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How To Fix Keyboard Has Stopped error in Android [10+ solutions]

Fix Keyboard Has Stopped error: So, you are getting late for your office and you take out your android device to send a message to your colleague that you will be late and suddenly you find that your keyboard has unfortunately stopped working. After trying a few encouraging efforts, you feel that you don’t have any solution to fix the issue.

We believe that you prefer android device so that you can send and receive all the hasty messages, but it would be quite annoying to see the message “Unfortunately, Android Keyboard has stopped”

All Solutions to solve “Unfortunately, Android Gboard Has Stopped”

Android Gboard

Moreover, this issue should be solved quickly, because you will be desperate to use your device same as earlier.

If you are looking for a solution to fix “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped”, read the following article. We have come up with the solution considering all the android devices including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Xperia, Motorola, LG and many more.

Following are the solution to fix “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped” Error

Restart your Gboard keyboard

By restarting your keyboard, you may solve this issue. Mostly, this solution is very effective in solving the problem. Many android users found this solution very helpful whereas others have addressed that the problem returned later.

But, we are glad that for many users, this solution turns out to be a one stop that helped them recover/fix the keyboard issue.

The following are the steps to perform the restarting of the keyboard:

  • Launch Setting menu on your device
  • Look for the App section and tap on Application manager

App section and tap on Application manager

  • To open “All” tab, Swipe!
  • You need to search the app ‘Android Keyboard’ and tap on it

Select keyboard app

  • Tap Force Stop to stop the keyboard

force keyboard app

Now, close the setting menu and try using keyboard and check if your problem is solved or not. if you are using a third-party keyboard or your device has its own keyboard, then you should look for the keyboard that is currently in use.

For example, Samsung users usually use Samsung keyboard so that they need to look for Samsung keyboard under apps menu.

Restart/reboot your Android Phone:

This is one of the most common solutions that is being used world-wide for any smartphones. After restarting your device’s keyboard, if your problem is still not fixed then there should be an error in app.

This error can be removed by rebooting your device. A system reboot has solved basic app problems, you never know that you could find a permanent solution for your problem.

restart keyboard

To restart your device, hold the power button until you see the menu, tap on restart. After restart function is performed, check if keyboard issue is fixed or not. Many android users have found this solution a permanent one. But if you are still facing the issue, then you can look for other solutions listed below.

Delete Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data of an application enables you to clear records that can be defiled or which might make issues as a result of bugs.

While erasing the cache records does not erase any significant data, you will lose your own settings when you erase the data documents from any application.

In the event that you had rolled out explicit improvements to the keyboard, you will lose those settings. You should return into the keyboard settings and roll out the amendments once again.

The following are the steps to perform ‘Delete Cache and Data Files

  • Open Setting menu on your device
  • Open Application Manager which is situated under the apps section

Open Application Manager

  • Go to the tab which includes “All” apps
  • Now search for the keyboard (Note: your device may have the best android keyboard or the third-part keyboard)
  • Select the best android keyboard app

Select keyboard app

  • Tap on clear Cache to delete the Cache

clear and cache

  • Tap on clear data to delete data

clear and cache

  • Take confirmation by tapping OK

Clear Cache and Data for Dictionary App

If you are not aware with the fact then here it is, that your device’s dictionary app is directly synchronized with then keyboard app. So, if you notice “unfortunately keyboard has stopped” error, it could be possible that your dictionary app is loaded with corrupt files.

To solve the keyboard error, you need to delete these corrupted files from the dictionary app.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to delete the files from the dictionary app

  • Navigate to the settings menu and launch it on your device
  • Open Application Manager form it

Open Application Manager

  • Swipe to go to “All” tab
  • Select clear Cache



  • Select clear Data


  • To confirm, tap on OK

Once you delete the Cache and data files, try to use your keyboard and check if your problem has been fixed or not.

Update Your Google Keyboard/ Gboard

We have noticed that the keyboard issue can be fixed by updating the Google Keyboard. If you are using a third-party keyboard, then you need to update it. You must be wondering how to update Google keyboard! Don’t worry we will provide you the solution.

Update Your Google Keyboard

Here it is, you need to launch your Play Store, then tap on three horizontal lines. Thereafter, select or tap on My apps & games and look for an update. If there is any update available then do update it.

