How to Get All Apps Back if Missing on iPhone or iPad After Updating iOS

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One common problem that many Apple users have unfortunately faced is the problem to do with missing Apps! However, it happens when IOS is updated. It can be very annoying if Apps go missing when you update your IOS version. 

Though it is difficult to pinpoint the reason which causes this type of a problem, many experts believe that a bug that gets cleared after the update takes the Apps as well and hence it gets deleted. There are a few ways that can help resolve the issue and that is what we will discuss here. 

The fixes will not take much time and you should be able to use your App shortly. Here is the list of things you can do to locate Apps that appear to be deleted after updating IOS.

How To Find Missing or Hidden Apps on iPhone or iPad

Even before we get to any of the fixes, it is advisable that you check whether or not the Apps are truly gone or deleted. It can be they are just not on the display and hidden somewhere. But if you are confused as to how to do that, here is how to do it. 

iPhone missing apps

The answer is quite simple, ask Siri! The app or apps that you think is missing, ask Siri, to open it for you. If the app has been opened, you just need to put it back on display on the home page. It would mean the app had not been deleted at all.

It is very common for an app after updating to be removed from the home screen and not be deleted at all. So you can easily get it back to the home screen after you determine it is still present on your device. Apps can be on any other page or location but the home screen after the update, so check everywhere, mainly the app section of your phone. It would save you the plight of fixing the problem of missing apps. 

Unfortunately, there are times that even Siri may fail to open an App that is not on display but very much present on the phone. You can try the following tip to get to the App. One of the simplest things to do is, reset the home screen page. Here is how to do it. 

  • Tap on settings
  • Go the general menu
  • Find the reset option
  • Click on Reset homes screen layout

The missing App can be the result of a software-related problem. A simple and easy reset of the home screen should resolve the problem. This would save you time and energy and you would be able to get back your Apps without any laborious process and that too in a short time. Many users find this fix to be most helpful as such software glitches are common after updates. However, if your problem of missing Apps is still not resolved, here are two more options you can try.

You can try restoring your iPhone. But try restoring not through iTunes but through the iCloud option. It is the most effective way to get the lost App back. The reason as to why restoring via iCloud can solve the problem and not via iTunes is simple. We are more used to backing up in iTunes and not so much in iCloud, but restoring via iCloud can easily help resolve the problem of Apps that get stored or backed up in iCloud. In case you have tried restoring through iTunes, try the following steps.

  • Select restore everything option.
  • Now you will have to restore with the help of iCloud. 

Do remember if you ever run into this problem again to restore via iCloud and not iTunes. Also, backing up your device frequently is the best idea for circumstances beyond your control. Try to keep the backup done whenever you find it convenient.

Buy iTunes Restore

Buy iTunes Restore

There are times you will see the restore even with iTunes will not put back all your apps. It is annoying and can be very traumatic for a user. In case you are facing the issue, you may like to check out the Purchase section. Here you will find all the apps that you had purchased earlier. But the apps you find here are the Apps purchased through Apple store, any other apps that you may have been using so far will not be reflected in this section. 

To get to the apps purchased through the App Store, follow the below steps.

  • Launch App store
  • You will have to tap on your profile picture
  • Select the Purchased option
  • Tap on an option called Not on this phone
  • You will have to re-download the apps that you would want to have on your iPhone.

However, there are some drawbacks to this fix. They are:

  • It is a time-consuming process. 
  • Only those apps will be downloaded which are compatible after the update of your IOS. Even if some download is completed, without the compatibility, your app would not run like usual.

Some apps that you frequently use are very important thus safeguarding them is important but an upgrade can make you lose the app. Though not all users would see it happen, for those users who do it can be a very annoying experience. There is one thing you can always try to do as experts suggest, check everything that you download.

The source should be verified and compatible with IOS. Downloading anything on your iPhone that is not verified can be detrimental. Not only can your apps get deleted but your data and important information can become vulnerable. Protect your data and privacy, download from trusted sources. If you can maintain this habit even ios updates will not erase the data. 

A little precaution can go a long way. 

You should be able to get rid of having missing apps with our above guide. As Apps are important getting them deleted can be a real difficulty and time-consuming thing. Try our hacks to keep your Apps and avoid unnecessary trouble. 

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