How to Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac

Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC

Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac: It is essential to back up your data even if you have large space available on your mobile device. Losing your data accidentally is one of the rarest possibilities which can potentially occur to you. You may lose all your photographs, documents, contacts and many more if you haven’t backed up them on iTunes, iCloud. More importantly, it is applicable to each application present on your device including WhatsApp.

It is advisable that you should also take a backup of your WhatsApp photos and other media. In the time of crisis as data lose, you will have your photos stored safely somewhere. You can use a different platform like iTunes, iCloud, hard-drive or PC to store WhatsApp photos. For this article, we have focused on how to transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac. The following article would definitely come handy for you to solve the issue.


WhatsApp Photos Transfer from iPhone to PC or Mac 

Since WhatsApp has been reputed as a primary application that is being used to send and receive messages. You will find the presence of it in each mobile user’s device. In addition to that, it enables users to share media including photos, videos, and GIF files with each other which makes this app is one of the most preferred apps in terms of sharing media files.

If we go by the statistics of how many photos does a single user accumulate from WhatsApp, then you would be amazed by the result that the number is never-ending. People share millions of photos to their friends, family, and colleagues and the subject can be anything around the world. Some are just for fun and others would be important to you. Therefore, you should not want to lose those photographs which can be your memorable moments.

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When you transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to PC or Mac, it will help you in two ways. By transferring photos from mobile to computer, you are not only securely storing them but also clearing the storage on your mobile device.  There are three different methods available to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to PC.

Three Methods to Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC 

With WhatsApp has the feature to save photos and media files to the camera roll on your device, it will become easier for you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC via USB cable. But, your iPhone’s default setting to save photos must be enabled.

However, this method won’t work if you have disabled the default settings on your iPhone. You cannot transfer WhatsApp photos unless you had stopped WhatsApp from saving photos. Don’t worry! You still have the option to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, but the process is a little bit complex than you think. You have the three methods mentioned below to solve the issue.

  1. Transfer WhatsApp Photos Using USB Cable

  2. Transfer WhatsApp Photos via iCloud drive

  3. Email chat to transfer WhatsApp Photos

Continue reading further to understand the detailed guideline

Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone to PC or Mac Using the USB cable 

This is one of the easiest methods used in order to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to PC and we know exactly why? Since, you need to have USB cable and the feature of saving photos enabled on your iPhone. If you have both these aspects covered, then you can easily transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

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You can check whether your WhatsApp on your device has its featured enabled or not to automatically save the photos on Camera roll by navigating to Launch WhatsApp 🡪 tap on settings icon🡪 Chats tab🡪 check if Save to Camera roll is turned on or not.
save to camera roll

If you have this feature enabled on your device then you can follow the mentioned steps below which will guide you how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows and Mac respectively.

Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to Windows PC

Follow the steps mentioned below to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to connect your mobile device to your Windows computer using the USB cable.

Connect iPhone to mac

Step 2: Next, unlock your iPhone by putting your device password.

Step 3: Next up, launch the File Explorer on Windows PC and tap on your device name (iPhone). Which you will find on the left side menu on your computer screen.Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone

Step 4: Now, to proceed, you need to double click on the internal storage folder.

internal storage

Step 5: Here, you will find the data folders, from that you need to select all the folders followed by dragging them on your desktop.dragging them on your desktop

Step 6: Finally, you need to wait for a few minutes until the computer completes the transferring process of photos and other media files, and after that, you can disconnect your iPhone from Windows PC.

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Now, you will be able to see all your WhatsApp photos onto your desktop 

Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to Mac

Follow the steps mentioned below if you are using a Mac and you need to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Mac.

Step 1: Similarly, here, you also need to connect your iPhone to Mac via USB cable

Step 2: Next, you need to unlock your iPhone by entering the correct passcode.

Step 3: Now, launch the Photos app on your Mac

Step 4: In the Photos App, you will find the iPhone icon in the side menu bar, click on it.

Step 5: Next up, locate the option ‘Import All New Photos’ button which is provided at the top right corner. Click on that option.Import All New Photos

Step 6: Now, wait for a few minutes and let the Photos App download all the photos from your iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone to PC or Mac via iCloud 

If you do not have Save Photos to Camera roll enabled in WhatsApp on your iOS device. Now you can process with the following method which will help you transfer WhatsApp photos onto your Mac.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2: Next, click on the Chats tab.Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone

Step 3: Now, choose the contact from which you want to import photos to Mac. On the chat screen, you need to swipe left from the right on the contact that you wish to to Mac

Step 4: Now, you will notice a side over menu appearing in front of you, from that menu, click on More on More option

Step 5: Tap on Export Chat which will appear on the pop-menu.

Step6: Next, you will see another pop-up menu, select Export Chat from that.

Export chat
select Export Chat

Step 7: Next up, you will observe the WhatsApp would create a file which is going to be exported. Once the process is completed, you need to choose the location where you want to save the files.WhatsApp

Step8: Now, as per method, you should select iCloud as your location where you want to transfer your WhatsApp Photos and then click on the Add button provided at the top right corner.transfer your WhatsApp Photos

Step 9: If you want to import photos from other contacts, you need to redo steps 2-7 respectively for each of the contacts.

Step10: Once you have all the important contacts from the list. Now you needs to head over to the and log-in by providing your Apple ID the same as the iPhone.

Step 11: Tap on the iCloud drive from the screen.iCloud drive from the screen

Step 12: After you reach the iCloud drive, you will find a Zip file of your WhatsApp chats. Now, all you need to click on the zip file which will initiate the downloading the folder to your Mac.transfer files

You will find your WhatsApp chat history along with all your WhatsApp media including photos that are transferred with the contacts that you have selected.

Step 13If you have decided to import photos from multiple contacts, then you can select all the zip files and save them onto your Mac.

Transfer WhatsApp Photos From iPhone to PC or Mac via E-mail

Follow the mentioned steps below to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to PC or Mac using Email if you don’t use iCloud drive to back up your data.

Step1: Launch WhatsApp on your iOS device.

Step 2: Tap on Chat tab from WhatsApp, you will find the chat icon provided at the bottom of the device screen.

Launch WhatsApp on your iOS device

Step3: Now, choose the contact from which you want to transfer the photos on your Mac or Pc. Swipe left top right on the Contact!photos on your Mac or Pc

Step 4: Next, you will see a sidebar menu, from that menu, select More option.

sidebar menu

Step5: Select Export Chat from the pop-menu that would have appeared on the screen once you had selected More option.

Step 6: From the next pop-menu, select Attach Media option!

Attach Media option

Step 7: Once WhatsApp completes the process in which it has created the file that is to be exported. You will be led to select the option by which you will be sharing the chat file. Click on the Mail App.

Mail App

Step 8: Next up, provide your email address in the Mail App when asked. Provide subject name and click on the Send button which is provided on the top right corner on your device screen.

device screen

Step 9: After that, you will see another pop-up menu on your screen, from that menu, select Use Mail Drop.

Use Mail Drop

Step 10: Now, check your email on your PC or Mac and look for the one which you have just sent. Don’t worry if you cannot find the mail as it would take time with photos included in it.

Step 11: Finally, all you need to do is select the iCloud download icon which is provided beside the Download Attachment label.Download Attachment label

That’s all, now, you will be able to see all your WhatsApp photos as well as chat on your PC. You need to look for the folder named as ‘WhatsApp Chat- XYZ (Contact name)”

We hope this article will help you make sure that you can easily transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to PC or Mac. If you have any queries regarding iOS and Android, you can reach out to us for a precise solution. All you need to do is write down the issue in the comment section below, and we will quickly get back to it.

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