Lifeguard Guidelines to “Locate a Lost & Dead Battery iPhone”

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Locate a Lost & Dead Battery iPhone

Lives these days is driven by technology and not just this we are also highly dependent on it. When we have to find someone’s number, birthday, photographs, etc we look for our cell phones. The foremost thing that stays by our sides 24×7 is our cellphones! Yes, that’s a true fact because it is the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night we open and close our eyes with. Talking about this in length what if we tell you that we would be discussing about iPhone? We are sure that is not just the status symbol, but it also comes with a package of alluring features.

However, what if this cellphone buddy bids goodbye to the world? Hell No! yes, that would be the first reaction and panicking at such situation is pretty obvious. Well, don’t get us wrong as we are not here to touch your painting nerve. Rather we are here to rescue you from facing such situations and letting your breath with peace. It is imperative to scout the cell phone as it contains very personal and exhaustive information that we are sure that we don’t want to lose.

Let’s deep dive into this, and understand more. We are today specifically referring to “How to locate an iPhone who’s Battery goes Dead.” You might have perceived that a Dead iPhone cannot breathe anymore so it cannot be located. However, we are here to burst your myth bubble.

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The first tool that will be highlighted in the article is “Find My Phone” which is an iCloud feature. The iCloud feature supports the user in locating and protecting the device. This protection is provided when the iPhone is lost or stolen and not only this device but also to the following iPhone devices:

1) Mac computer 
2) iPad
3) AirPods
4) Apple Watch
5) iPod touch, etc.

The detailed services are as  following:-

1) You can use a family/friend’s device and locate, track your lost device on a map.
2) By playing a sound on your iPhone helps you in finding it.
3) You can protect your iOS device/iPhone by putting an Activation Lock.

activation lockk

4) You track and lock your iPhone by Activating the “Lost Mode” feature.
5) In case required you can erase all the data/information from your iPhone device remotely.

1) “Find my iPhone” Feature:

You will be amazed to know that the iPhone has a feature termed as “Find my iPhone” that is a potential saviour. This feature was introduced in the iOS 8 Model which had proved to be an angel for millions of iPhones from taking last breath. One needs to enable this feature in order to record the last location of their iPhone.


Through this feature one can locate the lost iPhone devices, can disable it and can even erase the data. However, these are the last options when you would have tried all the possible solutions for recovering it.

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Now talking about “Second Last Location”, has worked in situations like:

  1. a) An iPhone has been stolen while one was traveling.
  2. b) When one forgets it after keeping it somewhere.
  3. c) When the iPhone battery is about to die, etc.

The right way of doing it:

1) You need to set a message and your contact information on the iPhone.

2) After this step, enabling the “Second Last Location” is not rocket science.

3) Before going further ahead, you must ensure that you possess the iOS latest version.

4) Now, reach out to the Settings section in the application.

5) Find your name at the top and then tap it.

6) Once you land at the respective page, choose “iCloud”.

7) Now scroll down and choose “Find my iPhone”.

8) You need to make that the “Find my iPhone” set up is all set, if not then you need to prepare it.

9) After enabling “Find my iPhone” you need to check on the “Second Last Location.”

10) Make sure that the Toggle should be green, if not then it will appear grey. Then make it grey to green.

Having done all these procedural steps, you can stay rest assured that the iPhone is on active mode to keep a track of your last location before the battery gives up. It sends all the pertinent information to the Apple Server for emergency and safety purposes.

Important Note: It is imperative to keep in mind, that Apple has the capability to save just last 24 hours location. This information has been sent to the servers however one needs to be proactive. There might be an instance where the 24 hours bracket must have surpassed when you looked for support. In this case, the iPhone will display messages for eg: “No location available, “Offline” and “Location services off.” However, if we seek its help at the right time, we will discover it’s more advantages than just locating the missing iPhone.

This encapsulates maintaining the iPhone’s precious and sensitive data even if you are not able to retrieve it on your own. In addition to this, it’s most noteworthy feature is keeping itself safe from thieves. For this, the user needs to disable Apple Play remotely, in this manner the thieves lose access to the device.

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2) Finding your iPhone through a Desktop/Computer:

When a crisis arises we lose our calm, and especially when it’s related to our phones. It is highly likely that on the top of it you would be in a much more critical situation when the phone is switched off and unrecoverable. In this case, the iPhone is believed to be smart and you can find it from any other non-iPhone device too! Yes, if you can source a computer and follow some simple steps it can be done.

Following these steps to pave your way:

  1. a) You need to log into to
  2. b) Now sign in to your computer.
  3. c) After doing this just select My iPhone app icon.
  4. d) It will show you a list of Devices.
  5. e) Just when you get to see this, choose your missing iPhone’s device name from the list.
  6. f) Once you choose your respective device, it will show up on the Map.
  7. g) This Map will tell your lost iPhone’s location even when it’s switched off

3) Putting your Phone on “Lost Mode”:

Well, we are sure that by now you know the “Find my iPhone” feature. So, an extension to this there is another feature termed as “Lost Mode”.

lost mode

Steps to follow for “Lost Mode” feature:
  1. a) For putting your iPhone on “Lost Mode”, you need to choose your Device.
  2. b) Just after that, you will be given a choice to enter an Alternative Number.
  3. c) You have the choice of putting a message that will show up once you recover your iPhone.
  4. d) Now choose Done to complete this procedure.
  5. e) You can switch to a generic passcode for usual use after finding your phone back.

4) What to do when “Find my iPhone” was disabled:

find my iPhone off

You feel helpless if you haven’t enabled this feature on your device in the first place. However, you can still find a ray of hope if you had Google Maps enabled on your iPhone. It contains the location history from which you can detect your iPhone’s last location.

5) Finding an iPhone from a Friend’s iPhone or iPad:

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and for sure if that friend possesses an iPad or iPhone.

Just follow these steps to understand that how can we do this:

  1. a) You need to open the “Find my iPhone” Application.
  2. b) The device which you are using, if that’s not yours then choose the “Sign Out” option. This option will be present on the top right at the corner.
  3. c) As soon as you do, just sign in using your “Apple ID” and Passcode.
  4. d) Now you will see a list of all your devices.
  5. e) You need to choose the “Missing iPhone” option.
  6. f) You will now get to see a Map wherein you would be able to see your iPhone’s current location.
  7. g) All you need to do is to zoom in the location.
  8. h) Now you will see some Tappable Actions at the bottom.
  9. i) At this point even if your phone’s battery would be dead, you will still be able to locate your Lost Phone. This happens through the “Find my iPhone” feature on your phone.

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6) Last Option “Giving Serial Number” :

Every device has it’s unique Serial number attached to it, so will the iPhone have. To find this Serial Number you need to look for the Phone’s bill and respective papers you got from the vendor. You can serve this important information at the local police station so that they can track down your device. This is a slow and unpredictable process where you have no option of tracking it on your own. However, reporting about it can help in general.

iphone box

So, after having a detailed discussion about the iPhone had been really an interesting phase to explore, as it keeps coming up with unfathomable features. Here our purpose is to proffer easy methods to resolve your tech-related issues/problems that you face on a daily basis. As they say “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel”, so there are always positive solutions to everything.

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