How to unlock iPhone 7 AT & T?

AT&T is always needed to unlock iPhone devices. Without this carrier, it is impossible to unlock the phone. However, there are many ways through which AT&T can be unlocked. One of the ways is by using iTunes if the person has fully paid. In iPhone 7 using AT&T is quite a simple process.

It is necessary that full payment is done so that the AT&T of the phone can be unlocked. The process will not work if the person is in contract with AT&T or they are using the upgraded program. It is important for anyone to first unlock the device and then move forward with the initial setup.

Unlocking AT&T iPhone 7 when setup is not done

People need to follow certain instructions so that the iPhone can be unlocked before the setup has started.

Step 1: Firstly unbox the iPhone. Then while switching on for the first time, it should be plugged to the computer.

Step 2: iTunes should be launched if it does not start automatically. The account setup screen will be automatically loaded by iTunes. Then put the account zip code and also the last four digits of social account so that the activation process can be started.

Step 3: The screen will be showing agree to the terms and conditions of service for AT&T and Apple. People should go through all the details carefully.

Step 4: After the above step is completed a new screen will be appearing. This screen will notify AT&T is activating the iPhone. Just press the continue button to move forward.

Step 5: Activation process on iPhone might take some time. Once the activation process is successful then a message will appear on the screen. It will state that the iPhone has been unlocked. People can then use their SIM card which can be any GSM carrier in the iPhone that is newly purchased.

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Unlocking AT&T iPhone 7 when the setup is completed

Some steps have to be followed for unlocking the iPhone if the setup process is completed. They are as follows:

Step 1: Firstly connect the iPhone 7 to the computer.

Step 2: Click on iTunes to launch it. Then the device needs to be backed up. For this just click on Back up Now.

itunes backup

Step 3: Next is to reset the device. Just press the Restore iPhone button.

Step 4: the Unlocking process starts once it is connected to iTunes.

Some other method of unlocking iPhone 7

People should try the above process if they have fully paid for AT&T iPhone 7. However, if the device is still locked then they have to contact AT&T. They will help in unlocking the device. Given below are some steps so that people can contact AT&T. They can also submit a request so that the unlocking process is done.

Step 1: Visit the website of AT&T. Then just click on ‘Unlock your device’ option.

at & t

Step 2: A form will appear on the next screen. People have to fill it up and then submit it. If the process is completed properly then a confirmation email will come. This email will be from AT&T and will have the request number.

Step 3: People have to visit the link given in the email. It will be confirming the unlock request. If the request is approved then an email will be received in 24 hours. It will have the steps that are needed for unlocking iPhone 7.

Unlocking AT&T iPhone 7 without password

Some online applications can be used for unlocking the iPhone 7. The advanced devices and tools will help in the process. This can efficiently unlock the device. These tools are not complicated but they will be erasing all the data there on the phone. This process is the last option if none of the above ones works.

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It is seen that unlocking iPhone 7 AT&T is not that complicated. People have to carefully follow the steps and unlock the device. They don’t have to visit the service center for such small issues. This will be saving a lot of time and money. People just have to visit the websites to follow the steps of unlocking the iPhone 7 AT&T.

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