How To Fix No SIM Card Error On Android?

How to fix no sim card error on android: Ever been to such a situation when you pick your phone for a call or text and you found no sim card error even you have one? If your answer is yes, we understand how frustrating it could be especially at times when you instantly need work to be done through your mobile phone. But worry no more as we have come to your rescue.

This blog will tell you exactly what you are looking for how that is ‘How to fix No sim card error on your Android device’.

Tips To Fix No SIM Card Error On Android

There can be any reason behind your phone showing you no sim card alert. The most likable reason could Be that your sim card is not inserted properly. There might be a case when your phone software is not able to read the card due to any bug.

No matter what be the reason, there are many ways in which you can fix this problem just by yourself.

Check the SIM tray –  Clean SIM card

There might be a chance where you have accidentally opened up sim card slot of your device.  Also what if you have not inserted sim properly in your new Android phone. Whatever may be the reason it is goods to double check.
sim tray

  • Turn off your device and remove SIM card from your device, and check if it was properly inserted or not.
  • Even dust could be a culprit behind this error. Dust build-up on your sim can create a problem at the region where sim card comes in contact with phone circuits.
  • So when you remove your sim blow out dirt from the SIM tray and clean SIM very softly so there is no damage done.
  • If you feel that your phone’s slim slot is too loose and gliding easy, apply slight pressure to the slot. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the slot as it can cause a permanent defect. Now check if the slot is holding SIM properly or not in Android phone,
  • Insert your SIM tray back in the slot of your device. Now check if it is working.

If in case the problem is not solved switch to another sim card on your Phone. If the other sim card works fine your in your device, your sim card might have been damaged. In this case, you should go to your network carrier and ask for sim card replacement.

If your phone doesn’t work with any sim card try on the other fixes we have mentioned in this article.

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Reboot your Phone – Fix No SIM Card Error On Android

Rebooting Android phone is one of the most efficient way to fix no sim card error. This process re-launches the operating system and programs of your device. So if SIM card is not detected on your phone because of any software issue, restarting your device may fix the issue.

Restarting your device can also re-establish your network connection which will lead to the search for the SIM card.


If you need any help to restart your device, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Power button until the reboot menu appears.
  • Choose Reboot’ or ‘Restart’ displayed on your phone screen.
  • A pop-up message will be generated asking your confirmation to restart, choose to restart.
  • Wait for the phone to power up again and see if your sim card is detected or not.

If this option does not work for you to continue with the other solution mentioned below.

Toggle Airplane mode

One another trick to fix no sim card alert is to toggle your airplane mode. This may seem a bit silly but this process has been worked effectively for many users. Here is how you can do that:

flight mode

First pull down your notification screen from the top of your home screen or else look for the setting menu.

Look for airplane symboled tab called flight mode in some mobile phones.|Tab on the

Toggle to turn on the flight mode and confirm your action.

Wait for a few minutes and now turn off the flight mode, see if the error still prevails.

Manually Select Carrier/Network Operator

There are a few times when your phone settings suddenly changes which leads to network disconnection. In such a case manually selection of network can help you bring your connection back or remove sim card error.

To manually select a network operator follow the steps. Please note that this setting may slightly vary for different android phones.

How Do I Activate my New SIM Card?

select network

  • Head to the Settings menu.
  • Search for Wireless and Networks and open it
  • Select mobile networks and go to Network Operators.
  • Select the network operator.

Switch Network Mode

There are a few rare cases in which you mistakenly select a wrong operator. This may result in the SIM card issue. To take care of such scenarios set your network mode to auto. Let’s see how you can do that:

  • Open setting menu
  • Search for Mobile Networks options and tap on it.  Note that different phones have different labels such as Wireless and Networks, SIM cards & networks, Connections or Networks etc.
  • Now tap on operator displayed on your screen.
  • Now go to mobile networks and set networks to auto mode. You can even choose your preferred network type here.

Clear Android Cache and Data

You can even try clearing your Phone’s cache and junk data to fic issues which are causing such a problem. Steps mentioned below will help you in the cache clearing process.

  • Android Cache
  • Head to the Settings menu and scroll down to  Storage select Internal Storage.
  • You will see Cached Data tab, tap it and confirm that you want to delete all cached data.
  • Now check within a few minutes if the error has gone or not.

Uninstall Problematic Third-Party Apps

It is possible that the culprit behind this error is an app prevailing in your phone. To check if any app is causing this problem run your phone in safe mode for a few hours. If SIM error goes away by this process it is likable that the problem is caused by an app that you downloaded. So if you suspect any apps that is creating problem, try to uninstall it.

Reset Network Settings

Not able to remove the error yet, try resetting network setting. Clear your Android network settings back to their defaults.

android cache

  • Open Settings menu
  • Scroll to Backup & Reset
  • Select Network settings reset and confirm.

Update Android

If any of the above trips and tips didn’t work for you, there might be a system issue. Check for your OS update on your phone. If new updates are available try updating your device. Before you start with the update make sure that your phone is sufficiently charged. Also, see that your android phone connected with a WiFi network.

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update phone

  • Go to Settings
  • Search for System Updates
  • If a system update is an available tab on it to Update your phone.

In Conclusion

These were the 9 different ways in which you can mix no SIM card error. I hope you were able to fix this error by any one of the above solutions. Do let us know what did you preferred or which fix worked for you. If you are not able to remove the error try visiting the customer care provider of the device you use.

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