How To Electronically Sign a PDF Using Preview on Mac

How to electronically sign a pdf: Digital signatures are very common these days. It is just a cryptographic inscription that allows you sync with technological advancement. Digital signatures are very common these days. Starting from your courier-walas, delivery boys, to your bank technology; everyone’s asking for your digital signature.

In digital India, even sabjiwalas who are using swipe machines for card users take digital sign these days. Digital signs are very convenient and saves time like for instance if you are out of town or maybe traveling overseas and you need to sign certain documents urgently, but you are not physically available and there is no possible way of mailing those papers printing it out then signing and again sending back them digitally.

This is too much of time-consuming and sometimes not possible depending on the areas you are traveling. So instead, you digitally sign those documents and share that via mail. This process is easy and effortless and less time-consuming. Also, advantage of digital sign is your sign is unique, so chances of copying become difficult.

In digital signatures, lines are never straight, they are somewhat crooked and if you sign from pdf then chances of copying are very less.

When you receive a document on mail the process of signing by printing out papers and then signing and scanning it and then again sending them back them digitally becomes too much of a hassle and is time-consuming and sometimes not even possible.

How to Electronically Sign a pdf?

Steps To Do Signature Using Trackpad

And Mac has loads of restrictions too so simply signing it digitally becomes convenient and Mac has it all for you. It moves hand in hand with technology and has all advance features in it.

Now how to sign digitally on PDF might be a task for somewhen or you might be wondering the process. Well, nothing to worry about it. The process is very simple and easy.

Apple has the digital signature possible with PDF Preview Program which is pre-installed in it and runs on every Mac OS X Lion version or even on the latest version too. It is a built-in program so default one and can be used.

If your documents are not of pdf version still you can sign-in in the preview option of pdf file. The signature drawn in pdf file by default saves in preview option so your signatures can be used in the future too.

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You can save multiple signatures in preview option and it also creates mark-up which can be used in emails too. These signatures can be used in non-pdf files too as it creates images too. This will become much easier when you need it in the future.

How to Electronically Sign a PDF with Trackpad?

Here are the following few steps on how to electronically sign a pdf using trackpad:

Electronically Sign a PDF with Trackpad:

  1. Open PDF file in your Mac computers which you want to sign in Preview
  2. Go to file-open-name of the file in which you must digitally sign.
  3. Now, that pdf file will open.
  4. Tap on the mark-up icon-signature icon.
  5. Now click on create new signature.
  6. Then, click on to begin.
  7. A trackpad will open where you need to draw your signature.
  8. After signing on the trackpad, click on finish option.
  9. Then, take your cursor to the drawn signature, click on it and insert on the Pdf file.
  10. You can resize it the way you want.

There is another way of signing in digitally through camera in pdf preview.

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How to Electronically Sign a PDF using Camera?

You just need to follow few steps for same:

Electronically Sign a PDF using Camera

  1. Open PDF file in your Mac computers which you want to sign in Preview.
  2. Now go to file-open-name of the file in which you must digitally sign.
  3. Click the Mark-up icon and in that click on signature.
  4. You will get an option to create signature in camera. Click here.
  5. Now draw your signature on the white paper.
  6. You need to hold on it so it will be visible to the camera.
  7. A virtual signature will be drawn by Preview.
  8. Click on finish.
  9. Now click on the signature and drag it in the PDF document.
  10. Now that the signature is inserted in the PDF document you can resize it in any form you need it.

Above are the two methods used in PDF Preview option for digital signatures. Once, you digitally sign it becomes an image which you can resize it various forms. Some people have slant signatures, so do it straight and some have it curvy.

Drawing Signature with Cursor

While drawing signature with cursor you can draw it in all forms and then resize in different ways. For instance, you are using trackpad to draw your signature, you need to first view in preview option of pdf and see if your signature is drawn correctly; you need to draw very steadily and have a continuous look into preview option.

There is a difference between digital signatures and physical signatures- you are used to drawing physical signatures but in digital ones, you need to make mistakes. To avoid making any mistake and draw perfectly first practice drawing signatures in trackpad or using camera options. You can also use an iPhone or iPad stylus application for a perfect signature.

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If you are still not comfortable with signing digitally then you take a white sheet and draw your signature physically then click the image in your camera and upload in your device and open in pdf file.

Though the image will be uploaded in an inverted form, the preview option will make image proper and your signature will appear from left to right form. I would not recommend this step as it is not only time consuming, but the signature is not authentically in digital form.

Hence, for future use and to move ahead with technology you need to use above methods for digital signature. It will take less than 30 seconds for you to sign digitally.

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