iPhone 6/6S Plus Speakers Not Working 

iPhone 6 Speakers

Generally, iPhone users don’t have to face technical issues considering the fact that Apple provides quality features and models. However, in recent times, many iPhone users have filed a query regarding speaker issue. A strange and annoying issue of the speaker not working is one that should be fixed as early as possible.

iPhone 6 Speakers not Working

Apparently, it is observed that whenever you make a call to someone, the person standing on the other side is able to hear your voice, but at the same time; the user who makes calls cannot hear the voice. In addition to that, when users turn on the loudspeaker, the voice can be heard clearly. But, this is not the permanent solution that we are looking for.

iPhone Speakers Not Working, Here’s how to Fix: 

Since we have received so many queries regarding the same issue, we have decided to search more about this. And, hence, we have found out some useful tips that can help you overcome the sound problem on your device. Moreover, if the hardware is responsible for speaker issue, then the only way out is to replace the speaker. If not, then you might be interested in our article that illustrates some of the basic hacks to fix speakers not working issue on your iPhone 6/6S plus.

As we know the importance of speakers in smartphone devices, we are obliged to represent some useful tips that can help you instantly. Read on to know more about it.

Basic Troubleshooting 

Whenever you fall into such a situation, the first thing you should do is check the basic stuff. Do not go for advanced solution, that can create more complications. First and foremost, you need to check sound control buttons. Make sure that you haven’t put your iPhone on silent mode. To check this, look for the switch above volume control buttons. If you see red mark over there, that means you have accidentally turned on the silent mode. Make sure to turn it off.

The next thing, you can do is, check your volume controls. Make sure that the volume level is placed perfectly. To check this, hold the volume up button and put it to the maximum point. Now, check whether speakers are working or not.

Make sure that your iPhone Does Not Stuck in Headphone Mode.

Another common problem is getting your iPhone stuck into headphone mode.  Many users have come across the same scenario. However, the solution is quite easy and you can solve it by a few simple steps. In out blog portal, we have already covered a tutorial on how you can get over with the stuck headphone mode. You can refer to it, and let us know whether it is helpful or not. 

Check Whether iPhone Sound is not transmitted to other iOS devices 

Make sure that your iPhone is not connected with any other Bluetooth device or you are not operating Airplay on other iOS devices. It is possible that your iPhone gets automatically connected with those devices without your permission. And, meanwhile, you are looking for other useless solutions. Therefore, make sure to disconnect your iPhone from Bluetooth device after you are done listing to music or any sort of entertaining subject.

iOS Update 

If your iPhone is still running on the older version of iOS, then you may face minor software glitches. As we know, software updates generally roll out to clear out bugs from the previous version, it is recommended to update your device to the latest version. Therefore, make sure to update your device to the latest version. To do this, go to settings -à general àSoftware Update.

Update latest iOS versions


Hold on, from here, things are going to be very tricky, but don’t lose hope, the solution is so near.

Restore your iPhone 

We hope that you never have to restore your iPhone for solving speakers issue. However, there is no escape. If you have recently discovered this issue, that means a software glitch is creating chaos. In such a case, you can restore your iPhone from the previous backup. The exact backup point when your device was working absolutely fine!

Restore your iPhone


Reset your iPhone as New 

Not many iPhone users prefer this technique since it is very time consuming, and a small mistake can invite more problems. However, it is essential and one of the prominent solutions to make sure that your device remains immune to software glitch. So, you will always have the option to reset your iPhone and set it as a new. But, do not forget to take data backup whenever you opt for a resetting option. This would make sure that you don’t lose data even if the problem remains unsolved.

Contact Apple Support 

We are afraid that you don’t have any option left but to contact Apple Support center if none of the above solutions have helped you. Visit a nearby support center, and get your issue fixed. 

Closing Note: 

We hope this article must have helped you in solving the ‘iPhone 6/6S plus speakers not working’ issue.

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