Can You Download Face Time For Android?

Can You Download Face Time For Android

Facetime for Android Download

At times, you may be annoyed by your friends who are iPhone users and use FaceTime with each other. We understand your situation and funny to say, that you are jealous of them, a little! Meanwhile, you have been looking for an alternative app that works the same as FaceTime. So, stop wondering about how you can use FaceTime on Android! Because the answer is hard to digest for android users. But, no worries, we have found a few more solution so that you can experience the same feel like FaceTime. Here, later part will illustrate the most preferred video calling apps for android. Firstly, we will discuss the FaceTime and how it became popular.

What is FaceTime & How It Came Into Consideration

Launched in 2010, FaceTime is a popular video and audio calling application designed For iOS devices. Apple launched Facetime in 2010 and 2011 respectively for iOS and Mac. Basically, it a free service provided by Apple to its users. Anyone with the devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod touch can easily call anyone. However, this app works only with Apple user at both the end. You will only need other person’s phone number or email address to proceed the call. There is one more feature in FaceTime for Mac devices; if you use Mac, then you can easily share your device’s screen over FaceTime.

Moreover, you will be amazed by the fact that FaceTime does not only support video calls but also audio calls. Most of us have been thinking that it has only one feature that is video calling, but it has another additional feature ‘FaceTime Voice Call’. You must be thinking why the audio call is required if one can easily place the video call. So, the answer is, sometimes you may have a limited minutes plan, and at that time, FaceTime will become an alternative that would make sure your talk continues. One more noteworthy point of discussion is that only two people can converse over FaceTime at the same time.

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Why FaceTime is more popular than any other video-calling applications? There is a convenience that falls under one common room. So basically, it comes pre-installed on every iOS devices. You need to just log in with your Apple id in order to launch the application. Therefore, a video call with iPhone user is just a few seconds away. Here, you don’t need to roam around for creating new accounts or anything like downloading a new different app.

How Can I Use FaceTime On Android? Can I?

Firstly, FaceTime is not an open-source app. It completely developed by Apple. One way you can say that FaceTime is a proprietary app which also indicates that Apple has entire control over the FaceTime. This is the primary reason why FaceTime is not available everywhere except iOS devices. It is evident that Apple decides the devices on which this app will work. Unfortunately, Apple only allows iOS users to use this app, nothing for an Android user and others.

Android users! Sorry to say, you should not try finding FaceTime on Google Play Store, and same is applicable for Windows users too. Since FaceTime is compatible only with Apple users, instead looking for FaceTime, you should look for an alternative that would help you with video calling just like FaceTime.

Thanks to the popularity of FaceTime, because of that, you’ll find several video-calling app for android.

Alternatives Of FaceTime In Android Devices

The following list are the alternative application that Android users can use instead of FaceTime.

  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Duo
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber

Google Hangouts

After a few technical amendments, Google Hangouts has emerged rapidly as an alternative for android users. It has a reputation of delivering a great chat experience. It has video-calling functionality along with iMessage functionality same as Facetime. Similarly, it also comes pre-installed in every possible Android device just like FaceTime comes in iOS. With this, you can easily place video and audio call with other android users.

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Launch Google Hangouts on your device. Open the chat box of a person whom you want to call. You will find the PLUS icon placed in the bottom-right corner, by this, you can start a text chat or a video call with the respective person. Moreover, you can connect with everyone easily as long as you have their phone numbers or email addresses which are linked with their Google account.

To start a video call, you need to go to text conversion section. You will find an icon showing a symbol for a video call. Tap it! By this, you can start a video call or audio call. The great thing about Google Hangout is that unlike FaceTime, it supports as much as 10 video call at once. Another attraction of Google Hangout is that it is also available over iOS so you can make video or audio calls with iPhone users too.

Google Duo

Despite of having an application like Google Hangouts, Google didn’t satisfy with the quality of video calling. Somehow, Google felt that there was a space to improve video quality, therefore, they created Google Due, an entirely new video calling app for users. Similar to FaceTime, this app is also developed for one to one calling.

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