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Top Solutions to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

Solutions to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

Earlier people used to watch TV shows and movies on their smartphones but nowadays, people can enjoy their favorite shows and movies on big screens because of Netflix. Netflix is one of the most popular applications to be used by Apple TV users for streaming because it comes preinstalled and ready to be used on your home screen.

How to Fix Netflix Problems on the Apple TV :

Netflix is one of the best media service providers. The best part is Netflix is officially available on Apple TV and there is no need for third-party applications. Though it is not officially available across all platforms you can install it through a third-party application. But most of the users are facing problems while using Netflix on their Apple TV.

So following are the top solutions to fix Netflix not working on Apple TV:


Netflix Connection Problems

Most of the users are facing a Netflix connection problem that might be due to either improper network connection or other issues. If it is due to a poor internet connection, you need to check and try to open on another website on your device and if other website runs properly then you must follow the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your device iOS or a computer.
  • Then you need to switch to Wi-Fi or cellular network in case you are using a mobile device.
  • After that, restart the Netflix app if these fixes do not work properly.
  • The last step is to uninstall and reinstall the app to check if that does make any changes to your Netflix connection error

Plug – Unplug your Apple TV

This is the simplest yet effective solution to fix Netflix not working on Apple TV.  For this, you need to simply unplug your Apple TV and TV for at least 2 minutes. After that plug both the devices your Apple TV and TV and switch on the TV. Then try to run the Netflix and check the problem is still there or get solved.

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Check your Internet Connection

Internet connection is the most common problem behind Netflix not loading on Apple TV. For this, you need to check your internet connection and have a fast internet connection because sometimes connectivity issues may be there. In case your internet speed is slow or it is limited connectivity, Netflix will take time to load sometimes. You need to check the connectivity on your Apple TV with the help of following steps:

netfix net problem

  • Go to Apple Home Screen
  • Then at network option under the Settings category.
  • And under connection, you can check out whether it is connected or not.
  • If you are not connected, you can contact Apple support for help.

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Re-install Netflix on Apple TV

You can try uninstalling and installing the app again because it will fix the problem of Netflix not working on Apple TV.  You need to follow the steps given below to re-install Netflix App:

Re-install Netflix on Apple TV

  • Go to the App from the home screen of your device
  • Then press and hold in the middle of the touchpad and the Netflix icon will start shaking.
  • After that press the Play/Pause button to delete the app from your Apple TV
  • Then select delete to confirm and the app will be completely removed from your Apple TV
  • Then visit the App Store and reinstall Netflix app and try installing it again.

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Update your Apple TV

There might be an outdated firmware that is causing the problem. So, you need to update your Apple TV to the latest version available. Following are the steps for updating your Apple TV:

apple tv update

  • Go to Settings, then System, and the software update and update the software
  • After that click on download and install, if there is any new version of firmware available
  • When it is updated and installed, try to launch the Netflix App

Hopefully, the above-mentioned solutions Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV helped you in fixing the issue and you will continue to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

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