27+ Death Note iPhone Wallpapers in 2024

Death Note iPhone Wallpapers

If you are a Death Note fan looking for Death Note iPhone wallpapers, then you have arrived at the perfect destination. You can find, view, and download from the list of the 21 best Death Note wallpapers listed below. That being said, Death Note is a very popular anime that is treasured by numerous anime fans across the globe. If you are a fan of anime and have not yet watched Death Note, then as an anime lover, it must go to the top of your must-watch list. 

The anime has a number of memorable characters and if you are also a fan of one of them like many of us are, then, here you will find some of the best and high-resolution Death Note iPhone wallpapers that you’ll absolutely love and enjoy. 

About Death Note: The Perfect Anime for Your iPhone Wallpaper 2024

Death Note is a suspenseful series that was initially written as manga. The anime has very powerful imagery which makes it a perfect anime with a lot of exciting clips that can look perfect on the Home Screen and Lock Screen of your iPhone. 

Death Note (デスノート, Desu Nōto), a manga series, was created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata. The series has a high school student as the protagonist. The student discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone simply by writing down the name of the victim and imagining their face while writing it down.

If you want to flaunt some amazing taste in anime, or if you want your phone to look amazing featuring the vivid scenes from the anime, here is a list of the 21 best Death Note iPhone wallpapers for you. 

27 Best Death Note Wallpapers for Your iPhone

1. Shinigami Ryuk Wallpaper

Shinigami Ryuk Wallpaper

This wallpaper features the most iconic character of Death Note. The bright red background off the wallpaper adds a pop of color on your Home Screen or Lock Screen, wherever you put it. 

2. Light Yagami Wallpaper

Light Yagami Wallpaper

This one is a super attractive Death Note iPhone wallpaper with a minimalist style and has a combination of classic black, red, and white shades which adds a unique appeal to it. The wallpaper features Light Yagami from Death Note, who is also known as Kira. 

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3. Mystical Shinigami Wallpaper

Mystical Shinigami

If you want a dark and dramatic appearance for your iPhone as well as want to put up a noticeable Death Note wallpaper, then this mystical Shinigami wallpaper is the perfect option for you. It is a really aesthetic wallpaper on this list. 

4. Shinigami With The Death Note Book

Shinigami With The Death Note Book

This wallpaper is a unique one with some special smoky effects on the entire Death Note imagery. The wallpaper has a mysterious appearance and is another great option if you prefer the dark theme as your iPhone wallpaper.

5. Vintage Aesthetic Death Note Wallpaper

Vintage Aesthetic Death Note Wallpaper

If you are up for an outstanding vintage aesthetic appearance for your iPhone, then this Death Note wallpaper is a perfect choice. It features a perfect floral pattern and has the “Death Note” annotation. 

6. Minimalist Death Note Wallpaper

Minimalist Death Note Wallpaper

We all know that the fruit Apple has significant importance in Death Note. This wallpaper takes it a step ahead and makes it the perfect iPhone wallpaper by equating it to the Apple logo at its bottom part. This wallpaper has a minimalist look with a touch of excellent creativity.

7. Ryuk Death Note Wallpaper

Ryuk Death Note Wallpaper

A perfect wallpaper for iPhone users who are a fan of Ryuk as well as prefer a Dark wallpaper or have the “Dark Mode” activated on their iPhones. The wallpaper features a nice abstract background with a simplistic black and white shade. 

8. Floral Death Note Wallpaper

Floral Death Note Wallpaper

Need a floral theme in a Death Note wallpaper? This wallpaper adds a floral touch to a simple and abstract Death Note wallpaper which can completely transform the appearance of your iPhone screen. A lot of writers and artists find this wallpaper to be very aesthetic and appealing.

9. Shinigami on Earth Death Note Anime Wallpaper

Shinigami on Earth Death Note Anime Wallpaper

One of the most iconic anime wallpapers, many people have this up on their iPhones without ever having watched the Death Note anime or reading the manga. It features a Shinigami clawing on top of a pylon with a lilac and crimson combination for the sky colour of a dusk setting. 

