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How To Unlock Disabled iPod Touch?

Unlock Disabled iPod Touch: Apple users know how extensive features a smart gadget can have. The products Apple develops are unbeatable. It creates its own market. Once an Apple user will always be an Apple user because of the attributes it incorporates within the gadgets.

Everything is customized and specific in Apple gadgets. Nowadays, people are more inclined to Apple products than others. Though Android is used more extensively than Apple, it has a different market base altogether.

How to Fix a Disabled iPod Touch?

Fixing a Disabled iPod Touch

iPod is one of the most popular gadgets from Apple which had made a record for a huge number of sales. Being a portable media player with countless media to get stored, easy navigation and uninterrupted connection with iTunes, the iPod won the hearts of millions of people.

However, after launching the iPod and people started using it, some problems arise. And the most important among all those problems is the message pop up which states ‘iPod touch is disabled, try again after some minutes’ or ‘iPod touch is disabled, connect it to iTunes’. It can appear at the point of time and make you extremely annoyed.

Especially the chance of getting such a message is high if your iPod is used by someone else. It is Apple’s safety measures for 1st to 6th generation iPod Touch so that none else can use the gadget without your permission. This scenario generally takes place when there are too many wrong password entries.

The situation can be bewildering, but no worries; because every problem has a solution and here we are to discuss how you address this problem where your iPod is locked for an indefinite period of time.

Our discussion is segmented in three sub-sections: Restoring disabled iPod Touch with iTunes, Unlock Disabled iPod Touch without iTunes and fixing a disabled iPod Touch without a computer.

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Restoring Disabled iPod Touch With iTunes

Restoring Disabled iPod Touch With iTunes

Generally, iPod users get their gadget synced with iTunes because this is Apple’s top media player where you can access numerous songs and videos and play it via your iPod. Hence, if your device is synced with iTunes, you can access the direct way to Unlock Disabled iPod Touch via iTunes.

This is the easiest way but the only problem is that you will lose all data including passcode by opting for this process. Therefore, play smart. Get the backup of your data beforehand and then perform it so that you can get the restore option once all of those are deleted.

Here are some simple steps that you may follow to let the process work successfully:

  • Connect iPod Touch with the computer that the device is synced with.
  • Open the iTunes app and let it get synced with an iPod and take a backup.
  • After the completion of the backup process, just click restore in the summary panel.
  • When the process of restore reaches the set-up screen, choose to restore from the backup and select the backup you made earlier.

In case it is the first time you are syncing the iPod with iTunes, the process will ask you for a passcode.

If you have forgotten the passcode, here is the way out:

  • Run iTunes on the computer and connect iPod Touch.
  • When the iPod is connected, press and hold Sleep and Home buttons at the same time. After that, you will get the recovery mode screen.
  • iTunes will pop up here for your permission to update or restore the device.
  • Choose restore so that iTunes will be reinstalled.
  • Your data will be lost after the iPod is enabled.

Unlock Disabled iPod Touch Without iTunes

Unlock Disabled iPod Touch

If iTunes fails to restore the disabled iPod Touch, there is an alternative way to Unlock Disabled iPod Touch. This process is recommended by most of the users as this is more convenient and easy.

iOS system recovery software can help you in the situation when the iPod is locked, frozen or disabled.

Advantages of this process include:

  • There is no need for passcode like the iTunes
  • In the Recovery mode of DFU mode, it can fix disabled iPod Touch. This mode is designed to restore all iOS devices from any state.
  • You will get a step-by-step guide through the entire repairing process.

Here are steps to perform this process:

  1. Download and install the recovery software on your computer and run it.
  2. Plugin the disabled device and click on start.
  3. The software is capable of detecting the iPod. Select the advanced mode and confirm to continue.
  4. Keep your iPod in the recovery or DFU mode by following the program.
  5. After that, the program displays the information from iPod Touch. Confirm that the information is all correct.
  6. Click on repair after verifying the information. After that, the program will start to unlock the device.
  7. Don’t forget to reboot the device.

Fixing Disabled iPod Without Computer


It is possible that you don’t have access to the computer, how will you fix the disabled iPod? There is a substitute plan for this as well. In this case, iPod data is erased with iCloud.

To use the iCloud for removal of the passcode on iPod Touch, you have to enable the feature ‘find my iPod Touch’ before disabling the device.

Following some simple steps with iCloud, you can help in fixing the disabled iPod without the computer:

  • On a device where the internet is accessible, you have to open a browser and navigate to the website of iCloud.
  • You must have an Apple ID right? Use the ID for signing in to the account.
  • Click ‘all devices’ and select iPod Touch.
  • Next, you have to choose to erase the data on iPod Touch. It will erase everything including the passcode, but your device will be enabled again.

Wrapping Up

These are the most popular and easiest ways to fix the problem of your iPod 1st to 6th generation. The solutions are given according to various scenarios so that you can get help no matter what. Hopefully, you enjoyed tips. Share your thoughts on it.

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