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How to fix Calendar not syncing with Gmail or Google Calendar?

fix Calendar not syncing with Gmail

Syncing the Calendar application on the iPhone with any of Google Calendar or Gmail or Outlook plays an important role. It is very easy, but syncing may malfunction and you might not receive a timely reminder on the device. Follow the guidelines in this tutorial to fix Calendar syncing issue.

If you keep a busy schedule having all the nearby slots booked, and you want to book in the next couple days of even in the weeks, syncing Calendar on your iPhone may always keep you intact to the schedule without missing anything. Generally, all of us are users of Google products. Because of having a single sign-on process throughout all the Google applications, we can access any app like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube and etc. On Android devices, if you have logged in with the correct Google Account, then you can easily set up your calendar and synchronize all your events.

For Apple users, it is the same story and they can also set up Calendar application with the Google Calendar service on the logged-in device. There is a remote possibility of iPhone users where their Calendar is not synchronized with the Google Calendar or Gmail events. Setting it up correctly will provide you reliable mobility. You just need to follow a few simple steps to avoid the chances of missing relating anything you rely on Calendar.

Fixing the issue of iPhone Calendar not syncing with Gmail or Google Calendar

Checking if Calendar is enabled or not

The very first you need to check is whether your Calendar is enabled in Settings or not. You can follow these steps

Step 1: Settings > Password and Accounts

Open Settings on your iPhone device and tap on the Password and Accounts option in it.

Password and Accounts

Step 2: Select Gmail

In the inner screen of Password and Accounts, you can see all the accounts you have synchronized on your device. Example iCloud, Gmail, Outlook etc. You need to select Gmail and proceed.

select gmail in account settings

Step 3: Switch button enabled or disabled

When you get into Gmail options, you have Mails, Contacts, Calendar and Notes options. All of these options needs to be in the enabled position separately. Make sure you have enabled and Calendar option to green highlighted status. It means you have turned on this feature.

Step 4: Quit and Reopen

Whether it was previously turned on you do it right now following these steps, you also need to make sure quit Settings by killing it and restart the Calendar app.

Setting for Fetch/Push

Earlier iOS versions like iOS 7 and it’s previous ones had an option of Push option. Since then, all third party applications have to rely on the manual Fetch option. Fetch not only works for Gmail, but applications like Google Calendar, Contacts, Events and etc. can be fetched. This is the next step you need to check whether configured correctly or not.

Step 1: Settings

Launch the Settings again select Password and Accounts option.

Step 2: Fetch

In the Password and Accounts options, you can select ‘Fetch New Data’. This will open another options screens in it where you can select which new data you want to fetch. Below accounts selection, you also need to select where the data should be fetched automatically or manually. Automatic data is fetched hourly, 30 minutes or 15 minutes on your device. This is the time interval a user can decide to sync the data. Apart from it, there is also an option of fetching the data manually. You can fetch the data manually anytime you want to fetch.

Fetch New data

Now, if you have selected the automatic data fetching, the data will be fetched on your device and Calendar will be updated based on the time interval you have selected. If it is 30 minutes then the data on the calendar will be synchronized in every 30 minutes automatically. If you have selected a manual option in this setting, you need to open Calendar app and pull to refresh the Calendar app to fetch new data.

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Syncing the Default Calendar

Step 1: Settings

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Since we want to sync default native Calendar application, tap on Calendars.

Step 2: Sync events

Inside the Calendar option, you will be able to see all the Calendar settings. Tap on the Sync option that will redirect you to the interval duration option. You can select any one of the options here. The significance of these options is you can select and sync your Calendar app for events upcoming the interval duration selected.

If you select ‘Events 2 Weeks ago’, it means all the events will line up in your Calendar app in the coming 2 weeks from the current date. If you have selected ‘Events 6 Months ago’, then all the next 6 Months events will be synchronized on your device. There is also an option ‘All Events’ that enlist all events irrespective of schedule.

Step 3: Default Calendar

Once Sync option is set up, you just need to make sure that the Default Calendar should be Gmail account. Pick Gmail account from the list to make it default option.

Still, if no Calendar showing on your device, then you need to recheck whether if Calendar is enabled or not.

Re-adding the Gmail Account

In case Enabling and the Calendar app in settings and setting up the default Calendar does not work, you need to remove the Gmail account and add it again. Doing so, you can follow the below steps.

Step1 : Passwords and Accounts

Launch the Settings and tap on Passwords and Accounts option.

Step 2: Select Gmail

In the Password and Accounts option screen, you can tap on the Gmail option.

Step 3: Delete Account

delete account in gmail settings

Selecting the Gmail account, you can select to delete this account using ‘Delete Account’ button.

To re-add the Gmail account, follow the similar steps again;

Step 4: Passwords and Accounts again

Launching the Settings application and selecting Passwords and Accounts settings.

Step 5: Add Account

Proceeding the inner options, you can tap on ‘Add Account’ under the Accounts option. While adding the account, it ask you which account you want to add. Add Google account.

add account in gmail settings

As soon Google account is added, everything gets set up correctly. The only thing you need to check is making sure there is no restriction in Gmail Calendar.

Bottom line:

this tutorial helps you to fix the Calendar app not synchronizing with Google or Gmail Calendar in step by step manner. Hope you find this blog useful.

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