10. Shinigami Art Wallpaper

Shinigami Art Wallpaper

This one is a really unique Death Note wallpaper that loves the artsy vibe of the wallpaper that features Shinigami. The wallpaper highlights how to tell a story without speaking any words and is definitely a unique and exceptional one. 

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11. Death Note Book Wallpaper

Death Note Book Wallpaper

We know the central object of the Death Note anime: The Death Note Book itself. This wallpaper combines a brilliant shade of red and the featured black Death Note Book, with the white feather on top of it. It offers a vivid and attractive look to your iPhone screen. The wallpaper might also be the perfect reminder of “an apple a day…”

12. Gorgeous Shinigami Red and Black Wallpaper

Gorgeous Shinigami Red and Black Wallpaper

Shinigami are a key part of Death Note. They are alluring creatures of darkness and this wallpaper is a gorgeous one depicting them. The wallpaper features a combination of red and black shades and offers a vibrant look to your iPhone screen. 

13. Light Yagami (Kira) Death Note Wallpaper

Kira Death Note Wallpaper

A classic anime wallpaper giving off the typical anime vibes and any anime fan would love to put this up as wallpaper on their iPhones. The wallpaper features Kira, and if you are a fan of the character, then this is just the wallpaper you need. The artsy effect of the wallpaper is enhanced by the watercolour effect. 

14. Light Death Note Wallpaper

Light Death Note Wallpaper

This Death Note wallpaper features the protagonist of the anime, Light. It is a stunning wallpaper with a glowy effect and features a memorable look of the protagonist in the anime. It can be a great option for your iPhone lock screen and might just scare people giving off a subtle warning of not trying to unlock your phone without permission. 

15. Minimal and Aesthetic L Death Note Wallpaper

Minimal and Aesthetic L Death Note Wallpaper

This minimal and aesthetic wallpaper is the perfect L Death Note wallpaper for iPhone users. It features an overall deep teal-grey colour with L at the bottom right corner. The white flush in L’s shirt adds a different vigour to the wallpaper. 

16. Gothic Death Note Wallpaper

Gothic Death Note Wallpaper

If you want a gorgeous Death Note wallpaper for your iPhone that encompasses every aspect of the anime, then this wallpaper is the perfect option for you. It has an abstract theme with a gothic touch and can be the perfect wallpaper for your Home Screen. 

17. L Logo Death Note Wallpaper

L Logo Death Note Wallpaper

Simple, elegant, and a perfect Death Note wallpaper for the fans of L. This wallpaper comes in all black, making it perfect if you have “Dark Mode” activated, and features the initial L, in unique Roman-style calligraphy art.

18. Minimalist Shinigami and Light Death Note Wallpaper

Minimalist Shinigami and Light Death Note Wallpaper

Great wallpaper for “Dark Mode” users once again, this Death Note wallpaper features the meeting of Shinigami and the protagonist, Light in a black background. The wallpaper has a minimalist style and tells a lot about the theme and progression of the series through a very simple presentation of this meeting. 

19. Light B&W Death Note Wallpaper

Light B&W Death Note Wallpaper

Want the “scary” face of Light on your iPhone screen? Need a black and white option? Then this Light B&W Death Note wallpaper is what you need to put up on your iPhone. A very popular one chosen by Death Note and Monochrome lovers alike. 

20. L Death Note Wallpaper

L Death Note Wallpaper

The L Death Note Wallpaper features L at the center of the ochre-brownish background in his classic appearance and dress that we see throughout the anime. If you need some pop on your iPhone screen as well as the Death Note theme, then this is the one for you. 

21. Death Note Cover Wallpaper

Death Note Cover Wallpaper

Last but not the least, as an ultimate tribute to one of the best anime of all time in the world, here is a Death Note Cover Wallpaper for all the Death Note fans who want it as their wallpaper on their iPhone Home Screens or Lock Screens. 

An Ending Note

That brings us to the end of this cool collection of high resolution and best Death Note iPhone wallpapers. These 21 Death Note iPhone wallpapers are just perfect for Death Note fans and for any anime fan as well. If you have not already watched this anime, make sure you do as soon as possible, because it is worth it. 

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