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How to Start Your Mac in Recovery Mode?

Mac in Recovery Mode: If you own a Mac device and you need to wipe it clean or restore it to factory settings, then here’s the perfect tutorial for you. This tutorial will also guide you by using recovery mode.

Checkout this step-wise guide for finding the Terminal while your Mac device is on Recovery Mode. Recovery HD is an additional feature that has covered in this tutorial. Let’s begin with the importance of the recovery mode in a Mac.

Ways to Start Your Mac in Recovery Mode?

The Functioning of Recovery Mode

Your Mac device has been preloaded with certain contingency plans to help your device survive even when there has been substantial damage to its drives or its hardware. Your Mac device automatically enters Internet Recovery mode in these two cases of damage.

The recovery partition is a necessary part of the functioning of your device. And if that gets corrupted or damaged then your device automatically attempts to diagnose and repair it directly from the Apple servers. This repairs your device as much as possible, by restoring to its last back-up.

In case of no or negligible backup data, your device may return to factory settings with your personal data and custom settings removed permanently.

Here, we have provided a few brief steps for entering into the Recovery mode, starting it up, diagnosing the problem and eventually resolving it – everything manually!

  • You need an internet connection to bring the diagnosis process in action. Reason being, the Recovery mode settings of your device is directly connected with the Apple servers that repair the issue.

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When to Use Recovery Mode?

When to Use Recovery Mode?

Most people choose recovery mode when their device has become corrupted or the data on the device isn’t crucial enough to be sacrificed. But before you go for it, remember that using the recovery mode has an inevitable side effect of resetting your device settings and turning it into a blank slate that doesn’t anymore support any of your personalized settings or custom data.

It is advisable to use ‘Recovery Mode’ only if your data has been badly corrupted, or your Mac device cannot recover in any other way than this one.

Now that you’ve learnt about the functioning and usage requirements of Recovery Mode on a Mac; let us share the procedure to enter the Recovery Mode:

Procedure to Enter Recovery Mode

Procedure to Enter Recovery Mode

Here we share the step-wise procedure, which allows you to enter the Recovery Mode and start your work. But before you move further to implement it, let us share brief tips with you for doing the same.

You can easily access the Internet Recovery Mode rather than the built-in Recovery mode on the device. In case your Recovery partition or drive has also been corrupted.

following the below-mentioned step-wise guide for entering the Recovery Mode:


  • Selecting the Apple Menu > Locate the ‘Restart’ button


  • If your device is powered off, then simply turn on your device or power it on.


  • Wait till you hear the sound notification of the device powering up.
  • Select the ‘Command’ & ‘R’ simultaneously to boot your device.
  • A globally recognized Apple symbol will light up on your screen if you have followed the steps correctly, so far.


  • A Window will appears on your display saying, ‘Mac OS Utilities’.
  • Here you will find certain options, such as ‘Restore from Time Machine Backup’, ‘Disk Utility’ or ‘Get Help Online’.
  • A separate option mentioning the current version of Mac loaded onto your Recovery disk will pop-up for selection.
  • Click on that option if you need to reinstall that particular version of macOS onto your device.

You can select any of the above options from the Window that have been appeared, and then you can proceed with your recovery process or reinstallation process.

If you fail to see the Window that has been mentioned above. You have probably failed to initiate the Recovery Mode on your Mac device and you should begin afresh.

You might observe your regular login onto your device in case of failure to launch Recovery mode.

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The Functions of the Recovery Mode

The Functions of the Recovery Mode

The Recovery mode on your Mac device can be used to do a number of functions such as the ones listed below:

    • If your Mac has become corrupted or the data on your device has become the victim of malware attacks. You can use the Recovery mode to scan your drives and folders to identify the flaws and repair the diagnosed problems. These functions covers Disk Utility of the Recovery mode.
  • You can use the recovery mode on your Mac to either erase the current version of macOS on your device. Return it to a previous version or configure your device back to the original factory reset settings of your device.
  • So if you do not like a beta update or you want functionality that existed in a previous version of your Mac device. Then simply use the Recovery mode on your device to return to that version or erase the currently loaded.
  • Your Mac devices come preloaded with the Time Machine software that backs up various components of your device for you to go back to a previous version of your device in case of data corruption or malware attacks.
  • However, Time Machine backs up selective data and fails to boot up your Mac device through this option. If your major drives are corrupted badly. This can result due to serious malware attacks or physical damage to your Mac devices.

The Closing Words

The Recovery mode is a versatile and useful tool that can use by macOS users to reclaim the lost data or overcome corruption due to malware. We hope the information we shared on it, has come to your rescue.

In case, you have any queries or suggestions on the above brief tutorial shared by us. Feel free to write back to us. We’ll be more than glad to either address your query as per our understanding or take a note of your suggestions!

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