How to Delete & Uninstall Apps on iPhone

How to Delete & Uninstall Apps

How to Delete & Uninstall Apps on iPhone: We often get carried away and end up downloading many Apps that we never even use. Unnecessary Apps take up valuable space on your precious iPhone. If you find there are many Apps that you hardly use on the device, then it is time for you to get rid of them. Such Apps can even make the iPhone run slower. Though all of us know very well on how to download Apps, we rarely find out how to delete them.

If that is the case with you, then it is good to know the method of deleting apps from your device. It will come handy when you need to delete an unwanted App.

Method of Deleting Apps from iPhone

Not many of us are aware of how simple it is to delete an App from the phone. Before you try difficult and unfruitful ways to delete Apps, read this guide to know the correct procedure.

Before deleting an App, ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was the last time you used the App?
  • How significant is the App to you?
  • Does the App have any negative influence on you?
  • Is the subscription over and still the App is sitting on your device?
  • How much space is it taking?
  • Does the App make your phone run slower?
  • Do you have too many shopping Apps that send you constant notifications?

Once you evaluate an App based on all these questions. Take a decision to delete or save it for the time being. Keep your Apps updated for best performance.

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There are three ways to delete apps on iPhone. Let us discuss them each in details.

Remove with the help of 3D touch

If your iPhone version has 3D touch option. A simple deletion can often be tricky. There are many users who accidentally launch the widget instead of deleting the App. Let us see how you can use this option to delete the App.

  • Try light pressing the App. At the first go, you may not be successful and end up launching the widget. Do try it a few times. Practice will help you perfect the art. You will have to long-press it for about a second. Take caution to not press down on the App.
  • In about a second time you will see the delete button appear (It appears generally as a cross to the left)
  • Select it and go ahead with deleting the App.

Remove without 3D touch availabilty

If your phone does not have the 3D touch option. Then deleting an App will be a relatively much simpler process. Long press and simply click the cross mark to delete the undesired App.

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Remove app in a few taps (instead of precise hold and delete)

Do you have sweaty palms or cold fingertips? Then using a touchscreen may cause you fair share of trouble. If you have a motor impairment, then a precise activity like long-press and selection might be difficult for you. If that is your situation, you still can delete the unwanted Apps. In order to do so, try the following steps.

  • Open the Settings App with a single tap
  • Look for the General tab and click on that
  • Now locate device storagedevice storage
  • Click on that option
  • Scroll through the App list
  • Select the unwanted Apps
    delete app from storage
  • Click on the Delete App button
  • Confirm your choice to delete it.delete app

This method will give you relief from the conventional method of deleting Apps. It is just as effective as the other methods. However, many users avoid this method as it’s a bit lengthy. But in case if you have a special requirement then this is the ultimate and best method. There are many people who rely on this measure as it does not require much precision. Older generation find it easier and the impatient youngsters love to forego this method.

How to Delete multiple Apps at a time?

If you want to delete multiple Apps at a time, you can do that as well. Select all the App by long-pressing them. When you long press the App, it typically starts to wiggle. Hold until you see the cross mark. Press the cross mark on the Apps you do not want. Click on Done option on the top right-hand corner of the phone. The phone will ask for confirmation and also inform you that deleting the App will mean, deleting its data as well.

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Things to remember about Apps

  • Though you can delete any App you do not like, indiscriminate download can be harmful for your device. Even if you delete an App, if a malware has been present on it, your device might suffer from damage even after deleting the App.
  • Malicious Apps can leave lasting damage to device irrespective of being deleted. Even such Apps may refuse to get deleted.
  • Checking the authenticity of Apps before downloading them should be your priority.
  • Delete Apps after careful consideration. Sometimes certain e-commerce channels typically perform better thorough Apps. You can though reinstall an App, do not delete the App only for space and expect to download when needed. Instead, try clearing data from unnecessary images and video files.

Deleting Apps takes a few seconds, downloading and installing can take up to several minutes. So do not delete if it is not absolutely necessary. If you have spent valuable data in the past downloading the App, you must have had reason behind it. So, before deleting give it another thought. An iPhone can hold up to all the Apps you desire so deleting may nor be required at all. For best performance of your device, clear cache from time to time.

Now that you know how to delete apps from your device, check for all the unwanted Apps. And take the necessary steps to delete them. Apps make life so much easier. No wonder that is why users prefer Apps to website. Downloading and deleting Apps is a part of every iPhone user’s life.

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