Best Winter Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

In modern days, most smartphone users have a fascination with high-definition wallpapers. Both images and video clips can be used as wallpapers on all modern phones. The iPhones are no different and the users can download numerous wallpapers from different sites for free or with subscriptions. 

It is quite trendy among iPhone users to use wallpapers according to the season. Many people also use it according to any seasonal festival that takes place at a particular time. If you are among them and looking for some unique and outstanding winter wallpapers for your iPhone, this article can be of your help.

Top Winter Wallpapers for Your iPhone

Here is the list of the top winter wallpapers that you can put on your iPhone. All these wallpapers have free access and you can just download the image and make it your wallpaper.

  • Feeling the Blue in Winter Season

Feeling the Blue in Winter Season

Feeling the Blue is one of the most vibrant winter wallpapers that you can use on your iPhone. The image shows a close-up of a flower with the accumulation of snow over it. If blue is one of your favorite colours, this picture can be the best wallpaper for you. 

Moreover, as the picture shows a blue monochrome, it can easily enhance the brightness of your phone. Thus, you can see the application shortcuts on your home screen.

  • The Winter Pink Trees

The Winter Pink Trees

You might know that the leaves of certain trees turn pink or red during the early winter and by the middle, they mostly fall. The Winter Pink Trees shows an absurd scenery of early winter with a fresh show and a bunch of trees with pink leaves in the backdrop. It also shows a toy train track as the main subject.

You can celebrate solitude by looking at this picture as it can provide you with the exact vibe. This is yet another bright picture to set as your iPhone wallpaper this winter as you can get easy access to the homepage apps.

  • Snowy Path

Snowy Path

A high-definition image of a path covered with snow can be the best wallpaper on your iPhone this winter. Although the picture does not show a specific location, most hilly paths of New England mostly look the same as present in this picture.  Moreover, the snow-laden ferns are also present in this picture. 

If you love snowy winters, you can keep this picture as your wallpaper. Moreover, if you are from a hilly area and staying somewhere else, this picture can always remind you of your native place.

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  • Mountain

Mountain wallpapers

Winter is all about snow, mist, and silence. A perfect winter shot should contain all three and the picture named ‘Mountain’ is the best example. If you are a youngster who is crazy about snowy mountains, you will surely love this as your iPhone wallpaper. 

To get the best experience, you can put this picture both on your home and the lock screen. As per the colours in this picture, it is mostly white which enables you to minimize the brightness of your screen.

  • Forbidden Fruit in Winter

Forbidden Fruit in Winter

Winter is considered the season for love and romance by most people. A forbidden fruit denotes desire too. So, if you are someone willing to celebrate the desire and romance of winter,  you can use the ‘Forbidden Fruit in Winter’ as your wallpaper. 

In this picture, you can see a red fruit with snow. All you need to do is just download it and set it as your wallpaper as the colour and light balance are rightly done in this picture.

  • Snow Covered Chairs in Winter

Snow Covered Chairs in Winter

People might be mostly unaware but every chair in a park or by the strand has several stories to tell. Now, imagine these chairs waiting for people on a snowy morning. The ‘Snow Covered Chairs in Winter’ just matches with the above description. 

The colour combination of the picture is outstanding and you can keep it as your iPhone wallpaper. All you need to do is adjust it a  little bit as per the size of your screen.

  • Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time

If you are a flower lover, the picture named ‘Frozen in Time’ can be the best winter wallpaper for your iPhone this winter. The picture is the perfect combination consisting of a bunch of white flowers and ice. You can set it as wallpaper as it can provide you with much-needed peace while you see the picture.

  • Red Winter Solitude – Best Winter wallpaper for iPhone

Red Winter Solitude

The red colour meets the sweet winter every year as Christmas comes. The picture ‘Red Winter Solitude’ shows a snowy place with smoke trees that have red dried leaves. You can set this picture as your wallpaper during Christmas time. 

As most parts of the picture are white, you must remember to set a dark theme on your iPhone. After you set the wallpaper, you can regulate the brightness of the phone as per your comfort.

  • A Christmas Dream wallpaper – Winter Wallpapers for iPhone

A Christmas Dream wallpaper

People from many parts of the world remain too excited for Christmas during the winter season. If you belong to the same group, ‘A Christmas Dream’ is the best photo you can keep as your iPhone wallpaper.

The picture shows a white Christmas tree which is just like a dream. The green background and the presence of the dream stars make it more attractive.  You might also feel like the leaves of the Christmas tree are a cluster of butterflies.

  • Pink Lights  iPhone Wallpapers

Pink Lights iPhone Wallpapers

Pink Lights have a close connection with Christmas and a picture that shows it vibrantly can be the best iPhone wallpaper for you this winter. You can download any image that shows pink light in the backdrop of winter. 

Apart from pink lights, you can download any image that shows white light as it denotes Christmas too.

  • Snowflakes


There are some outstanding wallpaper designs for your iPhone showing the shape of snowflakes. You can find these designs both on a white or black background. Choose according to your phone’s existing theme and your preference. 

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  • Magical Lights

Magical Lights wallpaper

The ‘Magical Lights’ is just an absurd image that is set on the branches of a dried tree. The image contains a light background and you can set the home screen apps comfortably. 

The light background of the image can provide you with the chance to keep the brightness of your phone low and save its battery.

Searching for the Right Wallpaper

Searching for the right wallpaper for winter is an easy task. You can either copy the names of the images given here or use them as keywords to find a variety of images that match your search. Always remember to check the size of the wallpaper before you download the winter wallpapers for your iPhone.

Final Words

As most wallpapers are found free of cost, you can choose the best one for your iPhone quite easily. However, always run a virus scan as soon as you download it as most of these image files might contain viruses which can be harmful to all other files present in your phone.

The best you can do is choose a wallpaper that has subscription charges. Generally, these images are more vibrant and clean.

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