Apple Music Not Working On iPhone? Here’s The Real Fix!

Apple Music Not Working On iPhone: If music is your favorite, then Apple Music is probably the most important app on your iPhone. Thus, if you notice any disruption while playing the application, it can be very irritating for you. The disruption can occur due to Apple Music problems and iOS music bugs.

There are many reports that come from iPhone users about Apple Music problems. Sometimes, after updating their iOS to the latest version, certain problems can occur. In most cases, the users state that they are unable to play mp3 music on iPhone.

Solutions to Apple Music Not Working On iPhone


Therefore, this article deals with a few tips that can ease your frustration and give your Apple Music service back into your usual day-to-day activities. However, before you know the steps to fix the issue, it is important to know the common issues that you can face with the Apple Music app.

Common Apple Music Problems iPhone Users Face

Common Apple Music Problems iPhone Users Face

Here are common issues:

  • The app does not play music
  • Search function is getting deactivated
  • Sync option not working
  • Can’t repeat songs or shuffling doesn’t work
  • ‘Radio Stations’ are not working
  • Message popping up- ‘this media is not supported’ error
  • Download stops at the middle abruptly
  • Receiving ‘Unexpected error code 4010’
  • Apple Music keep skipping songs even if you create a separate playlist
  • The app keeps freezing often
  • Apple Music library shows no song after an iOS update.

These are some of the common problems that you can encounter while using Apple Music App. Let us know completly about the quick fix the issue with various steps.

Quick Tips To Fix Your Apple Music App

Quick Tips To Fix Your Apple Music App

Here are some of the quick tips that you can follow to fix it with DIY process. Always remember that it is better not to give your iPhone to any unknown professional.

These are the quick steps that you can try undertaking and fixing the problem

  • Try to go for a forced restart.
  • Toggle off the high-quality streaming
  • You need to turn off LTE or the cellular data and connect it via Wi-Fi
  • Once you have connected your device to Wi-Fi, refresh your connection to Apple iCloud Music Library by toggling it off.
  • If the problem is solved but you are unable to play certain songs, it is recommended to delete those songs and redownload. Then test to see if the problem is solved.
  • If you still have an issue with playing the songs, you need to go for further steps. Close the Music App and other apps that play music like google play music and youtube music.
  • Go to your network settings and reset the same.

Further Quick Steps To Solve Major Issues


  • If you are unable to play music explicitly, you can go to settings and select Screen Time.
  • Select Content and Restrictions and activate ‘unrestricted’ button.
  • If your songs are still greyed out, you can open the Podcasts app and confirm to allow the explicit content.
  • If you see pop up when you open Podcasts, your problem is solved.
  • Try deleting the Music app and reinstall the same.
  • You can restore the iPhone using iTunes back up.

Apart from these quick steps, there are certain other steps that you can follow easily. Read to know how those small steps can help you go for a real fix of the issue.

Resync iPhone to iTunes

You need not update the iTunes app beforehand and reauthorize your account. Once you are done doing that, you need to sync your iPhone to iTunes again.

To sync the device with the application, you need to follow certain steps

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes
  • The sync process will begin automatically
  • However, the process doesn’t begin, click on the phone button near the upper left-hand corner of iTunes app.
  • Finally, click on Sync option.
  • DFU iPhone Restore

You can use various software to troubleshoot the issue. One of such software is DFU iPhone Restore. This software will delete, restore and reload all the codes in your iPhone. Once the process is done, you can use your Music App without any obstacle.

Enable iCloud Music Library

You should also enable iCloud Music Library to make sure that your Apple Music app is up to date. You can also make changes in your iCloud Music Library that will automatically get updated in your Music App. Once the update is successful, you can run the app.

Wrapping Up

Apple Music is one of the most important apps for music lovers. Without this application, people who fond of music cannot survive. Therefore, it is important to keep your applications updated in order to avoid any issues or bugs in your phone.

Also, these are some of the points to remember

  • Keep your phone free from bugs
  • Install an anti-virus in your iPhone
  • Update the app from Apple store
  • Do not open any link that can contain malicious viruses
  • Make sure you download the songs from authentic sources

So, get ready to experience a hassle-free listening to your favorite songs on Apple Music App.

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