Google Assistant commands: The best Things to Ask your Google Home

Google Assistant Commands: The popularity of AIis no longer limited to start home appliances only.

“Call it Google’s shrewd step to adopt AI technology powered voice assistant for encountering its close competitor like Apple or to empower Voice Search Optimization, it’s recent AI popularly known as Google Assistant is quickly hacking popularity in the automation market.”

Know-About Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant Commands

Being compatible with a variety of smart speakers, Google’s Home Assistant has already joined with third party companies like JBL to make your home and office incredibly smart place indeed.

Be it your home, office or any specific areas in your business location, minimum access to Wi-Fi network access point is apt to access Google’s smart auto-bot that can be accessed from

  • Car
  • Office
  • Home, etc.

Grab a cup of tea and have a seat wherever you are comfortable and simply access

  • Security cameras
  • Regulate the LED lights
  • Customize the music track playing in the home theatre without even touching it
  • Switch on/off the refrigerator
  • Access the ceiling fans of your office touch-free etc.

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What is Google Assistant and What Can it Do?

Working of Google Assistant

Initially, Google’s Home assistant was spearheaded to hype the Android market by using AI technology for reducing the technical challenges with iPhones, but now its universal utility has literally transformed it into a search giant, that’s slowly looking forward to expanding its capabilities.

Apart from setting timers, controlling lights and thermostats, Google’s latest AI is empowered to control Trivia games, YouTube videos, Netflix movies, web series, etc with voice over commands.  What more do you want?

According to one of the senior marketing executives of Google’s marketing Division the USA, Google AI voice Assistant has further planned to command more electronic appliances and smart gadgets by the end of 2020 to rip a fleshy profit from the automation market. Time to browse through a few smart voice-based commands introduced by Google Assistant and Nest speakers already,

Begin with ‘OK’ or ‘HEY GOOGLE with your reliable Assistant on a smartphone.

Beginning a conversation with your most reliable auto-bot friend Google Assistant is simple. Just speak Hey or Hi Google and at once your loyal assistant responds you with

How can I help you?’

Shoot your requirement with a voice command and at once your assistant responds with your requirement suitably.

The Google speakers have the same features, even if it’s a third-party speaker, spending a little bit of time to learn the command features encrypted below the device for Google Home Work would be sufficient to access Google Home Assistant.

Voice Command Support Provided With Google Assistant

Voice Command in google assistant

  • Integrating with Android messages, hangouts, chat messengers. It can read back replies on specific voice commands given by the user
  • Streams music from a phone via Bluetooth speakers
  • Capable to make the call to specific contacts present in a contact list

Apart from these, ‘Ok Google, hang up’, ‘Ok Google, call wife’, ‘Ok Google find my phone’, ‘find an authentic Chinese restaurant nearby’ just a matter of few seconds once the voice command is given to Google Assistant.

Ok Google, Turn on the landscape LED’s or kitchen bulbs

Smart LED’s are a common feature in maximum households, nowadays. Google Home assistant is your most reliable minion to turn on or off those LEDs with a voice command. All you have to do is specify the command to your assistant and relax, like

  • Google, turn off/turn on the lights,
  • Google, turn on the landscape LED’s
  • Ok, Google dims the landscape LED bulbs, etc.
  • Google, switch off kitchen LED’s

The smart AI of the Google Home Speaker will perform the actions according to your command. Just command your assistant ‘Google, dim the LED’s to 40%’ and at once the brightness of your LED’s will be reduced.

That’s how accessing LEDs and other electrical units in your smart home/office are completely based on your voice command.

What’s on Nest CameraFeed, Play it, Ok Google?

Curious to know about the latest Nest Cam feed? Connect the Nest Cam for once with Wi-Fi and simply ask the reliable AIof Google assistant to show the latest update on Nest Camera.

Pitch it like ‘Hey Google, what’s on Nest Cam?’ or ‘Hey Google, Play Nest Cam on Chromecast Ultra

You’ll find the recent photos uploaded or shared in your Nest Cam recent feed.

There you go, time to get smarter.

Google Commands For Online Show Streaming

Google Commands For Online Show Streaming

Google, turn the Netflix/HBO TVon

Tired after a long day’s work? Never worry, grab the favorite corner of your sofa and simply ask your secretary, cum assistant, to turn on Netflix / HBO TV and set it to your favorite show ‘Peaky Blinders’.

Still thinking how is that possible? Common, say ‘OK Google, turn the HBO TV to Peaky Blinders’and enjoy your favorite show streaming online.

Access your Wi-Fi with ‘Turn off the Wi-Fi’ or ‘Reboot my router Google’

Finding too lousy to access your Neat Gear Wi-Fi router to switch on?

No way! Google Assistant is pre-installed in Google Nest and Google Nest Mini to get easy access to Wi-Fi network points. Be it a third party router from Netgear, Jetstream or Argos, Google assistant connects your Home Nest Speaker aptly with those.

Apart from working with the branded Wi-Fi devices, they are also compatible with third-party routers also.

To disconnect the device, ‘Ok Google, turn off the Wi-Fi’, similarly to reboot the router simply give a voice-over command ‘Ok Google, reboot my router’. At once your requirement is met within a fraction of seconds.

After all Google Assistant always prioritizes the choice and preferences of the users instantly. Connecting and disconnecting home/office router is really easy now!

Asking the reliable assistant for Face recognition on Nest Hub Max

Face recognition on Nest Hub Max

Recognizing the face and detecting it before allowing the entry of a visitor in your home as well as in your workplace is easy now!

Call it the sheer Artificial Intelligence of Home Assistant or another next-gent feature of auto-bot, face detection, and recognition is easy with Google Nest Hub Max. Once a specific day or event is fed to Nest Hub or a meeting schedule is fixing on a specific time, Google Assistant can recognize the visitor by using its smart Nest camera lenses.

But the assurance to recognize the right visitor if the individual looks somewhat similar to you can’t be guaranteed. Well, the Google AI robotic support and technical team are working on it and sooner or later the users might get the good news in the near future.

However, it’s easy to train Google Nest Hub Max to recognize the face of your six family members, including you, not more than that.

That’s not an issue after all because; the latest AI of Google Assistant is a prototype version and we are looking forward to its further improvisation’

– Senior Technical Expert of Google AI Development Team

Who knows good news might be waiting for the Home Assistant users about some more intelligent voice-command-based update from Google AI Assistant?

Best of luck!

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