Reset your Android Keyboard Setting

Certain Android devices use a keyboard that is designed by the manufacturer. For example, if you are using Samsung phones, then, most likely, you will be using the Samsung keyboard.

In such case, you need to reset the keyboard setting which will help you solve the problem. People who use Samsung devices, the following guidelines will help you reset the keyboard setting:

  • Launch setting menu on your device
  • Search for language and Input under system, then tap on it

language and Input

  • Tap on Samsung keyboard

Tap on Samsung keyboard

  • Now scroll all the way to reset setting, and tap on it

Once you have reset your keyboard, check if your keyboard is working properly or not.

Try using Third-Party App

use third party app

Installing a third-party app for a keyboard may not solve the problem, but it will enable you to use a similar keyboard on your device. Here, note that you need to let go of your current keyboard while you choose to install a third-party keyboard.

To download a third-party keyboard, go to plays tore and look if there is any keyboard available that suits your system.

After downloading your preferred keyboard, you need to set that particular keyboard as a default application in order to use it instead of your previous keyboard. Now check if your problem is solved or not.

Update Software

The operating system and software play an instrumental role in functioning each application smoothly. Check whether any Software update is still pending, if you find so, then you need to install all the pending updates.

The reason for the software update is that it clears all the bugs and minor errors that affect the operation of the system.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to update your software

  • Open settings menu on your devices
  • Select about device

Select about device

  • Tap on software update (some devices show this as ‘system update’)

Tap on software update

  • Your device will start looking for new updates

Once your device gets updated, you will get the notification that shows the confirmation message for your device update. If you still find updates, you must install it. After performing a complete software update, check if the keyboard issue has been solved or not.

Download update for Google Keyboard(GBoard)

As we have been looking for different solutions that can fix “unfortunately Gboard had stopped” error, we have come up with a solution called ‘update Google keyboard”.

You can try to solve this error by updating Google Keyboard. To do so, launch Play Store on your android device and see if there is any update available for Google keyboard.

Reboot in Safe Mode

Reboot in Safe Mode

After applying many ways of solution to fix the issue, if you are still not able to solve the error, then you need to perform troubleshooting your device. Troubleshooting could be more complex than other solutions.

By restarting your device in safe mode, you can analyse the origin of the issue whether it is happening because of a third-party app.

To restart your device in Safe Mode, follow the mentioned steps

  • Press and hold the power button at once until power menu appears on your device screen

press power button

  • Now, on the menu, press the power button as long as you see a pop-up that displays a message to reboot your device in Safe mode
  • Tap ok and confirm.

Note: To determine that your device is working in Safe Mode, look at the bottom of your device screen where you will find Safe Mode written.

If it works then there is strong possibility that one of the third-party apps is not working properly. it is sure that one of the third-party apps is causing the problem.

To identify the exact app, you need to disable apps that have been recently installed on your device by you. You need to disable each application one by one, and subsequently, check the keyboard!

If you find your keyboard working again after disabling a specific app, then you must uninstall that application.

If you are using third-party keyboard which happens to be not working in your device, then you must uninstall it. You can use stock Android keyboard or you can look for another third-party keyboard. To install a third-party keyboard, navigate to play store where you can find different third-party keyboards.

Perform Factory Reset

If you cannot fix “unfortunately Android keyboard has stopped” error after applying many solutions, then you must consider the final option. This solution basically allows the user to perform a factory reset in your android phone will come back to its initial state. In an easier way, it will only have the features of a new phone.

It is important to note that factory reset wipes out all the data and downloaded applications, therefore, it would be a good idea to take a backup of your data.

To perform a factory reset, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open setting menu on your device
  • Select Backup and Reset

Backup and Reset

  • Tick the box which enables you to backup Google Account
  • Tap on Reset Factory Settings

Reset Factory Settings

  • Now, tap Reset Phone

Reset Phone

Once the factory reset is done, you can check whether your problem is fixed or not. Thereafter, you can easily restore your data and application by synchronizing your Google Account with your device.


We hope that all listed solutions would help you and you can fix the “unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped” error on your devices. Do suggest us more queries regarding Android and iOS, we will make sure to find the solution and bring them to you as quickly as possible.

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