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Eastern Europe software development outsourcing 3 tips & tricks to do it right

Outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe are booming. And for a reason. Eastern Europe software development outsourcing is a cheap yet excellent alternative to the traditionally more expensive markets.

Eastern European software developers are enjoying thriving tech communities. The region’s university system is churning out graduates with high-quality technical skills at a low cost, making it easier for companies to reap the rewards of the talent pool.

What makes Eastern Europe software outsourcing profitable?

According to Indeed, the average US software engineer has an annual salary of $114,000. This is without bonuses and additional benefits. 

Eastern European companies have evolved to become much more than just a pool of top developers. With an Eastern European company, you receive a partner, an extension of your business. This goes for both the software development and the customer service departments. 

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe can also help you market effectively, so you increase the saleability of the product and get the most out of it.

Eastern Europe software development outsourcing simply works!

Main perks of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe

Well, you should find convincing reasons to consider IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe; otherwise, why would you do it?

Reason #1: Unique value for money

Hiring a software development firm in Eastern Europe means you get top-tier talent for a fraction of the price you would pay if the company was based in the US or Western Europe. In fact, depending on your specific project needs, you will likely be able to hire a comparable software developer in Eastern Europe for less than 40 or 50 percent of what a programmer in a Western European country would charge.

Reason #2: Deep talent pool

Eastern European software developers offer tremendous capabilities that help companies in North America and Europe profit. The growing demand for software in the modern workforce has caused a severe shortage of skilled developers in North America and Europe. Many software outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe attract highly-skilled talent, ensuring that clients receive nothing short of excellence and complete satisfaction in their final product. It is always peace of mind to know that someone can get you covered in case of a need.

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Reason #3: Perfect communication

When you need a project to be completed quickly and efficiently, it is important to find a team that can communicate effectively. While other countries excel in other areas such as hourly rates or familiarity with certain products, Eastern Europe is known for its ability to communicate effectively. In particular, teams from Eastern Europe will often have university degrees that require several years of English education.

Tip 1: Trust your Eastern European partners

Eastern European developers are knowledgeable people. In general, they excel at decision-making due to their educational level. Eastern European outsourcing companies can be very handy if you run out of ideas. Many of them have many relatives and friends living in Western Europe, North America (US, Canada), and Australia. On top of that, their culture has been influenced by Western culture, and they might come with ideas that will be culturally acceptable by the end-users.

Tip 2: Do not micromanage Eastern European teams

Eastern European developers are well-known for their ability to produce high-quality work. When working with them, you may be tempted to micromanage their progress; however, this will simply slow them down and hurt the final product. Instead of withholding the details of your project from them, give them a clear direction and then let them do their work.

Tip 3: Set regular face-to-face meetings with your remote team

Face-to-face communication is still the most optimal way to get your message across. So, if your project is huge and complicated, make sure you take the first flight to visit your team and spend some time with them. This will help cement communications and make your team appreciate your client or boss position. In addition, this will enable them to understand your aims and voice your concerns directly to you, eliminating any misunderstanding that could have been communicated through messaging applications.


Eastern Europe software development outsourcing is not only a profitable way to do business, but it can also allow you to scale faster due to the deeper talent pools. However, it would be best if you considered the Eastern European developers’ mentality. If you are quick to arrange meetings, set reasonable deadlines, and give freedoms to your remote team, you will quickly realize how good your decision to trust an Eastern European team was.

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