
  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • You will have to tap Settings followed by General tab then Reset button
  • The process will start
  • It will take a couple of minutes to several minutes

After the completion of the process, the existing Apple and iCloud Id will be erased. Now your device will be ready for your use and will have nothing to do with the previous owner. You can use your personal Apple ID and enjoy your Apple device.

The trial version is free and you can proceed to check its feasibility in your particular case. Also, keep a watch over any possible discount.

  1. Remotely remove iCloud Activation Lock

    Remotely remove iCloud Activation Lock

    – Fortunately for Apple device users, there are plenty of options to keep their device functional. Even if the activation lock has been activated. There are several ways to bypass such issues which are more common than most users knowledge.

If you have recently bought a used iDevice from a dealer or an owner, you might stumble upon a huge impediment. The previous owner may have forgotten to remove the activation lock. In such a case you will not be able to use the device. As the phone will stay locked. One recommended way to overcome this situation is by contacting the previous owner. If he or she is available then ask them to take the following steps. With these steps, they can remove the activation lock from the comfort of their home. They can start by

  • Visiting the page
  • They will have to sign in with their Apple ID, followed by the password they have been usingicloud with apple ID
  • After they find the Find iPhone tab, ask them to click it
  • Followed by clicking on All Devices
  • They will have to choose the devices they wish to disconnect from their account
  • They should also click Erase iPhone to protect their data privacy (if they have not already done that)
  • After the deletion is complete
  • Ask them to tap on Remove from account
  1. Using DNS, removing the Activation Lock

    This might sound a little complicated but this is one of the most effective methods of removing the Activation Lock.

Follow these steps and use the DNS method to complete removal of Activation Lock.
  • Switch on your iPhone or iPad whichever you decide to remove the Activation Lock from.
  • You will have to finish the setup entirely
  • Now you will be prompted to Choose wi-fi network
  • Now click the Home button Choose More wi-fi settings
  • Select the ‘I’ button ( it is beside wi-fi network)
  • You will have to find a tab called Configure DNS
  • There click on Manual
  • Now select Add server, you will find a blank page pop in
  • Please note the following server address location for each specific zones

Africa, Australia, and other locations:

  • After putting the correct server information, click on save
  • Go back and tap on Join this network
  • You may have to provide network password and then click on Join
  • Try to activate your iPhone
  • Then click Back

These is a complex way of removing the Activation Lock. Many users do not want to go through this tedious process. If you input the wrong server details then you will have to start from the very beginning. For newer iPhone version this method might also nit work. However, if you have an older model of iPhone this method is certainly worth a try.

  1. Take Apple’s help for removing the Activation Lock

    Apple does come to the rescue of its patrons! In case you need to remove the Activation Lock and no other method suits you, try to get help directly from Apple. However, in doing so, you must remember that Apple does help only under particular circumstances. If you do not meet the criteria then Apple will not be able to help you.To avail, this method, visit your newest Apple store. Apple will ask you for the following

  • To determine the fact that you are the original owner of the phone or you were the one who bought the one, you will have to show them proof. Be prepared with your receipt. You may additionally be required to provide an identity card and bank purchase statement.
  • In case you have bought a used phone, you will be required to provide a statement of transfer of ownership from the previous owner, along with all purchase information and receipt.
  • Additionally, Apple will enquire if the phone is stolen or lost

This method is a lengthy process. If you have bought the iPhone from an online dealer then providing such documentation as a transfer of ownership might not be possible. There are many scams online going on. An unscrupulous dealer might sell you the device and also report it stolen or lost to Apple, if you reach out to an Apple store under such circumstances, you will not only lose your phone but also get into unnecessary trouble.

This method is the best option if you are the direct owner of the device and have been careful enough to save all the relevant papers such as a receipt.

  1. Unlocking iCloud account through a paid Service

    – Another method you can try is to get a paid service. But before subscribing to any such service, go through the reviews properly. Also, do not subscribe to a highly-priced service as this method might or might not work. This method may not guarantee 100% success as there are various disadvantages, such as

  • Your device has to be ios versions such as up to iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4 and higher will not work
  • The device needs to have a GSM or wi-fi connection
  • If your phone has been reported to be stolen or even lost, this method will not work
  • You will also need to have full access to your phone’s settings
  • Your phone should have proceeded from the Activation Lock screen

Once you are certain that you meet all the requirements, you will have to take the following steps.

Try to use iRemove tools for speedy and effective removal of the Activation lock. You will need a computer to fulfill this option.

  • Download and install the latest version of the tool (the latest version is always the updated version and hence the best)
  • Run the software on your computer
  • Followed by connecting your iPhone
  • You will receive verification on whether bypassing Apple ID is possible or not
  • Now you will have to pay for the tool
  • After the payment transaction is completed, you will receive instructions
  • Follow the steps carefully to remove the Activation Lock
  • After finishing up, you can set up your phone as you please

If you are looking for free options to remove the Activation Lock, you can consider these ones.

  • Use the free or trial version of LockWiper
  • Get in touch with the original owner to remove the Activation Lock
  • Resort to Apple to help remove the Activation Lock
  • Take help of DNS settings

Removing Activation Lock does not mean you will have to spend a lot of money. Choose your option wisely. Invest in a good tool as the tools have other uses as well. Avoid the online scams by being judicious about your choices.

Whichever method you choose to remove the Activation Lock, go through the process before starting the method. Once you know each step, you will be able to avoid any pitfall.

To avoid future Activation Lock problems, try these steps:

When buying an iPhone device, trust only reliable sources. Check dealers who have customer support. As soon as you receive the phone, make sure you the locks are disabled. In case a device has arrived with an activation lock, try to remove it at your earliest.

If the previous owner has not been careful and ignored to remove the Apple ID or iCloud ID then you will have to take the above-mentioned steps to do it on your own. Some unscrupulous sellers deliberately lock these iPhone devices to later charge you to remove the locks. It would be best if you unlock it on your own without taking help from the seller.

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